The Beauty of Black & White Photography

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We’re loving black and white wedding photography, and how talented photographers are able to showcase the personalities and emotions of their couples–while bringing out the textures in the shot. And all without color. When most people think of black and white photography, they think of old-time photos with harsh grains and unclear focus, or of modern art that can be far too dramatic. But more and more each year, couples are embracing the beauty of black and white photography for their save the dates and wedding portraits!

Below are black and white photos from a few of our most recent weddings and engagements. Try lingering over each for a while … notice the richness, depth and textures within each photo–very powerful.

Marisol & Juan’s Old-Hollywood style wedding


Rebekah & Jeremiah’s gorgeous countrified proposal/e-session


Gina & Brandon’s California casual wedding


Many people want full-color photos to “capture the moment” or beauty of their wedding, the happiest day of their lives. Black and white photography gets set to the side as a change that can be made once editing is done later. But with the distraction of color eliminated in black and white photos, the true focus and personality of a photo can shine through! A simple white smile is so much more meaningful and bright with a background of muted details.

Michele & jay’s Australian Beach Wedding


Capturing the happiness of a wedding by using black and white photography can portray the true emotions of your special day. A crystal-like tear or a stunning white glare from the sun … your moments are captured with raw beauty and meaning.

By using light and perspective, simple portraits can be made into so much more. Highlighting eyes or a kiss can make the picture more revealing, interesting, and intimate. The simple details of your wedding elements (the intricate beading of your dream dress, the simple sparkle of your wedding bands) are shown much more clearly with the distraction of color taken away. Without the color, the fabric details and the unblemished textures add so much more to a composition.

What do you think of incorporating black and white photography into the wedding album and into your wedding stationery?

Lili & Davide’s Italian-Persian Wedding

Much thanks to Kathryn, our intern, for her contribution to this article.



5 Cool Benefits of a Winter Wedding

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Happy Friday! How’s the weather where you are? For us, the temperatures have plummeted to single digits, the snow has paraded on in…

Yet, despite the arctic chill, I keep thinking of the beauty and charm of winter:  horse-drawn sleigh rides, sipping hot cocoa by the fireplace…winter is a wonderful season to do many activities–including getting married!

Winter has its charms and benefits, so if you haven’t set the date yet for your wedding, don’t rule out December, January, and February! Even if you don’t consider yourself a “snow bunny” (or bride), you might want to read our Five Cool Benefits of a Winter Wedding below.

#1 — Less Competition

Have your heart set on a particular reception hall or photographer? Winter weddings are far less common, which means you’ll probably be able to snag that highly coveted venue or wedding vendor that you’ve been dreaming of. And since their schedule is likely to be pretty open, you won’t have to settle for a less-than-ideal wedding date (such as a Friday, which can be hard for guests that work). Less competition, more freedom of choice — it’s a winter win-win!

#2 — Lower Prices

Are you a bride on a budget? A white winter wedding can save you lots of green. Because December through February is such a slow season for wedding vendors, many of them offer discounts or are willing to negotiate prices. You can save a lot of cash once you add up your savings on a DJ, florist, bakery, dress shop, etc. You can then either pocket those savings, or re-invest them into other wedding items, like decor, apparel, and accessories. Spend less, get more…another win-win for the winter bride!


#3 — Fun Decor & Accessories

Winter has so many themes and motifs that you can weave into your wedding day. You can go quirky and cute with some fun penguin cake toppers (see above) and a hot cocoa/cider station at the reception. Or, you could create sophisticated romance with a bold palette of scarlet red roses and evergreen centerpieces.

To stay cozy and warm, you can drape yourself in elegant cover-ups and accessories. Stay fashionably warm with some faux fur ear muffs and hand warmers–or accessorize you and your bridesmaids’ dresses with a chic stole, shrug, or wrap (see below). Or, how about wrapping a cashmere scarf over each of the groomsmen? Very handsome and chic!


#4 – Beautiful Photo Ops 

For unique wedding photos, just step outdoors! Winter is such a beautiful, romantic, and unique time of year. From snow dancing down to the the ground and blanketing the landscape, to frost dusted over tree branches, winter offers plenty of opportunities for stunning wedding photography. An added bonus? No fears of looking sweaty or having your makeup melt under the hot summer sun! And if your cheeks get a little rosy…well, that will just add to the adorable beauty and romance of your wedding photos. :)


#5 – Unique & Memorable Experience for You AND for Guests

Because winter weddings are far less common, simply having your wedding in the winter will make it very unique and memorable. You and your wedding guests attend so many weddings throughout your lives, so having a winter wedding will be something fun and different for everyone involved.

