3 Floral Trends and Matching Stationery

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Wedding flowers are ever-evolving and always on-trend! What style bride are you … classic-modern, contemporary all the way, or perhaps non-traditional? Below are 3 floral trends that you can match your style with your wedding stationery to: simple, showy, and unique.

Simple & Understated

Ideal for the modern-classic bride, a simple bouquet has a delicate elegance about it. Understated bouquets tend to be smaller and perhaps less adorned, but elegant in every sense. All white or pink are classic bouquets but the spectrum is wide.

  • delicate florals: lily of the valley, calla lily, roses
  • minimal greenery
  • sentimental bouquet charm

{Simple calla lily wedding bouquet paired with Antique Lilies Square Wedding Invitation. Browse Classic Invitations}

 Simple wedding bouquet paired with lily-themed square wedding invitation

Showy & Oversized

Large and sumptious, these bouquets are bountiful, eye-catching and perfect for the less demure modern bride. The garden style blooms feel relaxed yet theatrical at the same time. If they could talk, they’d say “look at me, aren’t I gorgeous?” And we’d answer back with a resounding “yes!”

  • mix & match garden style
  • romantic & lush
  • Showy blooms: peony, ranunculus, hydrangea
  • cascading greenery
  • twigs & fiddlehead ferns

{Showy wedding bouquet paired with Snapshot Sweetness Save the Date & Fanciful Flowers Wedding Invitation. Browse Modern Invitations}

Contemporary floral wedding invitation with matching oversized wedding bouquet

Non-traditional &Unexpected

You’re not into flowers! No problem! Your bouquet can be anything you want it to be! So fun and perfect for the non-traditional bride who loves surprises and delights in the unexpected. A vibrant bouquet of oranges … just beautiful {and perfect for a fall wedding!}.

  • non-floral alternatives: paper, fruit, felt, fabric, brooches & buttons, cotton…
  • hand tied stems

{Bouquet of oranges paired with Fall in Love Foldover Pocket Wedding Invitation. Browse Unique Invitations}

Unique pocket wedding invitation with non-traditional orange wedding bouquet


What style bride are you?

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Personalizing a Backyard Wedding: 6 Tips

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Thinking of hosting your intimate wedding and reception in your backyard? Awesome–we support you! Before you begin planning, check in with your officiant for guidelines/limitations and of course, check your homeowners insurance for coverage/liabilities. And, depending on the number of guests, you may have to rent a few items:

  • generator
  • tables/chairs/table settings/linens
  • tent/structure in case of rain {plan B}
  • porta potty
  • lighting
  • dance floor
  • play equipment for kids

6 Tips for Personalizing Your Backyard Wedding

#1 Wedding Stationery & Fun Messaging

Backyard weddings tend to be comfortable gatherings of family and friends. Set the tone with the kind of stationery that goes with your personalities… DIY chalkboards are a perfect accessory for a backyard wedding–entertaining guests and guiding them from the ceremony to the drink station. Wedding stationery like Chalkboard Sweetheart {a playful design suite that features hearts and other artistic elements} sets a fun tone and easily coordinates with DIY signage.

Tip: Use DIY wedding signage to guide guests throughout your backyard. See this post featuring a tutorial and this inspirational farm wedding for more ideas.

Wedding stationery and wedding signs

#2 Homegrown & Local Flowers

Start those seeds early! Plant your perennial seeds or annuals indoors to get a head start–to make sure you’ll have blooming beauties by the wedding date. If you don’t want to grow your own flowers, then support your local flower farmer for the freshest flowers–organically grown and in season.

Tip: See this post for the 12 most popular flowers.

Simple florals for a backyard wedding

#3. Mason Jar Décor

Mason jars continue to be one of the most popular vessels to hold everything from signature drinks to flowers to favors. They’re perfect for creating a homey feel for a backyard wedding. Found everywhere and in all different sizes and shapes, dress them up, paint them and use them for simple and easy DIY wedding decorations.

Tip: Check out this post for mason jar ideas.

Mason jar decor for a backyard wedding

#4 Locally-grown Food & Drink

Supporting your local farmers and growers has so many benefits–freshest taste, less packaging, benefits to the community …  You have more knowledge in how it’s grown and you have the satisfaction of supporting your local growers and giving your guests the best food!

Tip: Plan ahead as much as possible as menus are dependent on season and availability.

Local food and drink for a backyard wedding

#5 Lighting to Set the Mood and Keep Guests Safe

The right lighting is important as it serves a dual purpose of creating ambiance and allowing your guests to navigate your backyard at night. Avoid unnecessary mishaps and trips with lighting that is both fun and functional.

Tip: Get help from an expert! Perhaps a landscape designer who can help mix and match lighting needs for the purpose of the space.

Lighting ideas for a backyard wedding

#6 Comfortable Seating

Guests love to gather–in large groups and intimate groups of 2-3. Provide spacing for both! Give them opportunities to escape the noise of the band, to have a quiet conversation and to get back into the action when they’re ready!

