Color Monday: Nautical Wedding Inspiration

Sep 24 2012

Happy Color Monday!

Some of our lovely brides have been personalizing Nautical Dreams Wedding Invitations in very interesting ways. They’ve been using Teal! It was so much fun that I had to play around with it myself. I have 4 versions of the Invitation and Save the Date Magnet to share with you, using the exact same templates. Color really can make a big difference!

To start off with we’re personalizing with Teal and Pumpkin. This deep orange almost shows up red compared to the Teal. It is very close to the very common blue & red combo traditionally associated with nautical-themed wedding invitations. However, with the swapping of the placement it becomes exciting–more pumpkin showing up means lots more energy infused into the design. I love that it appears very modern with such a simple design.


Keeping the energy high with Kiwi is another attention-grabbing choice. While this color scheme is analogous it is still exciting. Kiwi pops off the page and excites the eye as it moves around.

Going back to the warmer color tones, Carrot is like a dose of sunshine! Carrot certainly excites Teal by making it vibrate ever so slightly. It is a happy combination!

As a tamer alternative, Charcoal and Teal is a much more subdued combination. Here, Charcoal takes a backstage and supports Teal in a very elegant way. The combination is still modern and classy–allowing Teal to truly shine and take center stage.

Teal makes an out of the ordinary color choice for a nautical wedding – don’t you think? Not something I would have thought of all on my own. I’m glad that our brides were able to inspire me yet again! Keep up the creativity and have fun in the process.

In case you’re planning a nautical wedding….

Nautical Save the Dates    Nautical Wedding Invitations

Cruise Ship Save the Dates    Cruise Ship Wedding Invitations


Which of these 4 color combinations do you like the best?
What interesting color choices do you have up your sleeve?




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2 thoughts on “Color Monday: Nautical Wedding Inspiration

  1. Ohh, I like the Teal and Carrot! What a vibrant, complementary color combo. Definitely makes my mind wander off to an island, beach, or tropical escape…. 🙂

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