Love these Dove Notes

May 11 2009

Martha Martha Martha… you are so clever! Here is a sweet DIY option for capturing well-wishes from your guests.  Firmly plant branches into something large and sturdy {shown: Manzanita branches in stones} and then wire the birds nests to the...
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Pretty, Budget-Friendly Centerpieces

Apr 22 2009

Pretty as a picture!  Especially striking… the cobalt blue bottle {Yowsa!}.  If you love an eclectic look and crave a variety of elements… here’s an idea for creating beautiful budget-friendly vases.  Use 3-4 colored glass bottles at each reception table...
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Signature Cookies to Sweeten Your Soiree

Feb 12 2009

Can sugar cookies be elegant?  I think so when they’re personalized with your wedding colors, monogram or other special design element, reminiscent of your wedding look. What a beautiful treat for your guests to take home or enjoy at the...
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Save Money On Your Wedding Cake

Apr 23 2008

You’re cake people~ pies and cupcakes are not options.  A beautiful wedding cake that wows guests and commands attention is all you’re asking for.  But, how do you have your cake and save money too…? Options my dears…In the same style as your wedding, you could...
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