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Hey everyone—meet Kathryn, our Summer Intern here at MagnetStreet! All summer long, Kathryn has been with us, garnering experience as a Web Writer. Especially entrenched in weddings, we’ve kept Kathryn very busy writing product descriptions {like this one} for all of our stationery products—from Save the Dates, to Invitations, to Birth Announcements and more!  A creative and prolific writer, Kathryn has grown to be a wonderful addition to our team and we have grown very fond of her sweet personality, sharp sense of humor, diligent work ethic and mad writing skills!

Here’s Kathryn in a fun Q&A to tell you a bit about herself and what’s it like to work at MagnetStreet …

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intern at MagnetStreet Weddings

About Kathryn a sophomore at Minnesota State University, Mankato- majoring in Mass Communications and minoring in French

What is your computer screen-saver? My screen-saver is bright blurry overlapping circles (lime green, orange and yellow)

What’s laying on your desk right now? a water bottle, coffee mug, journal, iPod, a vase of flowers, and a US weekly magazine (for when I need a little break)

Hobbies? I love playing volleyball with friends, cleaning and organizing, and shopping. In my free time I like to read (currently reading Sarah’s Key), hang out with friends, do random crafts, and watch Bones! (I just bought seasons 1 & 2 on DVD)

Are you a morning person or a night owl? My college schedule transformed me into a morning person. Ironic, huh? (Coffee helped)

Lipstick or lip balm person? Lip balm. I think my lips are addicted to Chapstick!

After looking at so many weddings, what is your favorite color scheme? I love coral and sparkly gold together. Not commonly seen, but I think it’s dazzling.

Favorite wedding flower? After looking through countless “Real Weddings” and seeing hundreds of flower choices, I reached the conclusion of Peonies!

If you were to get married today, what would your dress, hair, shoes and veil look like? There’s so many options! I would look for a dress with a sweetheart neckline or a one shoulder design. (No ruffles please!)  Hair would probably be in an up-do (I’ve heard brides say wearing it down gets hot!).   My shoes would have to have sparkles! Gold flats or even blue (as my “something blue”).  And I would want my veil as simple as possible.

What do you see as your wedding style? Classic but with unique details.

Did you dream of getting married as a little girl? What was the perfect age to get married? I remember whenever I would watch a Disney movie my mom would say, “Remember: this was after the princess went to university and got a job!”  I think the perfect age to get married is between 26-30. It gives you time to find out who you are, what makes you happy, and what your life goals are.

Favorite romance movie of all time? Love Actually! The way all of the characters’ stories connect is wonderful- and it takes place at Christmas time! (My favorite time of year).

In one sentence, how would you describe being in love to a 6 year old? It’s like seeing the world through a pair of goggles that makes everything happy and beautiful, even when you’re in the dark.

Which celebrity wedding has been your favorite? Khloe Kardashian’s. I watched everything come together on their “Wedding Special” show AND she’s friends with Vera Wang?!

What is one item you absolutely know that you want at your wedding? Donuts!

What do others say is your best personality feature? My sense of humor

Who has been the greatest influence in your life so far? As much as I would like to deny it, every day I notice how much I am like my mother! But I’m glad she has raised me to be so much like her. Intelligent, diligent, always on time. I hope I can figure out how she did it when I become a mom someday.

Is there a special quote or poem that means a lot to you? “Love all, trust few, do wrong to no one.” Short and simple! It’s a perfect summary of how to live life and be happy.

What is your dream job? Working for a magazine in a big city, writing about anything- as long as it’s not politics… zzz…

What did you have for lunch today? I had an Amy’s Organic Bean and Cheese Burrito! With a ton of blueberries on the side.

If you could trade places with anyone in the world for one month- who would it be? Princess Catherine Middleton. Travelling the world with Prince William, royal events, her wardrobe… How could you resist?

About Interning at MagnetStreet  …

How do you feel about weddings, now that you’ve been ensconced in them? I have become addicted to weddings! I love going through blogs and looking at real weddings, planning mine and my friends’ weddings in my head. Thinking about every little detail that has to come together for that perfect day; it’s overwhelming!

