Congratulations! Nalie and Nate

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Another MagnetStreet employee says YES!

Woot! Woot! A great big blog hug and congratulations goes out to Nalie and Nate!  Nalie is our Web Usability Specialist here at MagnetStreet and yes, she really is this adorable!


Nalie and Nate’s Proposal Story

{by Nalie}

“The story begins before I actually even knew it began.  Let me explain… At the beginning of June my sister had extra tickets to the Science Museum of Minnesota and wanted to know if Nate and I could use them.  When I asked Nate if he wanted to go, he casually said sure; he had heard that the mini-golf course was great.  Seeing how I really needed to work on my short game I thought this was a great idea.  A couple of weeks went by and I forgot about the tickets.

2 days before museum visit I was chatting with my sister, Vickie {who is currently living and working in South Korea  as a teacher}.  We were talking about a possible proposal from Nate and she said that maybe Nate was going to wait for my other sisters (Kao and Linda) to return home from visiting her in South Korea before he proposed.  Vickie’s comment made a lot of sense considering how close I am to my sisters and if they’re ALL so far away… and he did propose, who would I call to share the joyous news?

day at the museum So little did I know that on a warm Tuesday night at the Science Museum, something was in the works.  We did the usual things people do when they go to the Museum: go watch the Omni-film, visit the exhibits, play mini-golf.  Nate is a great golfer so I was a little surprised how I was just kicking his butt at mini-golf that night.  If only I knew how nervous he had been the whole game!


a little history I was ready to leave when he suggested that we go to the upper level where there was a balcony overlooking the Mississippi. I agreed. You see, three years ago on my birthday when we first began dating, Nate had rushed home from a South Dakota trip as soon as he found out that my birthday was approaching.  That’s a long five hour to drive to sing Happy Birthday to someone you’ve only been out with twice!  That’s when I knew he really liked me! And, for our third date, the night after my birthday, we had gone out to the Museum and stood out on that same balcony.

flash forward we were back out on the balcony, me pointing out again, all the places on the other side of the river where I grew up.  And we reminisced about the last time we were out on the balcony.  He then became very quiet. I figured it was because he was hungry since we hadn’t eaten yet.  So I started to name all the places nearby that we could go eat. Yet he still lingered and really didn’t respond to any of my suggestions.  Finally, he looked down and pointed out and said, “There’s an ant on your foot.”  {You see, I have a mole on my foot and thought he was making fun of it.} I playfully told him that it wasn’t funny to make fun of my mole.

But Nate said, “no there is, let me take a closer look” and he bent down. He then shyly looked up at me…  I of course, thought he was pulling a Jim from “The Office” and kindly told him “stop it and get up.”  I was sure he couldn’t propose now, he had to wait.  But sure enough I heard him utter something to the effect of  “I love you Nalie…will you marry me?”

In total shock I could not utter a word, just nodded my consent.  He pulled out a shiny diamond ring and proceeded to place it on my left hand, in which I asked “Is that the right hand?”  Of course I called Korea right away to share the news, but they already knew! They had been helping him the whole time!


SO SO SWEET! I love each and every proposal story… Congratulations again Nalie and Nate! We look forward to hearing more from you as plan for your spring 2010 wedding!



Real Cayman Islands Beach Wedding

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LOVE outdoor weddings of all kinds…  Beach… Garden… Park settings… Backyards…  Vineyard… Rooftops… Our wedding ceremony was held outdoors on an old mill site close to the river and it was so fabulous hearing the gentle sound of the creek below…  the birds… and feel the sun and the breeze.  And, since it was in such a gorgeous spot~ we let nature take care of the decorations.

In this beautiful and colorful wedding… Laurence and Adam live in the Cayman Islands while their family and friends {65 of them} flew in from around the world.  They incorporated the beautiful colors and culture that are the Caymans as well as elements from home.  Notice how the stunning blue ocean backdrop beautifully heightens the vibrancy in all of the colors.  Enjoy!


Laurence wore pretty orchids and pink flowers in her hair.


The color scheme: bright pink and yellow


Pink chiffon dresses kept her ladies cool and comfortable…


As a child living in South Africa, Laurence remembered the “happy” sunflowers & thus incorporated them into the bouquets.  {happy sunflowers… i like that}


This just might be my favorite detail… homemade beaded napkin holders from Africa.


Cayman Islands lemonade… mmmmm!






So pretty…

If I were…

having a beach wedding… I think I would use an “ocean themed” Postcard Save the Date… ya know to get everyone all excited and anticipating such a wonderful destination.  Postcards STDs are great for getting LOTS of info to your guests re: accommodations, travel, tips, etc.  Super practical! This particular STD is called To the Shore and is from our Artist Series… so original, pretty and soft and all about the beach!  And, with 3 of your fav pics… PERFECT!


And~ for my elegant yet casual beach wedding invitations… I just might choose an Invitation ensemble like the one below… Perfect Petals.  Of course, I’d use the Design Studio to change the colors to reflect MY COLORS and use all the wonderful space in a Folded Invitation option to include our proposal or love story… forever recorded. {sigh}.

How about you? Having a beach wedding! DO SHARE!!


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Bride Tide Wedding Pledge

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I’m excited to be a part of BrideTide first annual Wedding Pledge!  A Pledge of commitment to write about someone in the wedding industry that I admire~ someone who goes above and beyond to make our world a better place.

I’ve been following Jacksonville, FL  photographer~Corinna Hoffman for quite some time now {Corinna Hoffman Photography}.  Corinna is a spunky, adventurous, full of faith and playful photographer who clearly does a whole bunch more than simply take photographs!  Her joyfulness and instinct for capturing emotion during one of the most precious and sweetest times in a couple’s life is so crystal clear!  Her photos exude joy and her passion for her profession and honoring the couple is evident. Her sweetness and graciousness as a photographer, blogger, twitterer does not go unnoticed!  Full of life, fun and flair~ Corinna rocks!

Here’s a taste… enjoy the photos from this clearly fun wedding… Ruby and Mike were married at the Jacksonville Zoo and also happen to be BIG BIG NFL Jaguar fans… {see if anything gives that away}.

P.s. Did I mention that Corinna’s smile is one the biggest and brightest that you’ll ever see and she was voted Best Photographer in Jacksonville…? Take a break and check out Corinna’s work here{Plus, she’s got great music in her playlist when you visit the blog!}

Thanks Corinna!


Floral Headbands II

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Heather from One Love Photo sent me these fun photos after she saw the previous floral headbands post.  I LOVE IT! Are these kids adorable and spirited or what?  And, the robustness and color scheme of the girls’ headbands is fantastic.  Thanks for sharing Heather!

And, Corinna from Corinna Hoffman Photography also sent me this photo of a wedding she shot last fall.  Here, we have the Maid of Honor completely rocking a floral headband of what I think are zinnias and baby’s breath.  …just love zinnias.  Awesome! Thanks Corinna!

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