Marriage Proposal Planners: The Heart Bandits

Mar 1 2012

There are usually two questions we ask after we find out a friend has gotten engaged. One is, “so, when’s the big day?” and the other is, “so how did he propose?” We simply want to know the date, and...
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What About a Wedding Bolero?

Nov 3 2011

Strapless continue to reign as the preferred wedding dress but what are the options for brides who want to have a little more reserve at the ceremony or even keep the chill at bay as we head into the cooler...
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Fun FAQ’s about MagnetStreet Weddings!

Oct 28 2011

Hello! Are you new here? Welcome. We’ve just recently re-designed our website {catch up here if you’d like} and it seems the perfect time and opportunity to offer you a flavoring of just who MagnetStreet Weddings is … in a...
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Q&A with Gina … Customer Care

Oct 14 2011

Hello & Happy Friday! Welcome to Meet the Team. Because we’re an online company, we don’t usually get face time with our customers. And we’re very friendly people so we’re thinking it would be fun to introduce you all to someone...
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