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We’ve been taking a look at military-inspired events this week as a precursor to Memorial Day–the sobering U.S. holiday where we remember and honor our fallen soldiers.

Interestingly, our customer care rep, Nancy, is able to trace an ancestor all the way back to the American Revolutionary War.

Are you in the military? A firefighter? In law enforcement? We salute you! And if you are looking for wedding stationery that puts your career and service on a pedestal, feel free to browse our military & service-themed stationery:

Need planning touch points? See below.

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Military Wedding Planning Basics


  • any active duty, officer, or cadet at a military academy

Venue options:

  • military chapel
  • military academy
  • church, or other place of worship

Want to say I Do in a military chapel?

You’ll need to consult chaplain about:

  • premarital counseling
  • attire
  • decorations
  • photography
  • flowers


Varies from branch to branch, be sure to consult chaplain, check service manual for:

  • attire & flowers
  • swords worn by commissioned officers in full uniform
  • indoor/outdoor ceremonies
  • the wearing of hats and caps carried during indoor ceremony
  • gloves-always worn by saber/cutlass bearers
  • flag display


  • Ranges from civilian to formal/uniforms.
  • wedding party: everyday or formal, full ceremonial dress
  • color of uniform depends on season


  • flowers not worn on uniforms
  • brides in uniform may carry a bouquet
  • grooms wear military decorations as their boutonniere

Featured Invitation Suite: Navy-themed Wedding Invitation Suite:


US Marriage Laws {military weddings}

Military Weddings 101


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