What has been your most valuable work experience since interning here? Being able to experience writing in a whole new way and collaborating to make sure the descriptions are perfect.

Do you dream weddings since writing for our wedding department all summer? YES! One night I had a dream I was planning the Royal Wedding.

Who was the 1st, 2nd, 3rd persons you met at MagnetStreet? The first person I met at MagnetStreet was Pam Court. Second (during my interview) was Heidi! And the third I think was Karna.

What behind the scenes goings-on have you most enjoyed at MagnetStreet? I got to help out at a product photo shoot for a couple of days. It was amazing to see how much work goes into each shot. (A lot!)

How would you describe the atmosphere here at MagnetStreet? It is very friendly and easy-going.

Were you nervous about becoming an intern? Yes! I was nervous about what I would be doing, working full time, and how I would get the hang of everything.

Which Save the Date design best resembles your personality? A design with photos: Flower Enchantment. Without photos: Wedding Words and Phrases

Which Wedding Invitation Suite best resembles your style at the moment? Romantic Skyline- Tri-fold invite type

What has been your greatest takeaway at MagnetStreet- professional or otherwise? Improving my writing skills and having this experience in general. I have learned a lot this summer!

Favorite aspect to your intern position? Being able to get a feel of office life and how businesses really work.

Did anything take you by surprise working here? I liked that for MagnetStreet’s 20th Anniversary summer, we’ve been having fun food days and surprise days!

What will you miss the most when you go back to school? Seeing all of the people I’ve met every day and going on walks during lunch break. And of course, my cubicle.

FUN! Thanks Kathryn … I know I can speak for everyone when I say, we will miss you when you go back to school! You’ve been a pleasure and such a sweet and valuable addition to our creative team here at MagnetStreet! BUT, we still have you for another 3 weeks … and there’s more fun to be had! xo


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Interview with Amanda Nistor: Ruffled Blog

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Q & A with Amanda Nistor, Ruffled Blog …

Ruffled was one of the first wedding blogs I fell in love with when we first started our Truly Engaging blog. I adored the vintage inspiration and the way brides were celebrating other eras with modern flavor and romantic style. I adore it to this day. That is why I’m excited to bring you Amanda Nistor, curator of Ruffled—one of the most popular wedding blogs today. Even beyond vintage inspiration, Ruffled is a site where creativity and sophistication convene in the most delightful ways.

Enjoy … as Amanda shares ideas for the vintage-inclined as well as fashion advice for grooms, plus a few details from her her own vintage wedding and more!

Ruffled was born out of a need to plan for your 1930’s inspired wedding. How did your previous experience of online marketing at a fashion magazine help with that?
It broadened my perspective on what a blog is, and everything that it can be. Working at a large fashion magazine also was a reality check on how much work is involved behind any website…

Sometimes vintage and retro are used interchangeably. Can you tell us what the difference is?
Vintage is defined by any item that is older than 20 years, but the inspiration is subjective. Retro is often used for kitschy designs, and are typically used for new items with a nod to older elements.

As a 1930’s vintage bride, what was your wedding style like? Where did you draw inspiration from?
Our wedding venue was so ornate, we took inspiration from its architecture and bold Art Deco designs. The space was so gorgeous, we didn’t need to decorate much!

If a bride feels that a vintage wedding is for her, where is the first place she should start?
You can draw vintage wedding inspiration from so many places, I especially love getting inspiration from unexpected places that aren’t wedding-related, such as architecture elements, antique furniture and jewelry and of course, old movies and magazines.

Does a guy have to be intrinsically fashionable to pull off a vintage aesthetic?
I love a tailored three piece suit, or even just a vest and dress pants . Also, a slim fit double breasted suit is a nice nod to a chic 1940s-1950s inspired wedding.

Can a vintage wedding ever be overdone?
You can’t wrong when the couple’s personality translates into their wedding, whether it’s vintage or not!

