Navy Blue Wedding Ideas + 5 Favorite Pairings

Nov 30 2015

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True Blue! Navy Wedding Ideas

Blue rises to the top as a popular wedding color and actually, is most people’s favorite color. Navy blue is a classic color–inspiring calm and confidence. Sleek and slimming, this chic shade looks especially handsome on the guys! Don’t worry ladies, it looks fabulous on you, too! If you’re going for classic elegance, navy blue is a smart and sophisticated choice. Need ideas for pairing navy blue?

Here are our top 5 favorite pairings with Navy Blue

  1. Navy & White: Classic, clean and crisp. This duo is always on trend–and modern!
  2. Navy & Coral: Preppy and fun–this combo balances elegance with energy and fun.
  3. Navy & Chartreuse Green: Fresh and natural–perfect for spring and summer.
  4. Navy & Metallics (silver, gold, bronze): from sophisticated to modern-industrial–lovely for the holidays to add a bit of shine and sparkle to your event.
  5. Navy & Cream Rose Pink: Soft and feminine, this sweet pink brings out blue’s gentler, girlier side.

Colors:  Navy | Silver | Dusty Blue (C65 M40 Y30 K8)

Navy Blue wedding ideas + 5 favorite pairings

Damask Dream Wedding Invitation Suite

The featured Save the Date Postcard in our inspiration board above belongs to our Damask Dream design suite. The classic damask pattern is a gorgeous look for an elegant blue wedding with timeless appeal. The colors, fonts and wording can be easily personalized to your classic wedding style and color scheme. Want a free sample? Get it personalized in this palette or, in your wedding colors?

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Classic Save the Date design with damask pattern, personalized in blue and white. Get a Free Sample--personalized in your wedding colors.

Photo Credits:
We thank the following for their permission to use their lovely images in today’s inspiration …

Jewelry & Groomsmen by Ben Yew {via The Wedding Scoop} | Chicago Skyline & Couple by Taylor Lord {via Style Me Pretty} | Cupcakes by The Party Cake {photographed by Simon Dallinger}

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9 Wedding Lessons We Can Learn From Black Friday

Nov 27 2015

9 Black Friday Wedding Planning Lessons

I’ll bet you didn’t know that wedding planning and Black Friday have a lot in common! Check out 9 Black Friday wedding planning lessons we can learn from one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

1. Get An Early Start!

Stores on Black Friday open uber-early, right?! Well, did you know that hosting your wedding earlier in the day is typically less expensive! Of course, 6am might be a little inconvenient for your guests but consider the fact that you can save a ton of cash by hosting brunch instead of dinner.

Early bird gets the worm! This time-honored idiom hasn’t stuck around for all these centuries for nothing! Motto of this story is to use a good wedding stationery and planning timeline to tackle your “to-do’s” in a timely manner.

Subscribe and save! Get those early bird discounts by subscribing to your fave wedding pros. If you haven’t already, you can subscribe to MagnetStreet’s e-newsletter and be sure to take advantage of our biggest deal of the year: 33% off all Wedding Stationery. Code: WONDERFUL33. 

Black Friday

2. Break In Those Shoes!

Many Black Friday shoppers are on their feet all day long–and so will you be–come wedding day. So, break in those wedding shoes at least one week ahead of your big day! Be comfortable in your shoes to dance the night away!

3. There’s An App For That!

Every savvy Black Friday shopper charts their shopping course with laser precision—and so should your wedding planning be charted! Here are 3 popular wedding apps that couples have fallen head over heels with:

  1. Dropbox– for sharing photos, folders & links {great for contracts, guest list, correspondence with vendors}
  2. Google Drive-Another great option for file sharing! There are lots of templates here.
  3. Wunderlist-an app for managing your many, many to-do’s

4. Ka-Ching, Ka-Ching!

Black Friday shoppers and wedding planning couples know that credit cards can run hot this time of year! If you’re going the credit route, cashback credit cards pay you every time you spend on them. It’s like FREE money–and who doesn’t love that! Here’s how it works: get a cashback card and then set up a direct debit to repay in full every month (to keep the interest at bay). Your wedding budget will thank you!

5. Don’t Take On More Than You Can Carry!

Picture that consumer—pushing her {or his} way to the cashier, sinking under a tower of packages to remember that it’s much easier to take no more than you can handle. The point here is to delegate some of those wedding to-do’s. Your family and besties would love to help you with DIY projects, planning tasks, addressing wedding envelopes, etc–you just need to ask.

