Happy 20th Anniversary Dave and Lisa!

Jul 8 2009


Love remains the same…only better.
Much better!

Boy meets girl.  Boy falls in love with girl.  Boy asks girl to marry him.

Date: July 8, 1989
Venue: Northwestern College  St. Paul, MN
Beautiful Bride: Lisa
Handsome Groom: Dave {my boss, an owner of MagnetStreet and all around… great guy}
Honeymoon: Cancun

Imagine: Paula Abdul had 3 top 10 hits this year!

We do A LOT of celebrating of new engagements and wedding days around here… but today, we’re celebrating the other side…  20 YEARS of marriage!  And, you know how everyone always tells a bride-to-be whose planning her wedding “it’s not about the wedding day… it’s about the marriage” Well… it’s true!  Read with me as

Dave shares with us some of his favorite memories… thoughts on marriage… and of his incredibly lovely wife.

12 Hour Date
We had a 12 hour date when we first started dating. Honestly, I can’t remember much of where we went other than it involved food and basketball. It really didn’t matter, it was one of those days in college that you wished would not end. We laughed. I remember that. We laughed hard. That’s when she knew I was the one. Ha ha.

Hilarious Engagement Story…
Lisa and I were engaged on the shores of the Mississippi river (the river she grew up on) in downtown Minneapolis. No one other than Lisa knew I was coming to town from Chicago. She picked me up Christmas Eve, we went immediately downtown and were engaged. We headed to her home to surprise her family and what I received was quite surprising.  Her grandma Edna, hollered out in excitement… TOM!!  Which would be fine if my name was Tom. It would have probably been even better, had it not been Lisa’s high school boyfriend’s name.  That was priceless!  I was able to use that as ammunition with Edna for the next 17 years.  I usually cashed that check on Christmas Eve.



Still in Love After 20 Years
I have a list. Not an ordinary list. I have a list of the funniest 20 people I know. Lisa, is in the top five. Her humor is smart, timely and authentic. You can’t coach it, teach it, or replicate it. I get to see it more than anyone, and thankfully, I’m not usually the butt of it. She is as captivating and interesting today, as the day I met her. Time has been very kind to her. More than anything, something that you have no idea when you marry, she is a mom for the ages. She has set the bar, by which all others could be measured. That of course, is my opinion. I hope every husband/father feels that way about their kid’s mom. My kids someday will fully understand what I get to participate in everyday.  She’s a treasure.

Best Part About Being Married to Lisa
Being introduced as her husband. Only then, does anyone think I must be somebody.

I Still Love the Way She…
Smiles.  She has a great smile!

I asked Dave… If you were to go on the Dating Game, would you get all the questions right?  Could you finish her sentences?

If winners were to return each night, we’d never leave!

So  20 Years …

and Four Beautiful Kids Later…


How We Find Time Together
Lisa likes to walk. I like to walk. Walking is in the eye of the beholder.  I think a walk is a stroll while talking.  Not meant to inflict pain. Lisa thinks it should be work.  Anyhow, when we walk and see couples in their 70’s, I often think how great that will be.  I don’t fear getting old, I wonder what we’ll talk about.  I suppose Lisa will get a better workout when she’s pushing my wheelchair.  I look forward to talking about our kids more.  That’s pretty much what we talk about now.  We’ll get to process their spousal choices.  It will be interesting to talk about how one of our kids did actually become president. I’m putting my money on Jane.


4th of July Play… “Mock Wedding” Cast: kids and cousins {Jane is the bridesmaid in purple}

One Piece of Marriage Advice
Agree to the terms of a walk. Then walk a lot, and leave your Walkman at home.  Remember Walkmans?  They were the coolest. You could listen to the radio or play a cassette tape while you mowed the lawn. I think they will make a comeback.

Congratulations DAVE AND LISA!  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and 20+20+20 more years of joy and blessings!  We’ll be keeping an eye on that platform when Jane walks across it some day…

Thanks so much for sharing and making me tear-up

just a little.


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4 thoughts on “Happy 20th Anniversary Dave and Lisa!

  1. Awwwww . . . am lovin’ how he still adores her after 20 years together. Congratulations Dave & Lisa!

  2. you gotta love – just LOVE the deep admiration this man feels for his wife. It’s priceless. I am a very passionate person & I can feel how much he absolutely adores his wife. I can trust he’s just as adored in her eyes/heart.
    What a beautiful couple, lovely family and a very touching (well appreciated) story.

    Congratulations Dave & Lisa on 20 years & 4 children, God has truly blessed you!

  3. So cute. Love hearing how others meet, and that it’s possible to have a long lasting marriage thse days! It seems so rare unfortunately!

  4. Congratulations Dave and Lisa! What a nice story of lasting love and admiration! Thanks for sharing!

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