Can you give us 5-10 vintage style, design, photo or decor ideas?
Vintage pharmacy/apothecary bottles as small vases, vintage cheese crates as centerpiece containers, vintage chandelier crystal beads as escort card hang tags, vintage books as ring holders, vintage Depression glass as candle containers, calligraphy on tea stained paper for menus and place cards, white on white decor or flower arrangements, anything with a rich fabric texture such as velvet or brocade.

What is the best means to giving a modern twist to vintage inspired wedding invitations?
I love when couples take inspiration from other ephemera such as vintage signs and incorporate a few elements from it on their wedding stationery. You can also never go wrong with mixing and matching vintage designs with modern colors.

What do you love most about Ruffled and being the purveyor of all things pretty and vintage?
My favorite part about Ruffled is reading the couples’ stories and getting to look at so many amazing photos everyday. I also love the eco-friendliness of vintage, and its nod to the couples’ family history.

Fun facts about Amanda

-Do you really drink coffee all day? Just one very large cup
-What do you like to do in your spare time? Thrifting
-Favorite flower? Ranunculus
-Favorite junk food? Cinnamon Rolls from Cinnabon…yum!
-Favorite book of all time? Blink
-Morning or evening person? Morning
-Introvert or extrovert? Introvert

Thanks Amanda- for inspiring us and for the treasure trove that is Ruffled … full of real weddings, design and decor ideas and perfect for couples wanting to incorporate flavor and elegance into their wedding.


Wedding Planning Advice: Real Brides

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I think the best advice … comes from real brides. Brides who have planned, got married and then had time to reflect about their day. Read through the advice of the following 13 brides I interviewed…

Along with their experiences, there is a common thread of wisdom that runs through each. See if you can pick it out…

from Brynnen on their Bahaman destination wedding

My best advice for destination wedding brides (if you are slightly type A like me), is to send your wedding coordinator pictures of what you want.  I sent our coordinator pictures of the cake, the flowers, the decor and that was really helpful for her to see our vision.  Since we were not able to be there to see things in person and it may be hard for a coordinator to anticipate a bride’s vision–the more detail you give the planner, the better.  My other suggestion (if it is in your budget) is to ensure you have a photographer you trust. We were able to have our good friends and phenomenal photographers Melissa & Adam Burkholder {MDesignandphotography.com} photograph the wedding. Melissa has an amazing eye and was able to capture so many wonderful moments.

from Stephanie on their pretty lilac and silver color scheme

best wedding day advice received If something goes wrong on your wedding day don’t stress out. Let it be. It will either make for a unique aspect to your wedding or probably only be noticed by yourself.
advice she wished she would have taken Hire someone to make or put together your favors.
Stephanie’s wedding day advice… Let someone handle the details come the wedding day. You don’t want someone asking you 10 times “Do you want the candles on the tables or where to put your favors?” Someone should take over the plans for the day just so you can enjoy the day.

from Boram on their Portland wedding featuring a Korean gift ceremony

Advice she wished she would have taken Don’t forget to eat! We got to eat a little bit, but not enough. Make sure you get to taste the wine and beer you picked out, the entree, and of course, your wedding cake! And, make sure your bridal party eats, too. The majority of my bridal party didn’t get to try the wedding cake.
best wedding planning advice: “Just have fun! It’s going to go by fast, so savor every moment of your wedding day”

from Nalie on their spring peacock-themed wedding

Planning advice: Delegate! Don’t try to do everything yourself. Also, get a really great and dependable personal attendant. Mine was invaluable in helping with everything (and everyone) and keeping me looking good for all the flashing cameras!

from Anna on their Minnesota wedding with horse stable photos

wedding planning advice
“I got engaged in April and married in September. You CAN planning a wedding in under 5 months. No problem!”

