Charity Wedding Favors

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This week and last, MagnetStreet employees took off early to head out to Feed My Starving Children {FMSC}- a Minnesota-based non-profit organization that, through the help of volunteers, packages food and ships it to starving children all around the world! If you’ve volunteered with FMSC before, then you know how incredibly humbling and gratifying this experience is.

I tell you this- not because of how awesome I think MagnetStreet is for caring {although I totally do} I tell you this because FMSC also has a fantastic marketplace. So, for couples looking for charitable wedding favor donation ideas or gift ideas that are eco-friendly, sustainable and help fulfill desperate global needs- you don’t have to look any further!  From coffee and clothing, to home décor and jewelry … check out the marketplace at FMSC.

Here are two handmade ideas that I saw in the marketplace and fell in love with:

Hand-embroidered note cards- made by women in Haiti. These cards are so beautiful and reasonably priced!

charity wedding favor

Jewelry made from recycled magazines Ugandan women cut recycled magazines into strips and roll them into beads. So colorful, fun, durable and unique!

charitable wedding favor

Don’t let the hairnets scare you! Check out FMSC to learn more about everything from donating to volunteering to partnerships and more.

What do you think about these charitable wedding favor ideas?


Postcard Postage

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Did you know that there is a different rate for mailing 3.5×5 postcards? Did you know that it’s cheaper than the rate for mailing 1 oz. envelopes? Now … did you know that MagnetStreet Weddings offers 3.5×5 RSVP Postcards to coordinate with every wedding invitation suite? Now that’s sweet!

As of 5/24/11, postage for a 3.5×5 postcard is at a rate of .29/stamp. Mailing a 1oz. envelope is .44/stamp

Let’s do the math … 150 guests x .29/postcard = $43.50 while 150 guests x .44/with standard 1oz. envelope = $66.00.  I’d say that is significant savings, wouldn’t you? Cheaper for you. Better for the environment to boot!

Makes cents to me.

wedding postcard postage

You can have fun with and get your postage personalized or choose from these fine options from your good ole’ United States Post Office. The postcard herb stamps in the middle are pretty for spring and summer weddings!

rsvp card invf-11989

Classic Love RSVP postcard is pictured above or see all the RSVP postcards in the gallery.

Got some more calculating to do? Here is a USPS postage calculator to help you figure out your costs.

Happy Savings!

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Eco Friendly Wedding

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Sustainable. Recyclable. Organic. Simplicity. Green. Ethical. In honor of Earth Day this Friday, here are some doable ideas to having a more earth friendly wedding! Remember, small changes can have a HUGE impact!

Your Dress: Borrow. Rent. Reuse. -Wear an heirloom gown {and update the look}. -Buy a gown that is made from natural and washable fabric. {See below for resources.}

Your Ring: {egads, I haven’t been the same since I saw Blood Diamond} -Make sure you know your diamonds are ethical! Read This interview to ensure you don’t buy a conflict diamond. -Many brides are also choosing semi-precious stones rather than diamonds. -On a non-sparkly note, my friend and her husband tattooed wedding rings on their fingers.

Ceremony & Reception: -Stay close to home and use local vendors. -If possible, keep the ceremony and reception on the same property. -Minimize electricity by choosing a venue with lots of natural light.

Food & Drink: Stay local. Stay seasonal. -Choose a caterer who is experienced and knowledgeable in preparing organic meals. -Use recyclable napkins. -Put out pitchers of water rather than bottles. -Have recycling containers on site. -Ask the caterer to use a compost container for veggie scraps, coffee grounds etc. {Local gardeners would be happy to pick it up.}

Decor: -Nature provides great props so use as much of the natural surroundings as possible. -Use the decor of your venues.  -Light soy candles {burns cleaner} for ambiance. -DIY.

Flowers: -Stay local and stay in season. -Grow your own. -Buy in bulk and DIY bouquets and boutonnieres. -Upcycle or recycle the ceremony and reception flowers to a local nursing home or shelter. Flower alternatives: opt for fabric flowers, button bouquets, feathers, or heirloom brooches… -Get creative with your centerpieces: books, games, plants, herbs, fruit.

Invitations: Choose environmentally friendly paper. By the way, MagnetStreet Weddings Letterpress invitations are printed on 100% cotton paper and our linen paper wedding invitation suites are FSC Certified {Forest Stewardship Council}!

Favors: Pick your fave charity and donate in lieu of wedding favors. Give “plantable” favors like seed packets.

What ideas do you have? Let’s grow these lists.

eco wedding inspiration

4 earth-friendly sites worthy of your attention:

Recycled Bride- a free marketplace where members recycle everything from designer gowns to table decor, etc.

Something Green – a green guide for the modern hostess

Dream Green Wedding Blog- inspiring ideas to make your dream green wedding come true!

Green is Sexy- about the tiny changes, that make a BIG impact

Bride$hare- a social networking site  to help brides share wedding-related resources and goods.

Featured in the above board: Letterpress wedding invitation Royal Elements


Edible Centerpiece Ideas

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I’m such a fan of container gardening and these fun and clever containers naturally drew me in. Edible centerpieces are simple and budget-conscious ideas! Fun and interactive… these DIY container gardens would be perfect for a country wedding or for the eco-conscious couple!

In addition to the lettuce, you could also have herbs {tea and culinary} growing and let guests spice up their own plate or even brew a spot of tea!

Source: Better Homes and Gardens simple salad garden containers

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