Southern Wedding Photography: Jennifer Blair

Mar 14 2012

Today’s “day after” session is sweet, swoon-worthy and brought to us by Southern wedding photographer–Jennifer Blair {Jennifer Blair Photography}. Being from Minnesota, we simply cannot get enough of the “y’alls”, mason jars, charming traditions and country escapes. Southern weddings are just that irresistible. That said, enjoy this darling and relaxed “day after” session and read along as Jennifer chats with us about her photography style, Southern weddings and of course, our beautiful newlyweds: Lindsey and Wesley.

southern wedding ideas

Jennifer, can you tell us about your style and about southern weddings in general?

I think it’s amazing that the art of photography captures some of the essence of the photographer as well as the subject. In my work you can see a love for natural light, artistic composition and sweet Southern charm. I like to think outside the box and create images that encapsulate emotions, instead of copying whatever is trending at the moment.

A Southern wedding is a very distinct type of wedding. They are usually steeped in tradition and must incorporate sweet tea. (It’s not a true Southern wedding without sweet tea!) A lot of Southern weddings are big family affairs, where everyone lends a helping hand whether it be held in a church, an open field or the family barn.

About Lindsey & Wesley

Lindsey and Wesley are a perfect match. She’s the super sweet one that makes him smile and he’s the funny one that makes her laugh. It is obvious that they balance each other out very well. They also share a deep love for music. Lindsey is a music teacher at a local Middle School and Wesley works in banking, but can tear up a drum set. When talking with them it doesn’t take long to see how much they love each other. They have that look of love in their eyes when they gaze at each other. It’s quite precious!

southern wedding ideas

Do you shoot many “day after” sessions?

Sometimes a couple opts to do a “day after” session so that they are more relaxed. They can be the day after the wedding or sometime after they get back from the honeymoon. With this type of session they don’t have any time constraints and can be more casual, letting their personalities shine through a little bit more. Lindsey & Wesley chose to do this session for those same reasons. They wanted to incorporate some fun accessories that showcased their personalities like her sweet ruffle cardigan and his bow tie and argyle socks. They loved the idea of having some relaxed, artistic photos in a natural surrounding along with the ones of their wedding day.

southern wedding ideas

southern wedding dress

southern wedding ideas

Location of session

There is certainly no shortage of open fields and dirt roads in the South.This is wonderful because I love to shoot at locations with fields and dirt roads! This particular little town called Graceville has an over abundance of such places. It takes a little bit of driving down old winding roads to find these little gems, but it is always worth it!

southern wedding ideas

Absolutely gorgeous.

Thanks Jennifer for giving us a glimpse into the charm and sweet simplicity of Southern weddings. Now everyone, run to see all of Lindsey and Wesley’s gorgeous pics on Jennifer’s blog.



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