Kusudama Flower Balls as Decorations

Jun 1 2009

If you’re intrigued by Origami, then you just might fall in love with a Kusudama flower ball!   Much like Origami, a Kusudama flower ball is made by using a very old Japanese technique of paper folding {sometimes cutting & pasting}…  So delicate yet  so strong.  And, so pretty!


Kusudama pedal


image: Paper Unlimited Origami blog

If you’re looking for a beautiful and easy DIY decorating option for the pews, ceremony chairs or even to hang from the ceiling at the reception… Kusudamas would make a lovely and budget-friendly choice.  There are so many varying styles and color options to choose from.  FUN!


Butterfly Kusudama with hanging tassel


Intrigued?  Want more? Check out this YouTube video featuring a variety of very beautiful Kusudama flower options… and yet another video for HOW TO instructions.

Let me know what you think!


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