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It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Richmond, Virginia when Emery and Benjamin set out to have their engagement photos taken in two different locations within their hometown city. The first session was in Richmond’s historic Shockoe Bottom–inside a graffiti-filled abandoned building. With Emery and Benjamin being a fan of the arts, this area and location was the perfect spot for them.

Richmond engagement photography

mural in engagement photos

artsy engagement photos

historic neighborhood of Richmond, VA , engagement photos

Richmond, VA engagement photography

The second location was in Richmond’s Carillon neighborhood. “Emery and Benjamin wanted this part of the shoot to be more stylized and fun so we created a “winter picnic”. With a picnic blanket and a few (root) beers in hand, Emery and Benjamin strolled through the park and settled on top of the Carillon stairs to drink and talk while enjoying each other’s jokes and kisses” said Photographer, Jeffrey Ocampo.

Picnic engagement session

Congrats Emery and Richard!

What’s your favorite type of engagement session? Rural? Urban? Modern? Artsy? Rustic?


Photographer:  Jeffrey Ocampo Photography
Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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Unique Proposal + DIY Scrapbook Idea

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Courtney & Casey were high school sweethearts.

Creative and artistic, Casey’s proposal was a reflection of that in the DIY scrapbook he made for Courtney. The book was filled with images and memories of the two of them from when they first met until the present. Most books end with a blank page or the words, “The End” – for these two, the last page represented a new beginning: Casey proposed by inscribing the words “Marry me” and tying the ring to the last page. So sweet and unique!

unique proposal idea

DIY "Will you marry me?" scrapbook

rustic engagement photo inspiration

Congratulations Casey and Courtney. We wish you all the best!

Photographer:  Crystal Stokes Photography
Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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Beat the Heat! 3 Hot Ways to Keep Guests Cool

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It appears we’ve officially entered the dog days of summer: The sun is high, the heat is fierce—and the deodorant is working overtime!

A few weeks ago I attended an outdoor wedding ceremony for a dear old college friend. As beads of sweat dripped down the back of my neck, and my legs plastered themselves to the chair, I tried my best to keep my focus on my friend, the beautiful bride, as she recited her vows to her now husband. However, I’m not going to lie: it was hard. I was hot, sweaty–and distracted.

Outdoor ceremonies are romantic, fun, modern…but they can also be one other thing: HOT!  This got me wondering: What can a bride and groom do to keep their guests cool, comfortable, and focused on the ceremony?

Here are Three Hot Ways to Keep Guests Cool:

Idea #1: Program Fans

Wedding Program Fans

Program fans are beautiful multi-taskers: they not only keep guests cool, but they also keep them informed about the order of your service. And, since program fans can be personalized to match your wedding colors, fonts, etc., they also give you one more way to express your creativity and accent your wedding theme. Guests can fan themselves as they follow along to your ceremony—a program perk they’re sure to appreciate. :)


Idea #2: Personalized Water Bottles

Personalized Water Bottle Labels

When temps are high and humidity flares up, you know what they say: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! To keep guests perky (not parched), hand out bottles of water as they sit down for the ceremony. Water—and specifically, water bottles—are great because they are plastic and have caps, so you don’t have to worry about stains, slippery spills, or broken glass (none of which is on your “dream wedding” list, I’m guessing).

For fun, you can jazz up your H2O with personalized water bottle labels (like the ones above). These labels are made with waterproof vinyl, so the ink won’t bleed through from condensation. You can personalize the colors to match your wedding theme, and the text can be changed to whatever you want, too: monograms, your wedding date, or even a cute caption or quote.


Idea #3: Sunglasses 

Colorful Sunglasses - Photo by Drew B Photography

Most of the time I love my blue eyes—except when I’m outdoors, when the sun’s rays practically render me blind. The squinty-eyed look is never attractive (or comfortable). Why not spare your fair-eyed guests the discomfort by passing out sunglasses before they sit down. Plastic, colorful glasses are a fun way to accent your wedding colors and theme, but you could also find quirky shades at thrift shops and such.

The great thing about sunglasses is that they can double as wedding favors, too: You could tie a wedding favor tag to them and personalize it with a special note of thanks. Guests will appreciate the fashion-meets-function aspect of their wedding favors, too. :)

I’d love to hear from other brides, grooms, and even wedding guests: Did you hand out, or receive, something helpful for your hot, outdoor wedding ceremony? Do you have additional ideas on how to keep guests cool? Feel free to share!


