Save Money On Your Wedding Cake

Apr 23 2008

You’re cake people~ pies and cupcakes are not options.  A beautiful wedding cake that wows guests and commands attention is all you’re asking for.  But, how do you have your cake and save money too…?

Options my dears…In the same style as your wedding, you could rent a fake wedding cake or purchase a wedding cake that has one or two fake tiers.  The fake cake/tiers are typically made of styrofoam, decorated with real icing and according to your wedding style.   A portion of the fake cake is real so you can feed each other while your guests never know the difference.   The fake cake is then whisked away to where real sheet cakes await and from which your guests are served.  Another option: Have a small real cake with separate sheet cakes to feed your guests.  Tip: Keeping mindful of your budget, a simply designed fake cake is going to be less labor intensive than a time-intensive, elaborately designed fake cake.

not fake…

Don’t you just adore this sweetly decorated carrot cake from Maple Sugar ?  Definitely, check out this blog for great ideas and confectionary inspiration.

Hump-day smile, check out this real wedding cake that looks like the bride~ exactly. Truth is indeed, stranger than fiction!


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One thought on “Save Money On Your Wedding Cake

  1. There are lots of brides who don’t know that a fake wedding cake is a great option for couples who want a pretty cake but don’t want to break the bank just to pay for the cake. Thank you for writing this great post.

    Besides fake cakes and rental cakes, another way to save is to get a DIY Fake Cake which is great for do-it-yourself brides because we send you the fondant covered tiers and your decorate the cake yourself. Its inexpensive and stress-free way to DIY your wedding cake.

    For more fake cakes pictures please visit and for DIY fake cake decorating tutorial videos check out our blog.


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