Tip: Create little vignettes on the outside of the party for guests that need some “quiet time.”

Seating ideas for a backyard wedding  

What’s your tip for hosting a backyard wedding?



Chalkboard sign by Jamie J Photography

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diy: Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

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Our friend Jen (and graphic designer here at MagnetStreet} recently got engaged. Congrats! Yay! Hooray! Well, Jen wanted a creative way to ask her besties to be her bridesmaids. Here’s Jen to “show and tell” us about her sweet “Will you be my bridesmaid?” DIY project …

“When it came time to ask friends to be in my bridal party, I wanted to think of something fun and creative. A lot of friends live out of town, so I wanted to think of a way to ask them where I didn’t have to be in the same room. I browsed the internet for inspiration and came across the idea to use a balloon with a message inside. I love that it’s a gift they get to open and get excited about. I mailed the gifts, and it was fun to hear from each girl. Everyone loved it! It was fun getting texts and calls from each of them, excited and honored to be a part of our bridal party.

Materials: scrapbook paper | washi tape | small cards and envelopes | tags | ribbon | balloons | square box (Steps below)

A darling, "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" DIY invite idea + tutorial


Jen, graphic designer at MagnetStreet

Step #1. Write tiny little notes

I cut strips of scrapbook paper and wrote a note to each girl: maid of honor, bridesmaids, personal attendants, and my flower girl. Amy, will you be my Maid of Honor?

Step #2. Roll into scrolls & seal with washi tape

Then, I rolled my note up into a scroll and sealed it with washi tape.

Step #3. Now, a more personalized note

I also wrote a longer note to each girl on a little card to put inside the bottom of the box–to tell them more of why they mean so much to me and why I want them to be a part of my wedding day.

Step #4 Message in a balloon, tag it

I stuck the rolled up strip of paper inside the balloon and then blew the balloon up to be the size of the box. I then tied it up with a ribbon and put on a tag with the instructions “pop me.”

Step #5 Decorate box, wrap in mailing paper for those out of town

Then, I shut the box and tied it with a ribbon. *Another idea would be to add a safety pin somewhere in the gift for them to use to pop the balloon.

So cute!! Jen, thanks for sharing your sweet project with us! How do you plan on asking your bridesmaids?


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13 Stellar Silhouette Engagement Photo Ideas

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13 Stellar Silhouette Photo Ideas for your Save the Dates!

Are you a sucker for a great silhouette photo? We are. Luck, lighting and a super creative photographer create the perfect alchemy to harnessing the drama in a beautiful silhouette engagement photo. If you want a few of these dramatic, story-telling shots in your wedding album, talk with your photographer about your desires. Many of them center around sunsets but those clever photographers…they have their ways of manipulating light and setting you apart!

Be inspired by the following stellar silhouettes as your browse image styles for your Photo Save the Dates.


1. This adorably-gorgeous silhouette shot was taken at Galveston Island at sunset. This couple is almost kissing–makes for an adorable silhouette!!

silhouette photo of couple at sunset


2. This absolutely stunning silhouette was taken at this Lake Tahoe engagement session and is quite dramatic!

silhouette photo of couple on a pier


3. Just LOVE the shilhouette shot from this surprise wedding proposal engagement session in Central Park.

silhouette photo of couple in engagement session


4. This southern wedding ended with a great silhouette photo of the bride and groom in their getaway car.

silhouette photo of couple in a car kissing


5. This cool and classic silhouette styles is from a football-themed e-sesh on the beach!

silhouette photo of couple on beach behind a parasol


6. This Chicago e-sesh features a killer nighttime silhouette with Lake Michigan and the city lights in the background.



7. So beautiful–this New England winter wedding silhouette photo of the bride and groom features gently falling snow and a bride and groom peeking from behind an umbrella.

sihlouette-of-bride-and-groom-kissing-behind-umbrella in winter wedding


8. This romantic engagement session in our Nation’s Capital features a gorgeous sunset shot with Jefferson Memorial in the background.

silhouette photo of couple in Washington-DC-Engagement-Session


9. How fun is this twist on a photo silhouette. The tree tree takes all the credit in this intimate, eclectic Texas wedding.

silhouette photo of bride and groom on tree


10. This fun and clever silhouette engagement photo was taken at the beach {they shot at 4 locations for their sesh!}

beach sihlouette sunset engagement photo


11. This sunset silhouette in the park was taken at springtime in Seattle.

silhouette photo at sunset


12. Dramatic skies dominate the look and feel in this Minneapolis engagement session. WOW.

silhouette photos in Minneapolis engagement session


13. How can you not fall in love with this darling silhouette engagement photo taken at sunset in Santa Fe, New Mexico!?

Engagement photo at sunset at El Rancho de las Golondrina in Santa Fe, NM

Which is your favorite silhouette photo style idea?


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