Happy Friday,

Rachel for MagnetStreet Weddings

Rachel for MagnetStreet Weddings


For allowing us to use their photography … much thanks to:

Colorful sunglasses on ceremony chairs - Drew B Photography


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Beach Engagement Photos

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If it’s meant to be, it will be … And, if it’s true what they say about a picture being worth a 1000 words, then these tender images tell the sweetest story of love and determination–about going after what you want–even when the going gets hard. Via photographer Jessica Martz of Lux et Amor, here’s Brittany and Jordan to give us a glimpse into their relationship as a military couple and about leaving a legacy of love for their future kids. And for a special treat, they also shared their proposal story with us too!

“Brittany and Jordan have known each other since they were 17. They have a lot in common: both ethnically mixed, both have brothers, both have the same outlooks on life, both can’t shut up.”

Beach engagement photos by Lux et Amor Photography

They were friends for the short time Jordan and his family lived in Louisville but after he left to move back to Arizona, Brittany assumed she’d never hear from him again. And she didn’t for another 2 years. Then, Jordan phoned her out of the blue. After that afternoon of the first call, they talked every night after … about EVERYTHING. It became common for them to be on the phone for hours. Jordan has always been a man who knows what he wants, so that next summer, he bought a plane ticket to come see Brittany in Kentucky. After that first visit, they decided they had to be together, despite the obvious challenge of being on two opposite ends of the country.

Beach engagement photos by Lux Et Photography

Beach engagement photos by Lux Et Amor Photography

The rest is history. It was another 2 years of long distance relationship before they were able to drive off to Tucson after Brittany’s graduation for a year and a half reward of being side by side rather than on Skype. But once Jordan joined the military, they tackled another year and a half of long distance. To this day, they have a box full of letters and an inbox full of emails from the past 4 years and they are their most treasured possessions in their relationship.

Beach engagement photos by Lux Et Photography

They hope that one day their children can go through these and see how much mom and dad were in love. They realized the distance was also a gift, as it only made them stronger and conditioned them for the road ahead as a military couple. They wouldn’t want anything different and continue to be best friends.

beach engagement photos

Beach engagement photos by Lux Et Amor Photography

beach engagement photos

Beach engagement photos by Lux t Amor Photography

Beach engagement photos by Lux Et Amor Photography

Beach engagement photos

Beach engagement photos by Lux Et Amor Photography

Beach engagement photos by Lux Et Amor Photography

Beach engagement photos by Lux et Amor

PROPOSAL STORY: Jordan was able to take leave in Kentucky to be with Brittany after his Combat Control School graduation in North Carolina. They promised each other that they would get dressed up and go on a fancy dinner date at least once while they were there, since they rarely get to do the normal couple stuff. That next Friday, Jordan was given the day off from helping out at the recruiter’s office, so Brittany asked off work as well. They spent the day hanging out around town and at the mall, and planned to go out to dinner later that evening. At the mall, Jordan asked if she would like to go take a look at engagement rings. This was the first time they had been able to look together in person, since Brittany was very adamant about him picking something from his heart and not her opinion. Little did she know, that he had already bought a ring, taken her parents to lunch to ask their permission, and picked up the ring from her father earlier that day–who was keeping it hidden.

Later that night, they went to 610 Magnolia, the most elegant restaurant in Old Louisville. While Brittany was cracking jokes on how she couldn’t understand the fancy menu, Jordan kept text-ing on his phone. After the appetizer, Jordan turned to Brittany and asked if she would stand. He came around the table and went down on one knee with the most beautiful ring she had ever seen. Brittany went into a stupor and will tell you now that she can’t really remember what was said or who exactly in the restaurant started cheering first. The newly engaged couple was spoiled with champagne bought from surrounding tables, applause, and Brittany’s family walking in to join them. They were waiting outside to come in on cue of Jordan’s text! The ring was beautiful but the thought put into the proposal and the celebration was even more amazing.

The joy still hasn’t worn off… they don’t think it ever will!

Congratulations Brittany and Jordan! Thanks for sharing your story and your engagement photos with us. We wish you the absolute best! And we thank you both for your service!

Images by: Luxe et Photography

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