What Does a Modern Wedding Invitation Look Like?

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Don’t you just love the freedom found in the look and feel of modern wedding invitations? We sure do. Personality and playfulness is allowed to shine through when there isn’t a set of stringent rules in wording or color to follow. I’ve received 3 wedding invitations recently {yes, MagnetStreet designs :) }. All three are unique–from color and design, to enclosures, fonts and wording–each suite is a sweet reflection of the couple. It was fun to see their personalities translated in their wedding invitations!

Put a modern spin on traditional wording

Be encouraged to give traditional wording an updated look on your wedding invitations! Fun opening wording or an unexpected text placement adds personality that encourages guests to pore over every detail. Through color, design, and unique wording, you’ll be able to share your flare in the style and spirit of your wedding.

Every invitation needs these 5 elements:

  • invitee or host{s}
  • who’s getting married
  • time
  • date
  • location

Modern Tea-length Wedding Invitation and Holder from MagnetStreet

Love Airways Tea-length Wedding Invitation + Invitation Holder


Tips for traditional wedding invitation wording

  • Use third-person wording
  • Be consistent with spelling:  honour | favour vs. honor | favor
  • Use Roman numerals in names (instead of second or 2nd): John Merril II
  • Avoid abbreviations

Spell out days, dates, times, addresses and titles:

  • Saturday, the twenty-third of July
  • Two thousand fifteen
  • at two o’clock in the afternoon
  • Doctor David Johnson
  • street, boulevard, avenue

How are you putting a modern spin on your wedding invitations?

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Having an Adult-Only Wedding?

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Adult-only wedding wording

If you’re having an adult-only wedding, chances are high that you’re also having difficulty wording your wedding invitation. It’s a sticky situation–bound to offend some parents for sure.

When our writer Rachel was getting married, she went through this too and found it helpful to reason out the scenarios for her mostly adults-only wedding.

In her post, she talks about how to be courteous, clear and flexible with the wording. She gives wording examples, her own RSVP wording, and even wording for how to approach a guest that “pencils in” their children.

Kids are wonderful! But, they’re not always appropriate as wedding guests. Don’t feel guilty … wordsmith your way out of this sticky wording situation.

Check out the blog post for wording helps: 

* adults-only weddings
* mostly-adults only weddings
* RSVP wording
* wording to help when guests still RSVP their children



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6 Wedding Invitation Planning Pitfalls to Avoid

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Planning your wedding invitation suite should be a breeze, right? Well, it can be as stress free as possible–if you avoid the major planning mistakes that have the potential of putting you behind schedule and off-budget. Simply put, wedding invitation planning takes time and consideration!

Below are 6 common pitfalls to avoid while planning your wedding stationery. But alas, even if you’ve fallen into one pit or another, here are few ladders to help you climb out!

Pocket Wedding Invitation Suite from MagnetStreet + 6 planning pitfalls to avoid.

6 Wedding Invitation Planning Pitfalls {& how to avoid them!}

#1. Not taking advantage of giveaways & discounts!

If you’re not getting the best wedding deals, it might be because you’re not aware of them. If your wedding pros offer discounts through their e-newsletter, be sure to subscribe so you can enter those terrific giveaways and take advantage of timely sales. Sign up, enter and save!

Have you subscribed to MagnetStreet’s e-newsletter yet or Liked us on Facebook? Most recently:


#2. Failing to get organized ASAP!

Staying organized is huge! It’s so easy to get lost in a sea of to-do’s and end up feeling overwhelmed at the end of a day. It has been said that if you’re organized, you’ll be able to actually enjoy the wedding planning process. Get organized–from wherever you’re at in the planning process … to the moment you say, “I Do.”

Download our free wedding planning checklist.


#3. Not ordering samples before you buy!

Getting samples {preferably free!} is a huge part of of feeling confident in your wedding purchases. From color to quality to customer care–you want to feel confident with the company you are purchasing from. So, visit those venues, samples those sweets and investigate those invitations!

#4. Not having your invite suite weighed at the Post Office! 

Did you know that the Post Office charges more for a square shape? Another reason to take your samples {that you’ve requested} to the post office for an accurate postage rate. Bring all of your pieces in–including your envelope–to get a handle on your postage costs for each invite you send. No surprises please!

More budget-saving info:
7 ideas for saving $ on your Save the Dates


#5. Not paying attention to certain etiquette!

Etiquette does matter! And while the reigns have loosened quite a bit, there are elements you want to get right: adults only invite wording, wedding gift etiquette, military and professional titles to name a few … Paying attention to the details will help your guests feel cared for and appreciated.

Visit our etiquette resources and look over and pull out that which pertains to your unique situation.

#6. Not proofing your invitation & suite items!

You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to overlook a misspelled name {even yours!}, an incorrect web address, a date that doesn’t match up … It happens. All the time. Those easy misspells and pesky grammar rules are easily overlooked but by taking your time and paying attention, you’ll avoid those awful proofing omissions. Our advice: check. Check. RECHECK!

This post contains a helpful Proofreading Checklist for Wedding Invitations.

*And after you’ve checked, checked and rechecked–that’s the time to get 1-2 more detail-oriented family and friends to help you proof it again!


Where are you at in your wedding stationery planning?

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Proofreading Checklist for Wedding Invitations

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Congratulations! You’re almost there … finish strong by full-proofing your wedding invitation. Below are 6 crucial proofing areas to help you set the tone–error free. Since no one knows the details of your big day like you do, be sure to embrace the idea of proofing your suite items with care and consideration!

proofreading wedding invitations checklist

Proofreading Your Wedding Invitations & Suite Items

6 Crucial Areas


1. First, get a printed proof!
It’s so much easier to proof a printed piece than one on your monitor. And, holding your invitation and suite items in hand will help you to be confident in your colors, design, and paper choice.

Did you know: MagnetStreet offers the ability to get Just One® of your invitation and suite items–fully personalized and printed.


2. Proof punctuation & grammar  
Double check:

  • all spellings–including your names!
  • ceremony & reception
  • street addresses
  • city & state
  • web addresses
  • dates & times
  • singular vs. plural {correct: a block of rooms has been reserved {singular}}

Most common mistakes we see: misspells & misuse of punctuation, not adding a space after a comma i.e. July 12,2014, adding extra spaces, wedding day and date aren’t the same, wrong-facing quotation marks on wedding programs {See invitation wording examples}


3. Proof for consistency!

  • color consistency between suite items
  • type size consistency
  • font types & size consistencies
  • wording consistencies i.e. honour/honor and favour/favor

 Most common mistakes we seecolor inconsistency between backgrounds {esp. white and/or ivory},  font and wording inconsistencies {See wedding program wording ideas}


4. Proof for Readability!

  • Is your text easily read?
  • Is your type size big enough? Too big?
  • script fonts in all caps are difficult to read

Most common mistakes we seelight text on light background, dark text on dark background, script fonts in all caps


5. Proof Photo Quality!

  • use only hi-quality/hi-res photos!
  • check for blurriness
  • Does your photo fit the frame?

Most common mistakes we see: pixelated/poor quality photos, photos not properly fitting the allotted frame/space {Read about: using digital images for print}


6. Proof styling & graphic elements!

  • text and design elements are properly aligned
  • centering
  • proper spacing between lines/words
  • proper line breaks
  • type is too close to designs elements or the edge
  • opening or ending word{s}/lines of text that appear by themselves because they got separated from their paragraphs

Most common mistakes we see: improper centering and spacing between lines


Check. Check. Recheck! One of the best proofing tips we have–is to enlist the help of trusted family and friends to assist you with proofing your wedding invitation and suite items!

What would you add to this proofing checklist?

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