Invitation Trend: Bold Patterns + Pretty Flowers

Sep 22 2011

Happy Thursday! It’s Rachel here over at MagnetStreet Weddings.

Well, you know what they say: opposites attract — in love…and design! Today’s post is dedicated to one of the hottest modern wedding invitation trends: pairing punchy patterns with pretty florals.

One is bold and fierce; the other serene and elegant. Together, they balance each other out, bringing out the best qualities in one another. In other words? They’re the perfect pattern pair!  I just adore the juxtaposition of sleek, geometric lines with soft, flourishing blossoms…

And the best part of this invitation design trend is that it can easily be carried over to your wedding apparel and decor, from patterned table linens to groomsmen ties.


To illustrate this trendy combination are three of our modern wedding invitation designs — each created by our talented design team. Talk about swoon-worthy wedding stationery!


Perfect Pair #1: Spider Mums & Squares

In Full Bloom Wedding Invitation by MagnetStreet

Design: In Full Bloom (Pocket Invitation)

How much fun is this Invitation design? It features colorful splashes of spider mums — a bold and unique wedding flower with lots of personality. The erratic spider mum scribbles are balanced by the highly structured, interlocking square pattern, whose rounded corners help to soften the invitation look. These two patterns can easily be sprinkled throughout the rest of your wedding look, from geometric groomsmen ties to adorable “mum”-cakes (mum-inspired cupcakes!).


Perfect Pair #2 Lillies & Honeycombs

Honey Blossoms Wedding Invitation by MagnetStreet

Design: Honey Blossoms (Square Invitation w/matching Petal Holder)

This graceful and sweet invitation features hexagonal cells of honeycombs, complemented by the always lovely lily flower. The adorable Petal Holder allows guests to unveil your invitation one playful petal at a time — so much fun! Feminine and fresh, this honeycomb Wedding Invitation is great for a spring or summer wedding. The honeycomb pattern could be hinted throughout your wedding look, as illustrated by this decadent cake, whose blossoms echo the angular pattern.


Perfect Pair #3: Blossoms & Stripes

Decorative Spring Wedding Invitation by MagnetStreet

 Design: Decorative Spring (Rectangle Invitation w/matching Save the Date)

Contemporary elegance. This design actually features two patterns. The intricate background is sophisticated in style, while the contrasting diagonal stripes keep the look modern and fresh. Branching out of the top left corner are some fruit blossoms, which liven up the entire design. I love how each design element works in harmony with one another — there’s a lot going on, yet seems to work in perfect balance. You can easily carry over the look by adding stripes and pops of green to your wedding apparel, shoes, and more. {Update as of 11/2014: Layered Invitations are no longer available at MagnetStreet}


So, I’m wondering: What do you think of this design trend of pairing of pretty florals with bold patterns? Are there any other pattern + flower pairings that you just totally love?

non-stationery images via Pinterest


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4 thoughts on “Invitation Trend: Bold Patterns + Pretty Flowers

  1. Thanks Rachel- great post! I’m in love with mixing patterns with pretty florals- so soft & elegant while completely modern & fun. Such gorgeous invites designs and the inspiration is spot on!

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