Color Monday: Inspiration for a Military Wedding

Aug 26 2013

Military Wedding Inspiration from MagnetStreet
Hello there Color Monday! For today’s color wonderful, we’re balancing the beauty and formality of dress blues with the beauty and informality of a rustic look. This custom shade of green {yes, you can create custom colors in our online...
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Color Monday: Winter Wedding

Aug 5 2013

Winter wedding color inspiration from MagnetStreet
Welcome to Color Monday–our weekly blog series devoted to inspiring you with beautiful mood boards and color combinations to help you create your own exceptional wedding color palette. <Sigh> Winter weddings can be so beautiful, can’t they? Gently falling snow,...
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DIY Southern Vintage Wedding, Part 2

Aug 1 2013

vintage bridal attire
Welcome to part 2 of Mandy and Travis’ southern vintage wedding–a celebration of love, family, and friends! Charming and eclectic, every ounce of this wedding is handcrafted with love and thoughtfulness. Our beautiful bride, Mandy–an event planner herself–brought her mad...
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Color Monday: Pretty in Purple

Jul 29 2013

Purple wedding inspiration
Happy Color Monday! Ready to start your week off with some pretty? If you’re new to Color Monday, it’s the day we devote to bringing you ideas and inspiration for creating your wedding color palette. From romantic to rustic, and from vintage...
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Color Monday: Formal Wedding Inspiration

Jul 22 2013

Formal wedding color ideas
Happy Color Monday! CM is the day we devote to showing just how color can evoke a mood and reveal the wedding style. We’re feeling formal this week and thought inspiration for a black tie event the perfect response. Classy,...
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Beach Wedding on the East Coast

Jul 17 2013

East Coast Beach Wedding
Stephanie and Taylor met when they were just 15 years old. And although they went to different colleges, they still managed to see each other just about every weekend. They got engaged last May on the West Coast and were...
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Color Monday: A Cool September Wedding

Jul 15 2013

September wedding colors & inspiration from MagnetStreet
Happy Color Monday, our recurring blog series devoted to how color can evoke a mood and reveal the wedding style. For this week, we find ourselves crushing on preppy green and cool blue for a sweet September wedding. If you’re...
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Color Monday: Damask Elegance Wedding Invitation

Jun 10 2013

Wedding Invitaiton Personalized
For today’s Color Monday, we’re exploring the dramatic use of color on Damask Elegance Wedding Invitation design. Stately yet simple, this decorative design invites you to change the whole look by using your wedding colors–almost like a blank canvas that...
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Color Monday: Pretty Pink

May 13 2013

Wedding Invitaitons personalized in pink
Happy Color Monday and belated Mother’s Day to all of our moms! In celebration, we will be personalizing a few wedding invitations with those soft and gentle pink tones from our favorite wedding flowers: ranunculus, roses, peonies and gerbera daisies!...
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Color Monday: Cinco de Mayo

May 6 2013

Cheers! Happy post Cinco de Mayo. If you didn’t treat yourself to any of the festivities yesterday, let today’s Color Monday be a refreshing reminder. Let’s personalize three wedding invitations in the spirited colors from the culture and holiday. Citrus...
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