Mason Jar Centerpieces

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Country charming … love love the look of mason jars as wedding decor! They’re so versatile- and great for adding sweet and budget-friendly DIY touches like these wedding centerpieces.

Spray paint … it’s our friend! Its inherent ability to transform and renew has helped me on many occasions.  Here are  a few ideas to show off how transforming using spray paint on mason jars can be…

Share your country flair in your wedding colors!

image via {Joy’s Hope}

Painted white and used as hanging luminaries, these mason jars have an ethereal glow to them – that is just so pretty.

image via {re-nest}

Eclectic and creative.

image via {colour her hope}

Bright and cheery!

image via {curbly}

What do you think of using mason jars as wedding decor?


  • katie [the bright life]

    Ah, so gorgeous!! I love mason jars, and now I’m loving them painted! Are these painted on the inside, outside or both? I’m dying to try this myself! Xo, Katie

  • julie

    Never, ever thought of them painted!! Love this idea! I have antique blue ones, looks like I will be buying clear to paint Hot Pink!! :) Keeping my fingers crossed I will see Mason Jar Stationery on your site soon! :)

  • Heidi

    Julie- you were my inspiration for this post! I hope this helps in the meantime :)

  • Heidi

    Yes Katie- spray paint does amazing things doesn’t it?! I believe they are only painted on the outside… do share when your done!

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  • Sarah

    Mason jars are so popular right now. I love when they are spray painted with unique colors. It’s cute when they’re plain… but the wow factor is definitely in the color. Love it!

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  • Julie Good

    Yay :)

  • Kristen Carter

    Im using them as favors

  • MagnetStreet Weddings

    Julie – I knew you’d like this one! Kristen, How will you use them as favors? Monogrammed? Filled with candy? As personalized drink glasses??! So many options!

  • Kristen Carter

    Im filling them with our favorite sweet treats

  • MagnetStreet Weddings

    LOVE that idea, Kristen!

  • Heather Colpaert

    I am using these as center pieces for my bridal showers and putting wild flowers from the farmers market in them. I got them from Hobby Lobby for 50% off, so like a buck each for the larger ones. I also bought some small “bell” (I think) jam jars and will be making jam as some prizes. We are giving everyone a recipe box filled with a few family recipes and I mailed out a blank recipe card with my invitations. When people come to the shower they will turn them in and as I open gifts we will pull recipe cards and they will win the home made jam. It goes with the mason jar and home made recipe theme. :)

  • Bride Support

    So many gorgeous ways to use them! We’re in love! :)

  • The Perfect Palette

    Lovely ideas. xo

  • MagnetStreet Weddings

    Heather, what great ideas! LOVE it! :) And thanks so much for the kind words, ladies! <3

  • Wild and Precious

    obsessed with mason jars!

  • MagnetStreet Weddings


  • Becky Stacy

    I love this! Did you paint the interior or exterior of the jars? I’d love to try it out!

  • christine

    What type of white paint was used to give the white jars the luminary effect so it glows?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Christine- the jars are actually made of porcelain and there’s a candle in them too! Here’s the link to find out more details-

  • Luccareed2004

    Did you drill holes in the bottom of the ones with flowers planted in them? If not, how did it work out?

  • Anonymous

     I do not believe there are holes drilled in these. You just have to be careful of over-watering.

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