Proper Table Settings

Nov 16 2012

Have you bookmarked our guide to Black Friday Deals yet?

In anticipation for Thanksgiving next week, we’ve got great deals, great food, and pretty tables on the brain!

Today, we’re talking table settings. It’s an etiquette thing … And by the way, it’s easy to coordinate your reception items {Place Cards, Table Number Cards, Menu Cards and Favors} with your wedding colors of your invitations from MagnetStreet Weddings. Check it out!

How to set your tables

General guidelines:

  • Forks: Always on the left. Salad fork {basic/informal} placed on the outside.
  • Knives and spoons: Always on the right. Knife blades face in. Spoons to the right of knives.
  • Napkins: Always on the left or on the plate.
  • Glasses: Always upper right {water, wine, juices, tea, coffee}
  • Bread plate/butter knife: upper left with butter knife blade down and handle toward plate.

Place Settings


Basic: Every day table setting. Minimal required.

Informal: Plan for salad plate, soup, bread, coffee, wine.

  • Salad plate to the left of dinner plate.
  • Knives/Spoons: to the right of the knife and in order of use i.e. soup spoons used first so they are on the outside.

Formal: Plan for appetizer, 1-3 courses, salad, various beverages.

  • Forks: outside {fish} middle {dinner} inside {salad-if served after the entree}
  • Knives: outside {fish} inside {dinner}

Now you know how to properly set a beautiful table!



Emily Post Table Setting Guides


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One thought on “Proper Table Settings

  1. Great post! I always get table settings confused….my mom once told me this simple memory aid: “The spoon and knife are man and wife, and the fork stands alone.” Haha, but beyond that, I’m lost. 🙂

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