3 Floral Wedding Trends and Matching Stationery

Aug 15 2014

Pocket wedding invitation and oranges wedding bouquet
3 Floral Wedding Trends Wedding flowers are ever-evolving and always on-trend! What style bride are you … classic-modern, contemporary all the way, or perhaps non-traditional? Below are 3 floral trends that you can match your style with your wedding stationery to: simple, showy, and...
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Festive & Fabulous: 15 Winter Wedding Bouquets

Dec 5 2013

art deco wedding bouquet
15 Winter Wedding Bouquets Winter wedding bouquets can be some of the most beautiful and glamorous to see. And with the many flower filler and embellishment possibilities, winter bouquets can be some of the most artful and sculpturally interesting too!...
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Simple Wedding Idea: Gerbera Daisies

Aug 23 2012

gerbera daisy wedding invitation
Some say *Gerber* some say *Gerbera* but both names reflect the same South African beauties. Indeed, they are beautiful! And simple too. But not in a no-style, plain kind of simple–but in a vibrantly-hued, charming and less-stress kind of simple....
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Wedding Colors

Oct 22 2010

Choosing your wedding colors… so fun! And besides saying “yes” probably one of the easiest decisions to make. Often times, the wedding colors are based on favorite colors or the season of the wedding, but then there is still the...
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