Just One Wedding Invitation

Sep 14 2012

free custom wedding invitation
Have you heard about MagnetStreet’s new feature?  Just One™ Now, you can get Just One totally personalized, fully embellished wedding invitation or Save the Date … off the screen, shipped right to your door and into your hands! Want one?...
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Single Envelopes vs. Double Envelopes

Jun 3 2011

*{Updated 5/1/14} MagnetStreet offers white and cream mailing wedding envelopes in four different papers. We no longer offer a double envelope option.  So, why DID they use double envelopes WAY BACK WHEN? The town crier, while effective for some time, eventually...
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Postcard Postage

May 24 2011

Did you know that there is a different rate for mailing 3.5×5 postcards? Did you know that it’s cheaper than the rate for mailing 1 oz. envelopes? Now … did you know that MagnetStreet Weddings offers 3.5×5 RSVP Postcards to...
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