1920′s Wedding Inspiration

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Just two more days … that’s all we have to wait for Downton Abbey’s season 4 to begin. Set in the 1920′s, the styling is sure to be as exquisite as the first three seasons–from the dropped-waist tea dresses to the tea cups. But even if you haven’t jumped on board the Downton Abbey swoon train, a 1920′s wedding style is a look to behold and covet. If you’re interested in borrowing from this era–you can make a huge fashion statement with even just a few vintage details.  Here are 5 Art Deco design elements from the 1920′s to incorporate into your look and wedding stationery.

Art Deco Design Elements for a 1920′s Wedding Look


Filigree, Gold Leaf and Laurel Wreath

Artistic motifs from the 1920′s included gold leaf, decorative filigree designs, and the iconic laurel wreath. Be inspired by ornate Grecian-inspired headbands, bracelets and necklaces. Carrying an ornamental motif such as one of these onto your wedding stationery pieces will make for a gorgeous 1920′s style statement. The simplicity of the laurel wreath featured below on the Modern Fairytale  Save the Date Card {left} is bold, yet soft and lovely.  And with a more whimsical and playful feel, is the graphic floral wreath of Woodland Charms Square Wedding Invitation {bottom}–perfect for garden and woodland weddings.

1920's wedding inspiration


Art Deco Geometric Design, Colors & Swirls

Fashion meets architecture with an Art Deco look. Swirls, tiers, geometric shapes, bold and rich colors are what define this stylish era. Think lavish ornamentation–from simple to swanky. Depicting this era can be easily accomplished through the right decorative font on your wedding stationery. Typefaces of the 20′s were everything from chunky and bold, to thin and streamlined. Deco Glam Pocket Wedding Invitation offers a classic Art Deco look featuring characteristic fonts, geometric shapes and an iconic color scheme.

1920's wedding inspiration


Decorative Feathers

From ostrich to peacock, feathers played a major part in the role of fashion in the 1920′s. How can you grace your wedding aesthetic and stationery with this elegant and edgy look? Include feathers in just about every aspect of the wedding–from attire to flowers to décor. Whispering Feather is a wedding invitation design that gives a subtle nod to this sophisticated motif.

1920's wedding inspiration


Timeless Lace

Is there anything more romantic and feminine than lace? You can even weave the look of this gorgeous textile onto your wedding stationery pieces. Featured below is Modern Honeycomb Lace Save the Date Magnet. Classy and ethereal, guests will love poring over this soft and sweet design while taking in your wedding day details too.

1920's wedding inspiration


Florals in Fashion 

Ornate flower arrangements were a sight to see during the 1920′s but simple wedding bouquets were often the most popular option–with Calla lilies being among the most sought after flower. These long, trumpet-shaped beauties are an exquisite choice for a formal black and white color scheme–like the featured Lilies in Love Gate-fold Wedding Invitation below.

1920's wedding inspiration


Tell us about your favorite vintage wedding style?
If you’re thinking about a vintage look for your wedding stationery, get inspired by the myriad of vintage Save the Dates and vintage Wedding Invitation designs at MagnetStreet.

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Beauty and the Beast Wedding Theme

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Jennifer and Jonathan had a fairytale ending to their story that began 16 years ago. Beauty and the Beast fans, their wedding reflected this theme–from the table settings, center pieces, candles, cake topper and cake knife. Jennifer the beauty and Jonathan, the handsome prince.

Beauty & the Beast themed wedding

Beauty and the Beast wedding theme




Beauty and the Beat wedding decor

Beauty and the Beast wedding cake

After a beautiful and touching ceremony,  we took the bridal party to nearby Beverly Gardens Park for some couple and group portraits. Jonathan especially wanted to recreate an image from a famous Japanese anime called ONE PEACE.  It is an image that symbolizes and reflects all of their friendship.

ONE PEACE Japanese anime


Full Kimono Portrait Session
Before the wedding they had a portrait session in full Kimono at the Japanese Garden at Japanese American Cultural & Community Center right in the center of Little Tokyo downtown.

Traditional Japanese Wedding Attire

In case you missed this blog post, here is another sweet Beauty and the Beast-inspired engagement shoot.

Photographer:  Allen Taylor Photography

Hair Stylist:Du Japan Hair Club

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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Wedding Planning Advice: Real Brides

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Real advice from real brides! Take it from those who know … Here are 7 of our recent brides who graciously shared their wedding planning advice. Plus, read Samantha’s touching story of how she and Mike were wed in the wake of hurricane Sandy!

Be inspired & wise!

From Danusia on their Classic Wedding

Advice we’d like to give

For the nervous bride and/or groom I would suggest a first look photo session prior to the ceremony. It’s just as special as seeing each other for the first time in the church but a bit more intimate. Also, for me, any nerves I had about being in front of a lot of people just went away once I saw Calvin. {See their wedding}


From Sarah on their Simple & Classy Wedding

Sarah & Nathan1

Advice I wished we’d taken

We DIY’d a lot of items. We rolled the silverware, made cake pops for our guests as favors, our guestbook, decor. While that was fun, some of it was stressful at the end. I probably would have bought some of these items instead–just to save time and energy. I would have allowed more time for my nail and hair appointment as well!

Advice we’d like to give

It’s your wedding day, enjoy it! It’s the day you’ve always dreamed of, so really make it uniquely yours. Plan early, give yourself plenty of time and details really do matter. It’s easy to stress about the “big day” but try to enjoy the process and the loved ones that help you along the way. Have fun!

