Real Wedding: Kerry and Jan

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Location: Private estate, Paso Robles, CA

Sent over by Jonathan Roberts of Blue Photo, I was thrilled to see this romantic and elegant wedding waiting for me in my inbox! What a lovely present… And, what makes it even more special is what Jonathan has to say about the couple.  He “got” Jan and Kerry’s wedding day vision and then went on to capture it.  How perfectly important for your photographer to “get” you! Well done!

Via Jonathan… “Jan and Kerry were determined to keep their wedding their own and a reflection of who they are. The wedding took place at a private villa (which they rented for the week prior to their wedding) in Paso Robles, California. The pink and white colors were very romantic. The cake was simple and elegant at the same time. The images show the vast acreage around the estate and gives a great sense of what Kerry and Jan had envisioned for their wedding. I was very proud to be selected to document this intimate wedding. Kerry and Jan are an incredible couple and this wedding stands out in my mind.”


Gorgeous. Check out the rest of the beautiful images on Jonathan’s blog. Thanks for sharing Jonathan. And, a warm congratulations to Jan and Kerry!

  • Victoria Joanne

    Beautiful photos and of course I love that one you have enlarged – the way they have ths sun shining next to the tree is stunning.

    Love nature shots.


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  • Dina

    i love the first large photo — with the unique perspective — how do they do that? Its really cool!