Color Monday: Platinum & Plum

Nov 5 2012

It’s Color Monday! If you’re new here, Color Monday is the day we transform select stationery designs from our gallery to show how simple color changes to a template can achieve a whole new look and a completely different tone.

Purple is very hot right now and we’re seeing lots of brides choosing Plum & Platinum.  All of the shades of purple are so beautiful that its popularity really shouldn’t come as a surprise. Purple is sophisticated and regal in a quiet way–without being overwhelming. Today we’re trying Plum & Platinum on a few wedding invitations. Check out the new looks we get–just by changing the colors!

Isn’t this just pretty?! The soft damask is so natural with the purples. Pairing mulberry with the deeper eggplant keeps the design feeling fresh and presents a perfect balance of modern and traditional. What a great option for personalizing Square Motif Wedding Invitation.


Using the neutral platinum text and a lighter shade of grey on the floral elements, the purple on Butterfly Blossoms Wedding Invitation is allowed to shine. The names stand out to command your attention. Ideal for an outdoor or  garden wedding, Butterfly Blossoms feels light and airy–almost like you’re in a field of wildflowers.


Today we’ll end with a delicious treat! Dripping with a pretty mulberry purple, Graceful Wildflower Wedding Invitation is simply charming. The unique placement of the text is contemporary and the illustrated flowers–festooned in purple–offers a crisp, vintage and whimsical feel.

 Try it out for yourself …

Any of our Wedding Invitations are available to personalize in our online personalization tool. All you have to do is find the one you’re interested in playing with and you can completely change the look and feel. Set the tone you want using your own colors, fonts and wording!

To get you started, check out the Purple Wedding Invitations or the Gray Wedding Invitations but of course you can change them to whatever color you want!

Will you be using Plum and Platinum?




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2 thoughts on “Color Monday: Platinum & Plum

  1. Platinum and plum….what an elegant combo! Gold would make it look too regal/royal, but the grays give it a softer, modern look. Beautiful!

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