Nolan & Dana’s Romantic Save the Date

Sep 25 2012

Simple. Sweet. Just how Nolan and Dana like it.

These engagement photos were taken by the groom-to-be: Nolan. Can you imagine? Ready. Set. Run! Smile {and look good before the shutter flies}. What a great job! We love Nolan and Dana’s easy-going style and the sweet simplicity of their bridge-photo Save the Date! Here’s Nolan to give us the details …

“We didn’t want to spend a bunch of money and I have been an amateur photographer for a few years so we figured we’d give it a shot. I had misplaced my tripod so I ended up using a thick blanket to balance the camera the best I could. It wasn’t easy setting the timer and attempting to get in position in 10 seconds either. With our lovely summer weather in Dallas, you can imagine how sweaty I got running back and forth. Thank goodness, I don’t think any of it showed through in the photographs. Both of us are very pleased with the way they came out!”

Wedding Style: Clean and Simple.
Wedding Colors: Raspberry and Pewter with Cobalt Blue accents.

Engagement Session Location:
We moved to Dallas about 9 months ago and have a friend that lives in Plano, Texas. Driving to his house one day, we noticed a unique park and thought it would be a good setting for our Save the Date photos. The park has a pond, a gazebo, and an antique train which gave us the opportunity to achieve several looks.

save the date magnet

Dana & Nolan personalized Full Photo Save the Date Magnet design.

Congratulations Nolan and Dana. Great job on your e-session and we wish you the best with the rest of wedding planning. Thanks for sharing and btw guys … it’s great to hear from you too!

Pro Shout Out


We shopped around various websites for our save the dates and ended up using MagnetStreet because it was by far the most user friendly and offered us the most creative flexibility. We took advantage of the free sample of our design and loved it from the moment we opened the package. It was exactly what we had hoped for and at a reasonable price!

How did it fit with your personality or wedding style? We felt that our save the date turned out simple, classy, and timeless. We’ve been hoping to create this same feel for our wedding. We want to be able to look back 50 years from now and not wonder “What were we thinking?!”

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