Mini Magnet Carrier Cards~ They’re Finally Here!

Jan 30 2008

WE HEARD YOU! You said that you love our mini save the date magnets and  awesome size.  And, although they come with silver-foil envelopes for mailing, you let us know there was still something missing… You knew what that something was~ you just didn’t know what to call them.
A familiar conversation went something like this:
Bride: Hi, MSW. I love those mini magnets, but what about attachment cards to go with? Or…
magnet holders…
insert cards…
magnet attachment cards…
mailing cards…
mini carry cards…
carrier cards…
MSW: Thank you for the great suggestion! We’re working on it.
So, thanks to you, our new (already hot), carrier cards that frame, hold and coordinate with a miniature save the date are now available. We’re definitely excited about this much anticipated and needed wedding product! (btw, Linen carrier cards are sold separately from the B-mini magnets.)
If you’ve checked out our B’s before, you know that we offer HUNDREDS of miniature save the date designs and our goal is to design a mini magnet carrier card to complement each one. Right now, we have approximately 25-30 designs that can be immediately coordinated to a corresponding mini. That said, if you are in need of a coordinating carrier card for your magnet,don’t despair… our designers are working as fast as they can.
But we need your help…which ones shall we prioritize first to be designed?
Also, we think these carrier cards are cool, but what do you think?
Does the name fit?

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