Jeni & Kyle’s Winter Engagement Photos

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Soon, the calendar will declare that it’s spring but for now, we’re celebrating the final vestiges of winter through Jeni and Kyle’s gorgeous Utah engagement session. Do you think that winter engagement sessions are inherently romantic too? Perhaps it’s because it’s cold outside and there’s this lure of snuggling up and getting your photos taken amidst the quiet beauty of a snowy landscape. Well, it certainly is easy to get lost in Kyle and Jeni’s e-session … Beautifully captured by Brandon Burk Photography, the muted backdrops, stark contrasts and pops of color are simply irresistible.

winter engagement session

winter engagement photos

winter engagement pic

Utah winter engagement photos

winter engagement photos

winter engagement photos

Utah winter engagement photos

Utah winter engagement photos

Jeni and Kyle's Utah winter engagement photos

winter engagement photos

Utah winter engagement photos

winter engagement photos

tah winter engagement photos

Congratulations to Jeni & Kyle!!

Photographer:  Brandon Burk Photography

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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New York City Engagement Photos

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Remember Danielle and Eric’s real wedding and the hurricane that took them by storm? Well, we simply could not pass up sharing their engagement session too … this time taking New York City by storm. This mega metropolis impromptu location couldn’t have played out more perfectly for documenting Danielle and Eric’s love story. Lights, camera, action–so much excitement and  loads of visual interest. Here’s Danielle to tell us about their session in the city that never sleeps, their fearless photographer and the rest of their unforgettable weekend.

Locations: Times Square, New York City … Morgan Park in Glen Cove, NY … Long Island, NY.
Photographer: Zac Thomas


“Our engagement shoot was so amazing!! After almost two years of going back and forth with Zac Thomas {who I initially found via a Facebook ad} about how amazing his photographs were and how different his work was from traditional engagement shoots, Eric finally popped the question. Zac was one of the first people I contacted upon being proposed to. I knew, even years prior, that I wanted him to capture our day. The engagement shoot was included as part of his package, as he uses it as a way to get to know the couple prior to the big day and get a feel for the kind of photos they are looking for at their actual wedding. He flew into New York and decided to stay in the city for the weekend–this was his first time.



The original plan was just to find a park or a beach that we could go to and get some shots that Saturday for our engagement shoot, but Zac emailed me as he landed in NY, “What are you guys up to after work? Why don’t you come meet me in the city and we’ll get some city shots tonight and do the park stuff tomorrow?” Well, we raced out of our 9-5’s and met him by 7PM, casually dressed, no frills, just out to take some pics in the city and get a feel for Zac’s photography. Needless to say, we all became fast friends.

Zac was literally laying down in the middle of Times Square, stopping traffic, just to get the shots he wanted. There wasn’t a cab driver in the city that was a fan of Zac that night!



We expected to have traditional city shots in front of notable buildings, since Zac was a tourist of New York–but we wound up in random staircases of restaurants, outside parking garages, and in front of random candy trucks.  Zac made it a point to go past a few barriers in Rockefeller Center to get a couple shots he wanted to! I have a theater background, so we stopped to take a few pics in front of one of the theaters I had worked in and used the parking garage attached to it as a “theater space” for photos–which wound up coming out amazing- so amazing. I actually used a few of them as head shots, eventually.



We also took a few shots in a random subway hallway, which to this day, I recognize every time we pass it in the city- it was a little grimy and disgusting, but the shots came out gorgeous!



We went back to the parking garage and he decided to take a bunch of shots of Eric and I in the elevator, as it was closing and got an amazing stream of shots of the doors closing.



As we drove Zac back to his hotel, he decided to take a shot of my ring in the back of Eric’s car … going full speed down the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, and it managed to come out like he did it in a perfectly still room!



The next day, we did our shoot as planned, going to Morgan Park in Glen Cove, NY–which was always a special place for me to take photos as it has so much variety–as far as backgrounds go.



We finished up in Long Beach, New York and Zac even managed to get us to “go a little crazy” getting soaking wet in the ocean for some amazing shots!! We finished up by taking a picture on the very bench that we shared our first date, and that Eric eventually proposed to me on …

It really was an amazing experience and I really can’t say enough about Zac Thomas’ work!



Amazing indeed! Courageous, audacious … we love every urban and beach-y detail of this weekend-long engagement session! Congratulations to you all three of you on your fun, adventurous session! Interested in learning more about Zac Thomas? Well by all means, learn more about his fearless photography style here

Congratulations Danielle & Eric!




Trash the Dress: Kristin & Andy

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Remember Kristin & Andy’s gorgeous Minnesota wedding from this summer?

Well, we’re thrilled to feature Andy & Kristin once again on Truly Engaging! But this time, they’re sharing their “trash the dress” photos with us! Let’s just say, Kristin and Andy have let their hair down and aren’t worried about perfect timing, ruining their wedding clothes, or breaking a heel this time! No … this session is casual and celebrates an old-fashioned kind of fun–one that brings out the kid in each of them! And yet–they still manage to look absolutely fantastic! Here’s our naturally-beautiful bride Kristin, to tell us about their afternoon & why they wanted to do a “trash the dress” session …

Location We ended up at West Medicine Lake Park {Minneapolis, MN}- which is just a few miles from our house. Since I didn’t have any grand ideas about our session, Erica thought the park would offer a variety of scenery and things to do.
Photographer Erica Hanna Mayer of Puke Rainbows Photography

When you’re planning a wedding, it’s hard not to get distracted by all the beautiful “trash the dress” photo sessions that exist on blogs. For me, I really wanted to have a photo session with my husband after the big day, when we were no longer anxious, nervous, stressed, etc. and could instead just truly enjoy it. I also really wanted some photos with our dog, since he was NOT allowed anywhere near me on our wedding day (didn’t want to take any chances that he would deem it necessary to “mark” my dress!) And of course, I wanted the excuse to put my wedding dress back on again!

You look like you were having so much fun—how is this photography session different from any other? We did have a lot of fun – despite the unseasonably cold temperatures We were just completely relaxed this time around. Unlike at the wedding, I wasn’t running through our memorized vows in my head or worrying about tripping when I walked down the aisle. Erica did a great job of providing some direction, but also making us feel completely at ease – sometimes I even forgot that she was there!

I love this last photo–just cracks me up! So funny. Thanks Kristin & Andy for sharing yet another special day with us. What a blast and perhaps you and other “trash the dress” enthusiasts will inspire TLC to come up with a new show called “Say yes to the dress–without all the stress!”  Congrats once again! We love your pics!

So, what do you think? Are you brave enough to “trash your dress?



Must See Photography: Shannon Porter

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A picture is worth a thousand words … I love the idea that a single image can visually represent something deep, powerful and lasting. And, when you’re searching for your wedding photographer, these are quality ingredients to look for in their photography style.

And speaking of quality, we’re currently featuring the artistry of Shannon Porter in our Must See Photography – MagnetStreet’s go-to place for wedding photography inspiration for your Save the Dates.

Shannon Porter Photography

Shannon Porter Photography

Gorgeous photography will take the look of your Save the Date design to new and limitless possibilities- to really create that wow factor for your guests.

Here, Shannon’s artistry is featured on “Inspired Devotion” Save the Date design. The difference is tremendous~ altering the tone and feel of the design. It’s personal.  See Shannon’s photography on more Save the Date designs at Must See Photgraphy.

What do you think of the design before … and the design after?

Shannon Porter Photography {}

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