Real Minnesota Wedding

Aug 16 2011

A real Minnesota Wedding … beautifully captured and beautifully told. Stylish. Fun. Thoughtful. Joyful. I adore every sweet detail about Kristin & Andy’s wedding- from Kristin’s dress in all it’s gorgeous glam and sassy swirls, to her birdcage veil, to the sweet sentiments of Kristin’s ‘something old’, to her bridesmaid gifts, and beautiful blooms … to Kristin and Andy’s football team rivalry- Packers vs.Vikings – evidenced through their Save the Date!  Read along as Kristin shares the details of their big day. Enlarge the images. Get inspired. Enjoy .

Aren’t they gorgeous!!

Photographer: Stephen Geffre Photography
Wedding Style: We didn’t have a theme, but simply wanted to create an event that blended traditional elements with our own personal touches. We wrote our own vows, had two Adirondack chairs as guest books (that my Dad built!) and played hip-hop during our grand entrance at the reception.
Mini Save the Date Magnet: MagnetStreet Weddings
Wedding Colors: Dark green was the main color, with accents of black and white.
Venues: Our ceremony was at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Minneapolis and the reception was at Hazeltine National Golf Course in Chaska, MN.

My dress was by La Sposa and is the Danza style. I absolutely love it and am very sad that I can’t wear it everywhere I go!

Highlights of the Day: Getting ready at the salon with my bridesmaids and our mothers, opening the doors to walk down the aisle and seeing the church PACKED with people, remembering our vows (we memorized them!) and so much more.

Andy’s wedding band is inscribed with “For all the days of our life” which was the last line of the vows we wrote.

For the flowers, each bridesmaid had a bouquet of a different white flower: everything from Gerber daisies to Hydrangeas to Roses to Orchids. My bouquet, then, had each of the six blooms in it. The bouquet wrap was my something old – lace from my great-grandmother’s wedding gown!

The marching band was a complete coincidence! We met at the University of Minnesota, so we wanted to grab some pictures there with our wedding party. When we were gathered outside the new football stadium, the marching band happened to be having practice and walked right by our photos. Definitely not planned, but I love that picture.

Advice you’re glad you took – A good friend told me to be sure and steal away seconds throughout the day for just Andy and I. We escaped during the reception to take some photos and collect our breath – to just enjoy the moment of being married.

I wanted to give the girls something that they could actually use – so I thought shoes for the dancing would be perfect, and I absolutely love the TOMS shoes mission. Each bridesmaid had a card that said something to the effect of, “After a very long day in heels that are way too high, let’s kick off our shoes and celebrate.

One thing I will always remember from my Dad’s speech was him telling a story about me after I was just born and me reaching to grab his finger in the hospital. He said that he now realizes I was just reaching for his wallet 🙂

Best part of the whole wedding day – The dance floor. It was never empty. Not once. I’ve never seen anything like it before, and I was so happy to see all our guests having such a great time celebrating with us!

Advice you wished you took – It’s not really advice, but the day TRULY does just fly by. Looking back, I remember being at the salon at 9:30 a.m., then we were walking down the aisle at 3:30 p.m. and then it was 10:30 p.m. and the night was almost over. Don’t be so concerned that everyone else is having a good time and forget about you enjoying it to the fullest!

{Made for Each Other – Mini Save the Date Magnet}

Advice you’d like to give – Determine your non-negotiables for planning/budgeting and stick to them. For me, it was floor-length table linens, which many people thought was ridiculous. However, I was willing to budge on other aspects of our budget because that formal look was really important to me. And, at the end of the day, my Mom admitted that they looked much better 🙂

Congratulations Andy & Kristin! Such amazing photos! Lots of love and happiness to you both– always! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful wedding day with all of us!








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  1. So beautiful! I love the way the deep green was the main color with the accents of black & white and the photographer really captured the joy of the day!

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