Mountain Engagement Session: Katie & Jeremy

Apr 12 2012

We’re thrilled to bring you Katie and Jeremy’s mountain engagement session today. Shot by Miranda Coe, this e-session is sweet and spectacular–just like Katie and Jeremy. Surrounded by the beauty of the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina’s high country, Katie gives us a glimpse into their wedding style and playful demeanor. Enjoy.

Wedding colors: Shades of purples and grays
E-session locale: the historical Moses Cone House off the Blue Ridge Parkway
Photographer: Miranda Coe Photography
Saving the Date {November 10, 2012}: MagnetStreet Weddings

save the date magnet

About your engagement session:

It honestly came to together very quickly for us. Miranda, our photographer, is one of Jeremy’s good friends from college and she took our photos off the Blue Ridge Parkway in Boone, NC one afternoon.  My fiance went to grad school at Appalachian State and fell in love with the history, scenery and the cold weather up in the NC mountains!

We took a lot of our pictures at the historical Moses Cone house off the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was absolutely freezing and actually started to SNOW during our photo shoot. We also took pictures on top of Thunder Mountain. The picture with the sunset is at the top of Thunder Mountain.

Blue Ridge Parkway engagement session

How would you describe your wedding style?

We’re getting married in the Catholic Church and we are both Southerners so our style is pretty conservative and traditional. However, we do like to have fun and dance. There will be a lot of fun to be had at the reception!

I’m never sure how to accurately describe my wedding style. I usually send people to my pinterest inspiration board when I’m asked this question. Feel free to draw your own conclusions after looking. 🙂

Asheville NC engagement pictures

You and Jeremy seem to be having a lot of fun here:

This was also the same day UNC was completely crushed by Florida State in basketball. I am a HUGE UNC basketball fan and Jeremy has been a fan of Florida State since he was little. Needless to say, we ended up yelling and screaming (in a playful way) at each other once we found out the score of the game. The pictures where I’m tackling Jeremy from behind is when he was teasing me about the game.

Asheville engagement session

North Carolina engagement session

“After about 50 kissing shots …”

We had a few other funny moments during our shoot. Every time I got close to Jeremy he would lean in for a kiss. Miranda would go with it and take a picture. After about 50 kissing pictures Jeremy looked at me and said, “I think we have too many kissing pictures!” Miranda and I just started laughing hysterically at this point since he finally realized what he was doing. He said he just couldn’t help himself!

Blue Ridge Parkway engagement

Ice on ice …

At one point during the shoot I was too cold to smile so I went and sat in the car for 20 minutes to defrost. Jeremy and Miranda took my engagement ring for a few pictures. It felt so weird not to be wearing my ring even for 20 minutes! I wear it everywhere–shower, bed, gym–I just can’t take it off!

engagement ring shots

What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day?

Walking out of the church and into our reception hand-in-hand with my wonderful husband. It’s that moment I’m looking forward to the most–the moment of actually becoming husband and wife. I keep imagining myself thinking, “finally” and smiling ear-to-ear knowing I have just married the best man in the world.

Any advice you’d like to offer other planning brides?

Give your fiance a few things to be COMPLETELY in charge of. It will relieve some of your stress and also give your fiance a chance to truly feel involved. My fiance is in charge of our cake and honeymoon and he is enjoying every second of it! We actually decided that the cake would be a complete surprise for me on our wedding day and I can’t wait to see what he picked!

Asheville engagement pictures

Vendor Shout-outs!

Miranda Coe Photography
Thank you so much for capturing our love in photos. You made an otherwise stressful day into a carefree, fun experience that we will never forget.

MagnetStreet Weddings
After toying with multiple wedding websites, I kept coming back to MagnetStreet to play with our Save the Dates. Their personalization tool really made everything so much easier. I even asked for the font to be enlarged more than the editor would allow and the design team made it happen. The magnets turned out great. We are extremely pleased with the quality of the images, the magnet itself and the way everything was packaged.

{Katie & Jeremy personalized Enchanted Encounter- large Save the Date Magnet}

Jeremy and Katie–thank you so much for sharing your mountainous engagement-escape with all of us! And, we can’t wait to hear about the cake and honeymoon plans Jeremy is dreaming up! You two are amazing.

Best of everything to you both!



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5 thoughts on “Mountain Engagement Session: Katie & Jeremy

  1. You two look so happy and in love! Congratulations 🙂 

    P.S. My fiance is also handling the cake/dessert, just like yours….in fact, he actually initiated the whole idea. Must be something about guys and their love for sweets!

  2. This is the most beautiful couple !!! It is quite obvious they are in love and I could’nt be happier with “our” sons choice !!! I love you both so much !!!

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