5 Tips to Seating Your Wedding Guests

Nov 2 2012

Happy Friday to you! Today we’re dishing about seating for the wedding reception with tips on how to help you and your guests feel right at home! That said, how do you feel about assigned seating?

More common with formal sit-down or buffet meals, assigned tables and/or seating is a great option for most weddings. Here’s why: to avoid the awkward milling about of your guests. Everyone wants to know that they belong–and nothing says “welcome” like a Place Card with their name on it.

wedding place cards and table number cards

5 Seating Tips
for putting guests in their places:

1. Get help! Rally a small, tight-knit group of family and friends to help you round out the relationships for seating your guests. Together, you’ll be able to piece together a comfortable-for-all seating chart.

2. Get to know your venue.
You need to know: spacing, table sizes, proximity to bathrooms, where the band/dj sets up, etc. Put yourself in your grandmother’s chair–does she have a good view of you? Will she be able to hear you? Also, consider creating a special seating area where guests can get away and mingle for quieter conversations?


3. Mix and match your guests. Variety is the spice of life. Lively conversation will naturally occur if you blend the occupations and interests of your guests. That said, also use your common sense to not join guests that you know don’t like each other or wouldn’t be a good fit: divorced parents, friends and family not on pleasant terms. And one of the golden seating rules–don’t put all your single guests at one table. Eek.

4. Give older kids their own table. If they’re old enough and you give them something fun and constructive to do {color, interactive favors, games, etc.} they will not only give their parents a break, but will stay out of mischief and have a blast at your wedding too.

5. Take care of older guests and guests with special needs. Make sure these guests aren’t in harms way or inconvenienced by the location of their table. How far are they from the bathroom? Who’s seated in the aisle? Are your hard of hearing guests seated too close to the band or the speakers? Plus, seating arrangements makes it much easier to get the right meal to the right person.

What seating issues have you or are you facing?

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