  • Use “The Knot” to help you stay on track of what needs to be done when. This was my life saver.
  • Write everything down in 1 notebook and keep it with you 24/7
  • Just pick one! Stressing over a bunch of wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses or food is not worth it. Look at a few and make your choice.
  • If there are small details you REALLY want, make it happen. You get one day, just make sure to plan ahead.
  • Put together an itinerary for your wedding party, photographers, florist, videographer, reception site, host couples, everyone/anyone that has a specific assignment. This way they are aware of their expectations for the big day.

from Julie on their Greek Orthodox wedding

Savvy planning advice
Spread your time out as best you can the week of your wedding. We did our rehearsal dinner on Friday and Wedding on Sunday. It was great to have that one day to try to relax and spend time with out of town guests.

from Crystal on their traditional wedding with black, white & red accents

Advice she’s glad she took I was so overwhelmed towards the last few weeks before the wedding. Several people told me to take in every moment of our wedding day, to soak it in and embrace it. And I am so happy I did! If I had worried about other unimportant factors, I would have missed the little things that made my wedding day so specia
Advice she wished she took I really tried to listen to all of the advice I received. I had several aunts and friends who shared their knowledge on love and marriage. The wedding was truly my vision as well as the ceremony. I tried to incorporate some of my Catholic faith in the ceremony and some of my husband’s Baptist traditions as well. I believe the wedding was about us and that was important.
Advice she’d like to give Each and every couple is different as each and every wedding is unique. Make your wedding about you and your spouse!

from Aarti on their traditional Hindu wedding

Best wedding day advice Don’t stress — When I was deep in planning, super stressed about the littlest thing gone wrong and a serious control freak, I tried to always remember what a fantastic support system I have — my husband and wedding planner were both great in the whole planning process! And, all my friends and family lent a heavy hand.
Advice she wished she would have taken Enjoy every minute. This kind of goes back to the stress part I suppose, but there were many times when I was so focused on the little details of the party. But in the last month, the excitement really started to set in, and I didn’t want to stress – Then I would take a step back and revel in the fact that I was getting married! And I just wanted to spend the time with friends and family that flew in, and attended our special day.

from Tanya on their outdoor wedding in Canada

The best wedding day advice they received was to relax~ only the bride and groom notice when a detail is forgotten or misplaced…. It was so true….we were the only ones to notice.”

from LeAnn on their September wedding

Advice she’s glad she took – Take moments to just stop what I am doing … to look around and to adsorb everything. The day goes by so quickly and this advice helped me enjoy every point of the day~ from waking up at 6:30am to getting ready…  to leaving the reception at the end of the night … to starting our honeymoon!
Advice she wished she took – Eat early in the day as soon as you get up because if you don’t, things get busy and you forget to eat!!
Advice you’d like to give – The same advice I took.  Take time to breath and adsorb the moments of the day!!  This helps you relax and not regret wishing you had “more time”.
Best part of the whole wedding day - Exchanging vows and taking communion together.  We wrote our own vows, and those moments reminded why we made the decision to unite in marriage in front of our friends and family and before God.

from Cyndy on their outdoor California wedding

Advice she’s glad she took To not sweat the details because on the whole, the day was amazing and I married my best friend!
Advice she wished she took To have a videographer – no matter how much I tried to stop and look around, it still went by too fast and there are some moments that are just a blur!
wedding planning advice To stop and look around as much as possible. To really take in the feeling of the day, because the details will fade, but that feeling will linger on!

from Angela on their Minnesota tropical wedding in November

Advice she’s glad she took: Don’t sweat the small stuff! Your guests won’t know the things that didn’t get done or notice that your table runners aren’t all identical or if your votive holders are different sizes or if your singer isn’t at rehearsal and you have to wing it for the ceremony! The day after your wedding most of the guests won’t remember your centerpieces that you worked so hard on, but plan a fun, love-filled day and your guests will remember your wedding forever!
Advice she wished she took Don’t try to please everyone. I am a people-pleaser so this was very hard for me! Even at my reception I wanted to make sure everyone was enjoying themselves. I wish I could have let that go a little and realized that people will make their own fun. There was music and drinks so people were going to have fun without me worrying about it!

