Personalizing with Pantone Color: Deep Teal

Aug 1 2011

 It’s color Monday with Lindsay!

For those of you new to Color Monday- it’s the day of the week where our graphic designer Lindsay- showcases today’s hottest colors and the remarkable effect they have on mood and tone in wedding stationery designs. Last week Lindsay made magic with Pantone’s Emberglow– an energetic & citrusy color- perfect for fall weddings. The week before that, Lindsay beguiled us with Pantone’s color of the year, Honeysuckle Pink– a sweet hue for the ultimate romantic. Ok Lindsay, we’re ready for today’s shade …


Take your wedding to a whole new level using Pantone’s 2011 color palette. Today we’ll take a look at Deep Teal, a cool tone that relaxes the mind.





Cool and crisp- like a late November day, this color can perfectly complement your wedding. In fact, this hue flatters women of all skin tones so this color would be perfect for the bridesmaid dresses. Let’s give it a try on Save the Date Magnets.


For Your Eyes Only Save the Date Magnets personalized with Deep Teal





To emphasize the cool undertones, pair Deep Teal with a silver grey. Not only does it look crisp, it creates a clean modern feel. Black and white photos look amazing and sharp in this pairing. Imagine your fiance’ looking this sharp!








Tree Top Love Save the Date Magnets personalized with Deep Teal





To make it really pop, pair Deep Teal with an orange! Contrasting the deep tone with a bright hue would never steer you wrong. It truly pops with little bits of white to separate the strong hues.









Bold Love Save the Date Magnets personalized with Deep Deal




Deep Teal can also lead you down a garden path. With a few greens, this combination brings to mind the coolness of a forest in the fall. The analogous color combination {adjacent on the color wheel} is cool, calm- peaceful and easy.









Don’t be afraid of Deep Teal, it could be just the color you’re looking for. When personalizing in Design Studio choose your color to edit, and select the tab for “custom colors”. Then move the sliders to get these values:

(C) Cyan = 94
(M) Magenta = 43
(Y) Yellow = 46
(K) Black = 49

You can use Deep Teal on any product, including Save the Dates, or Wedding Invitations, or Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

Thanks Lindsay!

What do you think of Deep Teal? Do you like this color for your wedding?



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3 thoughts on “Personalizing with Pantone Color: Deep Teal

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  2. I love the Deep Teal. In fact Deep Teal is my all time favorite color and my wedding colors are Deep Teal and Silver.

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