Mother’s Day Giveaway: Personalized Stationery

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Moms give so much … so this Mother’s Day, we’re giving back!

 WIN: Personalized Stationery {details below}

Does your mom rock? Of course she does!

Be sure to comment and enter to win!

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How do I enter?
On this post, leave a single comment on why your mom rocks!
What do I win?
100 quantity, any design, large or small Personal Stationery{Only good towards Personal Stationery from MagnetStreet Weddings}
• One comment per person
• No refunds.
• 1 randomly-chosen winner announced 5/14/12.
Who’s Who:1. Bert B. {Manufacturing Mgr.} “Mom’s make the best Grandmothers!”2. Eric S. {IT Mgr.} “My Mom showed me how to be kind-hearted and look for goodness in others.”3. Jen D.{Graphic Designer} “My mom always has {parenting} advice for me, but respects the choices I make with my own children”4. Amanda O. {Community Mgr.} “My mom rocks because she is absolutely hilarious and is always there when I need her.”

5. Mindi Z. {Project Mgr.} “My mom rocks…because she puts her family first. A great family starts with a great mom.”

6. Janice A. {HR Mgr.} “My Mom rocks because she is always there to help me with my kids so I don’t have to miss work! Plus she is a great baker”

7. Sharon C. {Customer Account Spec.} “My mom is a woman of character, humor, unconditional love and inner muscle. Having 7 children you would have to be!

8. Gina F. {Customer Account Spec.} “My mom is great because she is a mighty prayer warrior for our family–she’s the glue that keeps us together while all of us are spread all over the country. She doesn’t forget a special event (birthday/anniversary), she’s quick to volunteer herself to help anyone–even a stranger. My mom is great because she’s my hero!”

9. Kyle L. {Business Analyst} “Thank you Mom for inspiring me to live a life of love with devotion to friends and family!  Many blessings this Mothers day!

10. Kathleen{Customer Care Rep.}”Cute (Adorable in fact), Compassionate (A great source of comfort and advise) and cuddly (she gives the best hugs!)  She definitely ROCKS and is a ton of fun!!!”

11. Tia S. {Graphic Designer}”My mom is a courageous, gentle, faith-filled woman. I respect and love her deeply.”

12. Rachel A. {Web Content Writer} “Her selfless love inspires me to be a better daughter—and one day, a mother.”

13. Kathryn H. {Marketing Writer} “My mom is strong (physically and mentally), smart, and always there for me!”

14. John J. {Dir. of Operations}

  • She buys my son T-shirts that say “Pugs not drugs.”
  • She enjoys discussing nuclear energy and ancient Roman civilization.
  • She puts chocolates on my pillow when I come to visit.
  • She’s a breast cancer survivor.
  • She custom designed personal stationary from MagnetStreet.
  • She drives a sports convertible!

and a poem from Aung H. {No pic} {Manufacturing}

Aung’s mother was a doctor in Myanmar/Burma. During the riots in the early 1970′s, Aung’s mom went to the aid of some people who were being shot in the street by the government and killed in the crossfire when Aung was only 9 months old.

This is the poem Aung wrote about his mom:

For My Mother

My Mother’s love is as the highest mountain
My Mother’s compassion is as the widest ocean
My Mother’s kindness is as the unfathomable sky!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms! You really do rock!

Enter to WIN Personal Stationery by leaving a comment on why YOUR MOM ROCKS!

Good Luck.

  • Kristina E. Smith

    My mom rocks because she NEVER quits. I mean never. She picks herself and other people back up and keeps moving forward.

  • Cindy Elizabeth Janovitz

    My mom rocks because she has a sixth sense of when I need her; especially when I’m too stubborn to admit it. I’m one lucky lady. :)

  • loah12

    She raised 6 of us! I can’t imagine how she did it. Truly amazing!! 

  • Leah J

    My mom rocks because she always listens to me – and she always has an encouraging word when I need it!

  • Tracie Vandermeulen

    My Mom rocks because she’s the best cook in the whole world

  • Nenette Seaux

    my mom died several years ago but to me she still rocks in my heart

  • ShandaK

    I was not a very good teenage and my mom was always there for me no matter what! She worked her but off to make sure that me and my sisters could do the activities we wanted to do! She is amazing and I have no idea what I would do without her!

  • Karina

    my mom rocks because she worked nights in the ER as a nurse so she could take care of us during the day! :)

  • Wehaf

    My mom rocks because she encourages me to be myself!

  • Toyia Hatten

    My Mom rocks! She has made me feel so loved for my entire life….

  • Elizabeth Harvey

    My mom rocks because shes always been there for me.  Now as I am engaged, she has helped me through everything and my rock through it all.  She is wonder woman and I hope when I have kids, I can be half the mom she was to me!

  • Mary Campbell

    My mom rocks because she supports me in all of my endeavors.

  • HeidiMarkgraf

    Congratulations Karina! You’re the random winner for 100 Personalized Stationery from MagnetStreet. I’ll email you with all the details this morning.

    Thanks to everyone who entered the Mother’s Day Giveaway! :) 

  • Faizan Seedat

    Mothers always have a special heart in all our places. Personalized sympathy cards also help.

  • Faizan Seedat

    Personalized stationery is truly amazing and intricate. I am touched by this blog.