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I think we can all agree … we love to save money … but we hate watching the budget- no fun at all!

And, because wedding costs add up very quickly, many couples go way over their wedding budget. That said, it’s important to know your costs so you’re not taken by surprise and have to cut things later. Continue reading for 10 creative ways to help you save …

First, check out this post Who Pays for What for a traditional breakdown on who pays for what- it’s one of the first things on the “to do” list after getting engaged. Then, soon afterwards you’ll want to talk about what you really want in your wedding- the desires of your heart stuff. Then, do your research on what things and services actually cost while comparing prices and perhaps doing a little negotiating for those things. In fact, check out this post to see read how Nicole and Nick bartered many of their wedding costs {very creative + cool e-session photos}.

10 Ways to save on your wedding budget:

1. Save postage by sending RSVP Postcards.

2. Wedding dress: shop off the rack, clearance or sample sales. Go vintage and restore your mom’s/grandmother’s dress and her jewelry.

3. Veil: DIY.

4. Decorations: DIY. Clip coupons from local craft stores. Choose pre-decorated venues at holiday times. Rent or borrow rather than buy. Nature provides a lot of her own decorations.

5. Flowers: Arrange by color rather than flower type and choose in-season. Use single flowers rather than bouquets. Silk over fresh. Grow your own flowers from seeds.

6. Venues: Generally less expensive are university chapels or your home church, backyards, flower gardens, zoo, city or state parks, your home etc.

7. Reception: Buffet or hors d’oeuvre meal style rather than a sit-down. Host the reception on a Friday night or serve earlier rather than later. Cupcakes instead of cake. No alcohol or limited alcohol. Consider a venue that allows you to bring in your own food and drink.

8. Professionals: Although I am a proponent of using professionals, hiring or not hiring depends on your needs but alas, you set the limits on their time and services. Check with the local college or university for interns in photography, floral, music, etc.

MagnetStreet Weddings has created a Budget Guide to help you track and categorize expenses. Plus, cool interactive features help make the categorizing and tracking all the easier! Download our Budget Guide here.

Two other ways to save with MagnetStreet Weddings:

9. Subscribe to Bride Vibe- and receive exclusive discounts {and other cool stuff}

10. Check MagnetStreet’s coupon codes – for the latest and greatest deals and discounts

What is one way you’ve saved big or are saving big on wedding costs?

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Wedding Invitation Envelopes

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*{Updated 5/1/14} MagnetStreet offers white and cream mailing wedding envelopes in four different papers. We no longer offer a double envelope option. 


So, why DID they use double envelopes WAY BACK WHEN?

The town crier, while effective for some time, eventually became the least favorite option for announcing a wedding event. Anyone in ear shot was invited- which I’m sure got rather expensive.

Fast forward to the stamping of a family crest or emblem during the middle ages to the 17th century and Ludwig Von Siegen’s invention of metal plate engraving … Those that could afford it, would have a courier hand deliver their wedding invitation or rely on the postal service to deliver it. Either way, the invitation was sure to arrive either dirty or damaged. And, however spotty, the postal service had regulations on addressing items. Aha- if they used two envelopes, it would serve a two-fold purpose: the outer envelope would protect the invitation from grubby hands and travel as well as display the address- so it could get where it was supposed to go. The inner envelope would ensure a pristine arrival.

So, why do they still use double envelopes TODAY?
Is it necessary? Not necessarily. But, there are good reasons for using them.

Double envelopes are still used with more formal weddings. But, the main reason to use two envelopes, is so you can be absolutely clear about who you are inviting to your wedding. This is especially pertinent if you are keeping a strict guest list for budgeting reasons or you’re hosting an “adults only” event. It’s entirely up to you and how traditional you want to be, but read this post if you want more help with wedding invitation etiquette and addressing envelopes.

In a traditional double envelope set: the inner envelope is embellished with the liner, holds the invitation suite, and is specifically addressed with first names. The outer envelope has the stamp and is simply addressed.

for example:
{outer envelope} Mr. and Mrs. Brady and family {if children are invited}
{inner envelope} Mike and Carol {with kids listed on line below} Greg, Marcia, Peter, Jan, Bobby, Cindy

At MagnetStreet Weddings, we call the envelope that is included with each invitation- a Mailing Envelope. And, you can choose a mailing envelope liner to coordinate with your mailing envelope. Potentially, you can have up to three envelopes with your invitation suite. The outer {Double Envelope}, the inner {Mailing Envelope} and the RSVP Envelope. {Sometimes the RSVP envelope gets confused as an inner envelope- but it isn’t}

While you can choose an envelope for your RSVPs, did you know that they will mail by themselves? Read on how you can save postage costs by sending RSVP Postcards- without envelopes.