Read how our intern Kathryn describes one adorable and memorable winter wedding she attended:

“My favorite winter wedding was in the month of February. It was my cousin’s wedding, and although they were on a very tight budget, everything was perfect! Her bridesmaids wore navy dresses with one or two little snowflake clips in their hairdo’s (too cute!). The backdrop behind the head table was full of white string lights with a sheer white fabric hanging over them to create a soft glow. Her snowflake theme wasn’t too over the top, but you could see how everything connected.”


So, what do you think of winter weddings? Have you attended a winter wedding, or do you plan to have one yourself? I’d love to hear your thoughts and memories!


Rachel for MagnetStreetWeddings

Photos: Penguin Toppers Photo (RedLightStudio from Etsy), Bridesmaids and Bride/Groom Photos (Brosnan Photographic)


Q&A with Gina … Customer Care

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Hello & Happy Friday! Welcome to Meet the Team.

Because we’re an online company, we don’t usually get face time with our customers. And we’re very friendly people so we’re thinking it would be fun to introduce you all to someone from the team every once in a while–whether they’re an owner, a designer, someone from IT, Marketing, Distribution Services, the Plant, Pre-press, or Customer Care. There are many cogs on our wheel and when I say team, I really do mean team.

That said, let me introduce you to Gina … one of our Customer Care Extraordinaires.  I asked the Care Team to describe Gina in one word and this is what I got- “playful” “fun” “energetic” “admirable” “thoughtful” “passionate”

Gina, meet the internets. Internets, meet Gina.

How long have you been in Customer Care at MagnetStreet? In April of 2012 it will be 10 years!

What’s a typical day in customer care like? Phones ringing. Instant chat ringing. Lots of chatter in the office … Answering lots of questions from brides, mothers of brides & grooms. Helping customers navigate our website & assisting them in the design process. Following up on: emails, phone messages, and placing sample requests. And, collaborating with our other departments {creative services/marketing/IT}. Never a dull moment around here.

Can you describe your personality in 3 adjectives: Fun! Energized! Generous!

Favorite music style? Contemporary Christian: Jeremy Camp, Kutless, Sara Groves, Bethany Dillon & Francesa Battistelli. I’m always up for some music from the 70’s & 80’s.  Love Karen Carpenter too.

Right now–what’s your favorite Save the Date design? I love Something Blue Save the Date: Favorite Wedding Invitation? I am partial to Antique Filigree Wedding Invite.  I chose this design in honor of my parents 50th wedding anniversary & had it designed by the gals here (thank you).  I secretly sent it out to over a 100 of mom & dad’s friends & family & asked that they in turn send me a letter telling me a funny or memorable story of my folks. I ended up receiving over 70 letters back & put together a beautiful memory book for my parents & was able to present it to them on their anniversary with all our family around.  They loved it!

Most gratifying statement from a bride: “I just love that I called in today…you helped me out soo much; planning a wedding is nerve-wracking & you made this a very easy process.”

Favorite wedding movie-of all time? Seriously, I thought Bride Wars was funny–our entire department went out to dinner & this movie.

Top three personal interests?  Randy (my husband), Grace (my daughter) and as much golf as I can get!

Customer Care can be very rewarding—what’s your favorite part? In all honesty, my favorite part is knowing I’ve helped someone.  I invest my energy every day in making sure the customers I speak to, “chat” with {via instant chat} or email are being fed the information they’re asking for.  I’m happy knowing I’ve helped. We strive to be the best & I am confident we’re accomplishing our goal!

How does the  customer care team unwind at MagnetStreet? We eat lots of chocolate & buffalo flavored pretzels!  We get out of our cubes….kinda move in the center towards each other & chat…most of the time it’s something very funny, there’s lots of laughter & then back on the phones we go!

How do you unwind? My wind down time is in the evenings from 9:30 – 11:00 (reading/watch tv . . . catch up on emails/fb)  & early Sat & Sun mornings.  I like to get my week’s schedule organized, work on bills, Gracies’ school projects, sporting events & just have “ME” time!  Grace & I will bake for daddy.

How about a few highlights from your own wedding: The photo shoot – it was a gorgeous sunny July day, being dressed up in our gowns & tuxes with my family & friends around … encased in it all.

What inspires you at work?  It’s easy to get up every day to come into a job that you enjoy.  I’m able to use my skills & personality to do my job & work with customers & coworkers.  I guess it’s fair to say that I’m inspired at work because I know how to do my job well & I enjoy it.

What do you like best about working at Magnetstreet?  I love the people I work with … being with them all day long makes it so much more enjoyable because THEY are enjoyable.

Thanks Gina. Thanks for keeping us laughing every day! You are so fabulous & fun and it’s a pleasure to work with you & see your smiling face every day!

Have you talked with Gina before? Leave a comment for her and let her know!

{And just in case you missed our first interview–a fun Q&A with Kathryn, our summer intern}