Inspired by Decorative Fabric

Mar 6 2013

Brocade fabrics date all the way back to the Middle Ages. Timeless? Absolutely.

Defined as “a rich fabric” some even describe Brocade as opulent. While it usually appears as a heavy pattern, when you take the individual pattern elements and blow them up – a whole new level of drama is created. Paint that drama in Ice and White for a subtle sense of classiness. Throw in a punch of Plum and Black, and the suite achieves a perfect balance of chic yet bold.

Here’s a board that we’ve created based on Platinum Brocade … a Foldover Pocket Wedding Invitation design that is all about drama and contrast.

Colors: Ice, Plum & Black

What do you think about this regal look?

pocket wedding invitation


Image Sources:

purple shoe, damask clutch, purple bridesmaid dress image by Christine Farah via Grey Likes Weddings, ice blue bridesmaid dresses image by Tina Rowden via Grey Likes Weddings, damask cake, earrings



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3 thoughts on “Inspired by Decorative Fabric

  1. I love how the light, ice blue makes it look elegant and delicate, but without being too “dainty”. The plum and black are a unique addition to the palette…but I love it! Gives it some sass. 🙂

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