From Kristen about their vineyard wedding

Best wedding day advice: RELAX! If you don’t relax, you don’t enjoy your day, and I definitely followed that and had the best day. The other one is to get a wedding planner. They are God’s gift to brides.
Advice she wished she took: I wish I had taken a list of poses I wanted. There were some key shots that were missed, but it was due to the hustle and bustle.

What wisdom did you take away from these brides?


Dreams of Getting Married

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Did you dream about your wedding day when you were a teenager … you know, THE day … who would be there …  how beautiful you’d look … and for sure, how handsome your groom {or bride} would be?!?

Meet Amber {15}, Emily {16} and Anna {15}~ 3 fun, smart, and beautiful teenagers that I’m lucky enough to have in my world. I thought it would be fun to ask these sweet young ladies their thoughts on this very topic. Here’s what they had to say.

Do you think about your wedding day?
Amber: Yes. I’ve created a “wedding book” with pictures of my dress, the set up of the tables and even the invitations? {Me: are they from MagnetStreet? lol}
Emily and Anna: Oh yes.

What 3-4 qualities are important in a husband?
Amber: Good personality. Good looking. Funny.
Emily: Funny. Handsome. Makes a good living.
Anna: Funny. Handsome. Sweet. Christian.

How do you think TV and magazines have affected your view on marriage?
Amber: I think both good and bad.
Emily: I think the TV shows I watch have usually been positive about marriage because it usually compares to real life arguments, and then how they pull through.
Anna: I guess both good and bad because they like to show what they think a “perfect” marriage should look like and that’s not always the best.

Do you ever think about the divorce rate?
Amber: No but I am pretty sure I won’t get a divorce. Well, I hope not.
Emily: I know that it is getting higher but I don’t think that my marriage will end in divorce but you never know the circumstances.
Anna: No … but I’m pretty confident I will find the right guy and not have to go through divorce.

What will your wedding dress look like?
Amber: My dress will be white and strapless with a little bit of jewels in it.
Emily: Definitely white with jewels and an expanding bottom.
Anna: As white as you can get it. Probably strapless with a pretty back. My hair will be in a side bun {smile}

What do you think the best thing about getting married will be?
Amber: Being able to get all dressed up, getting my hair and makeup done, wearing a white dress and being able to feel like Cinderella for a day *smile* And, getting to design my own wedding.
Getting to be in the dress you feel beautiful in, and being up there with the man you love.
Anna: Dressing up and being the prettiest one on your wedding day.

What do you think the best thing about being married will be?
Amber: To be able to spend the rest of your life with the person you love.
Emily: Knowing that you are going to be with your best friend for the rest of your life.
Anna: Having someone you can talk to and be there for you, forever.

What is your favorite wedding movie?
Amber: The Wedding Planner
Emily: Father of the Bride
oh so many…. the first one that comes to mind is Monster in Law but idk.

If you got married today, what would your first wedding dance be to?
Amber. Hmmm. Not sure.
Emily. Anna. their favorite song … “Forever” by Chris Brown

What do you think a perfect marriage looks like?
Amber: A couple that can work stuff out with each other. And having someone to be there for you. And, starting a family. {By the way, this is what Amber had to say about her parents: “My parents are the best example of a great marriage. They work together as a team to raise me and my sister.”
Emily: Having children and working together as a team.
Anna: To always be there for your spouse, get along with each other and be good providers for each other.

Where do want to get married?
Amber: I can’t decide if I want to get married in a church or on a beach.
Emily: I’d like to get married on a beach.
Anna: I think it would be cool to have an outdoor wedding.

What is the best age to get married?
Amber: 27. You’re out of college by then.
Emily: 28. Post college and have a career.
Anna: Mid 20s. You’re out of college by then.

Amber was incredibly sweet to share her “wedding book” with us! Amber~ you have great taste! Gorgeous dress. Love it all!

{click to enlarge}

Thanks girls. It was so fun to interview you about the future loves of your lives.  You are so awesome! xo

So how about you? Did you dream about weddings when you were a teen? Do share …

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