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I love good drama! For instance, creating a dramatic, romantic space in which to say your wedding vows, kind of drama. We chatted about exchanging vows under dreamy coverings such as arches, trellises, giant trees, etc. in this blog post … all amazing~ but what about the wedding Chuppah as a favored focal point idea for the ceremony? Not only can they be a beautiful ceremonial focal point, they are also rich in symbolism.

Originating in Jewish culture, a Chuppah is a canopy {or covering} tied to four poles that are either secured to the ground or held by honored family or friends. The canopy symbolizes the home the couple will build together. It also represents the presence of God over the covenant of marriage.

Chuppahs can be simple or elaborate and placed indoors or outdoors. What do you think about {renting} building and decorating a Chuppah for the ceremony?

red Chuppah

wedding chuppah

jewish wedding Chuppah

info source: The Wedding Yentas

images: Wedding Wire

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Choosing Your First Dance Song

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wedding danceIt’s your first dance as a married couple, a milestone to be sure, and you most want the song you choose to say who you are together ~ whether by way of being your song, a classic song of committed love, or something completely off-beat that is just unmistakably ALL you.

Recently a video made the rounds on the web of a couple who took a very fun and unique approach to the wedding march.  This got me to thinking about music and how very personal it is, how it has the power to communicate so much more than the words being spoken.

Hubby and I went the traditional route with Mendelsohn’s wedding march song and the ever-romantic Endless Love for the first dance.  I have to say it was lovely for us, which is what counts . . .but there are sooooo many other options to consider, so many ways to make the music speak your very own personal love language.

Choosing that first dance song is a cinch for some couples, but for others, sometimes those who love all kinds of music, it’s really tough to pick just the right one for this truly momentous occasion.   So, in the spirit of getting those musical, romantic wheels rolling, here’s a couple of simple resources for you as you make this all-important decision:

~ asks you a series of simple questions about the style of music you like, the lyrics, etc., and then lays out some great first-dance options to choose from.

~ If you want to take a more methodical approach, read these articles . . . this one contains more in-depth questions for you and your intended to consider; and this one is more about choosing slow dance songs in general.

~ If you want to really surprise and entertain your guests with your first dance, consider mixing it up and having some fun out there on the dance floor.  Weddingbee has some great examples to get your creative juices flowing!

~ And, lastly, if what you really want is a list of popular songs to choose from, the Knot has put together some good ones, whether you’re looking for a timeless, traditional first dance song or something hip and creative.

Whatever song or style you choose for your very first dance as a married couple, obviously the point is to celebrate.  And, since it’s your day, the one day that is all about you, well, nobody can tell you you’re doing it wrong, right?




Putting Hope Back into the Chest

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As a bride someday…thinketh

On getting married… according to a 13 year-old. Meet Anna.

“Yes. I think about my dress and my husband and being married. My dress will be white with a tank top or spaghetti straps. Lace. And, all the way to the floor. I’ll wear my hair in a bun with a veil… Can you have a veil under your bun? (I nod yes) My husband… he will be funny, nice, loving, smart and want a family.”

And when I asked her if she thought more about her wedding day or the marriage itself, Anna replied “Marriage. My wedding is only one day but I get to be married for my whole life.”

It is said that every little girl dreams about her wedding day and for many of us, this statement rings true. Anna’s responses reminded me that our hopes and dreams for our future begins early. It also reminded me of the bygone tradition involving the hope chest.

My mom had one but that is the extent of my experience with them. I don’t hear anyone referring to them and I’ve never seen one on a gift registry.

Hope chests seemed practical enough back then when they were the keepers of the dowry and intended to store what a young woman might need to bring into her marriage: linens, household items, money… As far as I know, dowries are fairly rare nowadays and it almost seems silly to store things that can be easily purchased.

But, what about hopes and dreams and that which cannot be easily purchased? Anna is already dreaming about her wedding day, her future husband and what type of man she is looking for. A hope chest might contain journals or even love letters written to a future husband. Also, a hope chest might contain precious family heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation. A chest of hope for the future. That seems practical to me.

Maybe this tradition could be modernized and resurrected after all (and let’s include the boys this time).

What do you think? Are hope chests just an old-fashion idea or should the idea just be re-fashioned?

Photo Courtesy: PW Baker

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When Should Groom See Bride on Wedding Day?

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It’s wedding day.  Should the first time the groom sets his eyes on the bride~ be as she’s walking toward him down the aisle?
Is there anyone who upholds this tradition of romance and anticipation anymore or is having fresh hair and makeup for photos more important?

What do you think?  Romantic tradition or a nuisance tradition?

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