Decoded in a nutshell. Whether you choose 1-2-3 envelopes, be sure to take a fully assembled invitation to your post office for weighing and the postage cost for every invite you send out.

Fun Fact:

Sheer vellum overlays are still used with invitations today. Initially, it was to protect the invitation from getting smudged from the ink used in the printing. Even though there is no more smudging, we like it simply because it’s pretty.

Happy Friday!


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Postcard Postage

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Did you know that there is a different rate for mailing 3.5×5 postcards? Did you know that it’s cheaper than the rate for mailing 1 oz. envelopes? Now … did you know that MagnetStreet Weddings offers 3.5×5 RSVP Postcards to coordinate with every wedding invitation suite? Now that’s sweet!

As of 5/24/11, postage for a 3.5×5 postcard is at a rate of .29/stamp. Mailing a 1oz. envelope is .44/stamp

Let’s do the math … 150 guests x .29/postcard = $43.50 while 150 guests x .44/with standard 1oz. envelope = $66.00.  I’d say that is significant savings, wouldn’t you? Cheaper for you. Better for the environment to boot!

Makes cents to me.

wedding postcard postage

You can have fun with and get your postage personalized or choose from these fine options from your good ole’ United States Post Office. The postcard herb stamps in the middle are pretty for spring and summer weddings!

rsvp card invf-11989

Classic Love RSVP postcard is pictured above or see all the RSVP postcards in the gallery.

Got some more calculating to do? Here is a USPS postage calculator to help you figure out your costs.

Happy Savings!

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Congratulations: Brooke & Jeff

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I had the pleasure of chatting with Brooke when she was a bride-to-be, in the last throes of wedding planning.  As of this past Saturday, Brooke and Jeff are now married!  WAHOO!  MagnetStreet Weddings had the pleasure of designing Brooke and Jeff’s save the date postcards and her wedding invitations.

Wedding Colors: Brown, Green, White

Wedding Party: 12: 6 guys, 6 girls.

Proposal: Total Surprise!  A fun story that involves Jeff proposing to Brooke on the beach, in the rain on May 23, 2007.

Best thing Brooke loves about Jeff: “Oh my~ everything!  He is just pure goodness on legs and he’s constantly making me laugh!”

Honeymooning: Antigua, West Indies.

Brooke and Jeff chose one of my personal favorite save the date designs~ Organic Beauty.  Simple and elegant.  Brooke said, “I went to school out of state and Jeff’s whole side of the family is out of state, so we sent save the date’s to my college roomates, his family and the attendants/close friends that we wanted to have the hotel information for the after party.” They put all of the hotel information on the backside of the postcard to make it handy for their guests.

Regarding the customization of the invitations, Brooke had this to say, “I loved the save the date’s that I chose just as is and was hoping that I could customize the invites to “flip flop” the colors from the save the dates.  MagnetStreet Weddings was able to do that for me, no problem!”

The Simply Yours invitation ensemble that Brooke and Jeff chose also includes a coordinating, RSVP postcard, return address labels and linen envelope.

  • Brooke sent us a “thank you” email.  We strive every day to exceed our bride’s expectations and with great courtesy, give them their wedding, their way.  I speak for all of us at MSW when I say we are encouraged, we are excited and we are grateful!

Brooke’s email: I believe in recognizing great service when it’s called for. My experience with MagnetStreet Weddings for my wedding Save The Dates and invitations was such a pleasure! I was worried that going with an online company versus a bricks and mortar establishment in my area would cause me extra stress, but working with MagnetStreet Weddings was such a great experience. All of my orders came in WAY before I expected them to, your company responded to special requests and modifications with ease and if I did need to speak with a “real person”, I was able to reach someone by phone or email immediately and have any questions resolved. Plus the STDs and the invitations were *beautiful* and so unique! Just what I wanted!!! I have younger sisters and several girlfriends with upcoming weddings and will certainly be referring some business your way in the future.

With sincere thanks,

Brooke (almost) W.

And, our warmest thanks to you Brooke!  We wish you and Jeff many blessings for a life of happiness and joy!



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