Stumped for Wedding Wording?

Jul 27 2012


Let’s hear them! Leave your wedding wording question{s} in the comments and we’ll help you with those wording dilemmas!




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3 thoughts on “Stumped for Wedding Wording?

  1. Here’s a few wording challenges I’ve been encountering:

    1. RSVP Cards — how to politely, but clearly communicate that it’s “adults only”

    2. Programs — how to politely ask guests to “power off” (aka turn off cell phones) during the ceremony

    2. Programs — how to politely ask guests to refrain from snapping photos (or turning flash off)

    Any ideas/input would be wonderful! 🙂

  2. Hey! So we are having a DIY wedding! Im thrilled to say that So far it has been coming along nicely. However with it coming up in 3 months I HAVE to get my invitations done. The parking for my venue is actually in a different location and we will be Having a Trolley transport guests to the venue. And the reception is following, but it will be a late reception. Also because it everything will be taking place a little later, and were on a very tight budget, we will not be serving dinner. It will be drinks, and desserts.
    I know its alot to put on my invitations, but I feel like it needs to be understood not to come with an empty tummy…. HELP please!

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