6. Shop Til You Drop {In Your PJs}

This one is glorious! Shopping online is so convenient–and a great time saver! The best part–no need to get out of your PJ’sor off your couch.

7. Take a Décor Cue From Decked Out Stores

Just as stores are adorned with cute, gorgeous or whimsical holiday décor this time of year … if your wedding is during a holiday season, you can benefit from venues that are pre-decorated with lights, sparkle, flowers, and more. This will help keep your décor costs low!

8. Keep Your Receipts

You never know when you have to take something back. You may not open all the wedding items you buy right away {from linens to decor items to accessories and more} so keep those receipts organized and handy–just in case.

9.  Giving Back!

Just as Black Friday has a lot to do with getting the best deals for Christmas gifts, it’s also a great reminder to think of gifts for those helping you along your wedding planning journey: your parents, wedding party, attendants, etc.

Now, remember the bigger picture–for the approaching holidays and your wedding planning as well. Don’t stress–enjoy this season of life. It will all work out!

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Dreamlike Destination Wedding In Iceland

Nov 25 2015

Beautiful Iceland Wedding!

Maja and Patrick braved a small, private destination wedding in Iceland. And by braved, we mean the winds and rain were fierce! Not a problem for this lovely couple–it only added to the drama of the spectacular surroundings and ultimately, memories of their special day! Why Iceland? Maja said, “We fell in love with Iceland for its romantic melancholy scenery. We just love the unearthly, dramatic landscapes. And, being multi-racial, our families are spread out all over the globe, we decided to have the wedding ceremony private–with local receptions to follow–as a way to not exclude anyone.

Looking for a destination wedding or honeymoon ideas? Hello, Iceland! Fall in love with the pure, raw beauty of this incredible country. We are so excited to share Maja and Patrick’s magical Iceland wedding from M&J Studio with you. We love-love Maja’s vintage dress, look and feel and her great big smile is irresistible! Enjoy!

Destination wedding in Iceland (photos by M&J Studios)

Beautiful bride getting ready for their Iceland wedding (photos by M&J Studios)  Vintage fur on Bride for their Destination wedding in Iceland (photos by M&J Studios)

Gorgeous black and white photo of destination wedding in Iceland (photos by M&J Studios)

Couple under umbrella at their destination wedding & honeymoon in Iceland (photos by M&J Studios)

Beautiful waterfall in destination wedding in Iceland (photos by M&J Studios)

Bride and Groom wearing rain boots in destination wedding in Iceland (photos by M&J Studios)

Bride and Groom getting wet by waterfall in their Icelandic destination wedding (photos by M&J Studios)

Of the fierce winds and rain, Mait, of M&J Studio said, “We really fought with the weather, my lenses were constantly full of black sand and it was hard to move on the beach. But, it was so rewarding to see the most happy faces when we ended up on the iceberg fields called “ice lagoons” at the end of our first day.”

Destination wedding in Iceland (photo by M&J Studios)

Sunset in Destination wedding in Iceland (photos by M&J Studios)

Amazing silhouette of Bride and Groom destination wedding in Iceland (photos by M&J Studios)

Sunset beach photo of Bride and Groom--Iceland wedding (photos by M&J Studios)

Ice bergs on the water in destination wedding in Iceland (photos by M&J Studios)

Iceland Wedding

Destination wedding and honeymoon in Iceland (photos by M&J Studios)

Bride and Groom-Destination wedding in Iceland (photo by M&J Studios)

Bride and Groom and the beautiful landscape Iceland (photos by M&J Studios)

Bride laying on mossy landscape in destination wedding in Iceland (photos by M&J Studios)

Iceland destination wedding (photos by M&J Studios)

Shoreline pic of Bride and Groom in destination wedding in Iceland (photos by M&J Studios)

Stunning beach destination wedding in Iceland (photos by M&J Studios)

“Iceland turned out to be the perfect destination–so much more breathtaking in person! Every turn of the road brought us to new spectacular views. We were so enamoured we drove 800km around the southern part of Iceland over the following two wedding days–ever in search of new vistas (which Mait so beautifully captured!) and we already can’t wait to go back.” Maja  

Destination wedding + honeymood in Iceland (photos by M&J Studios)

Best wishes Maja and Patrick. We hope you get back to Iceland soon!
{It’s certainly on my bucket list!}


Photographer:  M&J Studios | via Two Bright Lights

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