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Simple & Modern. 

We adore simple weddings! While uncomplicated, a simple wedding can still be elegant and sophisticated too. From attire and decor to wedding stationery, one way to command attention with a simple wedding style is through a striking but understated look.

Meet Megan–one of our graphic designers at MagnetStreet. Megan is also the curator of this inspiration board as well as the designer behind Graphic Bloom–a personalized design suite that embodies the simple and sophisticated wedding look we’re talking about. Here’s Megan to tell us about her inspiration behind the design: Graphic Bloom. 

MagnetStreet graphic designer

“The large illustrative flower and pattern trend was the basis for my inspiration with this design. I wanted it to be graphic, playful, sophisticated and modern. By placing the polka dot pattern inside the flower, something unexpected resulted and it was perfect. I also don’t think I could have found a better fitting font {Pendulum Regular} to work with the art. It just fits so well.

Rounding out the inspiration for this design, I imagined this simple wedding to include ruffles, a punch of color and large-exaggerated yet simple details.”


Tell us: what do you think about simple weddings with playful and elegant details?

simple wedding invitation


Image Sources:

Dress, Table Setting, Kissing Couple image by He & She Photography via Style Me Pretty, Bride image by Joey and Jessica via Southern Weddings Magazine v4

Browse all the designs within the Graphic Bloom Stationery Suite. Featured Above: Rectangle Invitation, Guest Info & RSVP Cards.



Wizard of Oz Wedding Inspiration

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Lions and tigers and weddings, oh my!

Wizard of Oz Wedding Inspiration

Bicycle Built For Two {Rectangle Invitation, center}

Today, movie theaters all across the country are debuting Oz The Great and Powerful—the new fantasy adventure film that tells the story of how the wonderful wizard (of Oz) came to power.

The vivid colors, the stunning landscape, the beloved cast of characters…there’s just something about the Land of Oz that seems to transcend generations and touch us all. It’s a magical place bathed in beauty and adventure.

Luckily, you don’t have to venture to the Emerald City to have an Oz-inspired wedding. Whether you’re getting married in Kansas, Kentucky, or even the coast, you can transport your wedding to Oz using colors, patterns, and decor. Below are three easy and fun ways to weave some “Wizard of Oz” into your wedding!


#1: Gingham Style

Gingham Wedding Inspiration

Gorgeous Gingham {Heart Program Fan}, Western Charm {Pocket Invitation}

Almost as iconic as Dorothy’s sequined ruby red slippers is the blue gingham dress she dons throughout the film. Although it’s been over 70 years since The Wizard of Oz made its debut, gingham is gaining popularity again—especially in the wedding world. From bow ties and baskets to invites and programs, this classic checkered pattern can add a pop of  ”Oz” to just about any wedding detail. Have fun with it!


#2: Pretty Poppies

Poppy Wedding Inspiration

Watercolor Poppies {Rectangle Invitation, center}, Poppy Dots {Rectangle Invitation, left}

It’s hard to resist the powerful allure of poppies—even Dorothy herself nearly succumbs to their sleep-inducing scent when she passes by a stunning field of scarlet poppies. Planting a few poppy details throughout your wedding decor can be a fun way to accent your Oz-themed wedding. A bouquet of red poppies is an obvious (and beautiful) choice, but you can also sprinkle them on your wedding stationery, cake, or even your hair! For more poppy inspiration, check out our blog post about Poppy Red.


#3: Striped Perfection

Stripes Wedding Inspiration

Sassy Stripes {Save the Date, center},  Seamless Charm {Invitation, right}

From the rainbow-hued lollipops of Munchkin Land, to the black-and-white socks of the wicked witch, stripes appear in a kaleidoscope of colors throughout the story of Oz.

When it comes to wedding decor, you can really have fun with stripes:

  • striped ties and socks for the groomsmen
  • a basket of lollipops for favors, or for the flower girl to carry down the aisle
  • striped stationery (like the ones above!)

The strength of stripes lies in its color versatility: from rainbow hues to elegant neutrals, the palette you choose for this pattern can help strike the right tone for your wedding.


Bonus Round:

And if that wasn’t enough, how about some Emerald City inspiration? For color ideas, browse green wedding invitations, or check out our blog post about Pantone’s Color of the Year, which just so happens to be…Emerald!


Do you have any other Wizard of Oz wedding ideas or inspiration? Feel free to share!


Happy Friday,

Rachel for MagnetStreet Weddings

Rachel for MagnetStreet Weddings


Winter Wedding Inspiration

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Happy New Year!

Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better {person}. – Benjamin Franklin

winter wedding ideas

Browse this gorgeous winter inspiration board, along with many others, can be found within the rest of our wedding inspiration boards.

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Garden Wedding Ideas + Tips

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From backyard to botanical, do you love the idea of a garden wedding? I tend to think of garden weddings as small and intimate events–with the bride and groom’s closest family and best-est friends in attendance. Although no less elegant, garden weddings tend to be less formal–perhaps being at the mercy of the elements makes them a tad unpredictable. That said, if you’re planning a garden wedding, it’s a good idea to consider some of the things that could happen with an outdoor event. Find below, 10 not-so-average tips for having a hugely successful garden wedding that take the “just in case” into consideration.

Are you having a garden wedding? Have you been? Please share in the comments!

Garden Wedding Inspiration Board--MagnetStreet Weddings


10 tips & considerations
for having the sweetest & most-perfect garden wedding ever!

1. See that you have a Plan B
It’s the nature of any outdoor event to have a Plan B for undesirable weather. From wind to dust and rain, make sure there is some kind of shelter nearby that guests can find respite from the elements. Whether your Plan B includes a durable tent or going inside a nearby structure or home, make sure you have a Plan B in place.

2. Plan for Guests with Special Needs.
Do the best you can to accommodate your guests with special needs–from dietary to physical. You may have to construct walkways and ramps and talk with your caterer about special foods.

3. Bathroom Breaks & Accessibility
This tip seems like a given, but what a marvelous courtesy it is when bathrooms are accessible for everyone. Even if there aren’t guests with special needs, consider the accessibility and distance it will mean for your elderly guests as well as young children/parents.

4. Aisle & Grounds Safety
Take a walk down your ceremony aisle to check for uneven or too moist of ground. No tripping or stilettos stuck in the ground! Do you need to DIY a temporary aisle? It might even be fun to put out a basket full of flip-flops for your guests to don too.

5. Prepare for Pets
Will there be pets in bow-ties in attendance? Designate someone to mind, feed, walk and water your furry friends.

6. Bugs & Bees
Since every garden has them, it would be prudent to plan for them. Talk to a professional about organic pest control options but keep an icepack or two around for bee stings.

7. Hairstyles & Hair Pins
Prepare for those breezes that turn into wind. Does planning mean extra pins and spray or should you rethink your updo?

8. Sun Protection
Not only sweet, but one tremendously thoughtful touch is to have plenty of sun protection {with a variety of SPF} on hand for your guests to put on.

9. Shelter from the Sun
This tip piggy backs on #8 to give guests absolute shelter from the sun. A simple tent and chairs under a shade tree would suffice.

10. Layers of Light for the Night
Keep your guests safe and in a festive mood with different lighting systems that keep walkways lit, focal points highlighted and  ambient lighting for maintaining a romantic atmosphere.

Do you have a tip to share?

Find this Garden Wedding Inspiration Board and lots more wedding inspiration boards at MagnetStreet Weddings.

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