Color Monday: One Design in 6 Combos

Oct 22 2012

Welcome to Color Monday! This is the day we devote to showing you that by simply changing the color–you can change the tone and style of your wedding stationery. That said, personalizing a simple design like our Harvest of Love Wedding Invitation in four different color combinations really illustrates this point.

Navy and Yellow

The navy lends a traditional feel while the yellow keeps it down to earth and happy. It’s fun, preppy and perfect for a summer or fall wedding.



Red, Black & White

We know that black and white is formal. But adding red in a saturated way like shown here–commands attention and simply roars with confidence.



Monochromatic Purples

Purple is a romantic and regal color and using three of its beautiful hues takes us on a sweet, magical-mystery tour.



Lime and Butter

Talk about fresh!! Here is a color that is bursting with freshness and exuberance.



Soft Coral

Coral is such a hot color and truly set apart when paired with black and peach. Warm and inviting–yet with just enough formality.




Fall’s Finest Oranges

Love the air of romance that surrounds the traditional colors of a fall wedding.


It is truly amazing what color can do for your wedding invitations, so don’t be afraid to experiment and try things out! You might just love it. Can you believe that ALL of these designs came from the same template!? So powerful!





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