Advice we’re glad we took

We were advised to go with gray suits rather than tuxes so that the guys could keep them. We are so glad we did! They looked great, and each guy loved them! Also, everyone I talked to stressed the importance of delegating tasks and responsibilities so that you can just enjoy your day. That is so important! We got a lot of friends and family involved, which helped a lot. I’m also glad we dismissed guests by row so that we got to greet everyone at least once. {See their wedding}


From Brandie on their Southern Wedding

I’m glad that I …

Being the compulsive planner I am, it was natural for me to develop a time line for to do’s as well as to keep our bridal party, immediate family, and vendors updated on changes and plans as they came about. Those monthly emails that turned into weekly emails as our wedding day approached truly made a difference. It allowed all my vendors to be up to date with the when’s and where’s of the day as well as my expectations. The bridal party, especially my bridesmaids, really appreciated having things planned out so that all they had to do–was show up and enjoy the fun … knowing everything would be taken care of. Having a clear plan also helped to ease my nerves which in turn allowed me to enjoy all of the wedding festivities leading up to our wedding day.

Advice we’d like to give

Most of us (ladies that is) dream of our wedding day from an early age. My advice would simply be enjoy every moment of the wedding planning experience and especially the day itself. It goes by entirely too fast! This can be achieved by not fretting over pleasing every person who has input about how he or she believes things should be–unless it’s truly important to you and your future husband! And of course those details that don’t quite come out as you envisioned. Let it go, at the end of the day, not a single person besides you will even know the candles on the cake table were not aligned the way you requested them to be! {See their wedding}


From Rachel on their Nautical-Beach Wedding

Rachael & Allen

Advice we’re glad we took

We didn’t worry about every detail of the wedding, as long as we had our family and friends with us, it was going to be a great day. And, it was. We are the last of our friends to get married, so we had a wealth of experience and couples telling us what works and what does not. {See their wedding}


From Kari on their Classic Wedding

Kari & Matt

Advice we wished we’d taken

I wish that we would have started hair and make-up earlier. We had each girl’s hair and make-up planned out to the minute; however, a gift from my groom was sent to me, the girls had a gift for me, and after several visitors, we were way off on our timing–which forced us into “rush” mode.

Advice we’re glad we took

I am so thankful that I took advice from my sister and did all of our photos before the ceremony. After the ceremony we took a trolley, filled with our wedding party, to our engagement location and took some fun photos. We were able to relax and have fun instead of worrying about photos. {See their wedding}


From Janel on their Classic Wedding

Bill & Janel

Advice we’d like to give

Relax! Enjoy the day and don’t sweat the small stuff. And, listen to everyone’s ideas even if you know you won’t apply it to your wedding. It prevents any conflicts and keeps things positive. {See their wedding}


From Christel on their Fairytale Wedding

Advice we’re glad we took

I’m a very organized and crafty gal and I do have some obsessive moments. One of my Godparents, Beatriz, told me that not every single thing would be perfect to my standards. But that whatever happens, I should always enjoy and make the best out of it! I’m so glad I followed her advice because our wedding turned out perfect!

Advice I wish we’d taken

My mom kept nagging me to take dance lessons for months before the wedding. But since my groom was recovering from a recent ankle surgery, I didn’t bother him with cool dance moves. The night before our wedding, my groom decided I should feel like a princess and that we should practice dancing. We watched some videos online and learned a few moves. It was fun and turned out quite well. But yes, I wish we had prepared a bit more and not the night before our wedding!

Advice we’d like to give

Not every detail will be perfect … so try not to worry. Enjoy every single moment. And for that moment to be preserved forever, invest in a good photographer and videographer. {See their wedding}


Mike & Samantha

Have you read Samantha & Mike’s touching story of their having to cancel their “big” wedding in lieu of Hurricane Sandy yet? Well, despite the storm, they still kept their date and had a small but meaningful ceremony. Yay!

Read their story here: Wed in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy!


What is your #1 wedding advice that you followed or are following?

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Best of 2012: Save the Date Style

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Wedding Recap 2012

Yesterday, we featured 12 beautiful Invitation Suites from our real weddings. Today, we’re featuring 13 spirited Save the Dates and the engagement sessions behind them. About half of our couples know their color schemes and choose to begin “setting the tone” right away with their Save the Date. The other half of our engaged couples choose to offer their guests more of a glimpse into their personality.

Here are just a few examples from our highly creative couples in 2012:


Christina & Tony’s ghost town engagement session in the desert and Save the Date

Photo Save the Date Magnet



Tonicia & Mike’s surprise proposal and firefighter-themed Save the Date

Photo Booth Save the Date Magnet


Chris & Annie’s vintage-styled engagement session and Save the Date


Vintage Banner Save the Date



Caycee & Austin’s Colorado engagement session & Save the Date

save the date magnet




Heather & Jeremy’s e-sesh and Save the Date that starred a turtle named Sir Walter Raleigh

save the date magnet


Trisha & Prentice’s proposal video and rustic engagement session




Samantha & Mike’s Jersey Shore/Seaside Heights  E-session and Save the Date

{Note* Sadly, Seaside Heights was destroyed during Super Storm Sandy. Samantha and Mike also had to cancel their November 3rd wedding. We’ll be featuring this resilient couple and their remarkable story next week!}

save the date magnet



Kristin & Oisin’s {Boston} Beacon Hill E-session and Save the Date

Kristen and Oisin Save the Date



Shannon & Doak’s rustic engagement session and Save the Date

Save the Date Magnet



Jeff & Kristy’s Oceanside Pier E-sesh and Save the Date that features their vintage Mustang

Photo Save the Date




Mike & Mandi’s Record City E-sesh and Save the Date

Photo save the date magnet



Rebekah & Jeremiah’s surprise proposal E-session/Save the Date

Save the Date Magnet


Melanie & Robert’s fairytale-themed e-session and Save the Date

photo save the date magnet



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