5 Common Wedding Program Mistakes

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Smart and Stylish…  The tone of your wedding ceremony is set through the tone of your wedding program. They’re conversation starters and your guests will read them! Below are 5 common mistakes to avoid while planning your wedding programs.

Tea-length Wedding Program from MagnetStreet + 5 common mistakes to avoid when planning your programs.

{featured: Vision of Love Tea-length Wedding Program}

#1. Not putting a personal twist on your program design!

Let your personality shine! Your program is a practical stationery item but it’s also a keepsake and another opportunity to carry your colors, coordinate your theme and share your personal side. Choose the size and shape that best fits your personality and wedding style. A few noteworthy items:

  • a snapshot of your love story
  • poems & other unique wording
  • special thank yous, memorials, dedications

#2. Not giving yourself enough time to prepare!

Program preparation is paramount! As the order of events and music can change at the last minute, this stationery piece is usually the last item to be ordered. Start early. Be aware:

  • does your place of worship have strict guidelines i.e. music?
  • check acoustics at ceremony site–it might not be right with your selected music
  • is your timeline and order of events reasonable?

#3. Not proofreading your program!

No misspells! Have a few trusted family and friends take a look at your program to make sure you’ve got the deets down and in the right order. A few proofing items include:

  • listing out the wedding music: “song” (composer) performer
  • ensure there are no typos
  • order of events is correct

Get Program Wording Ideas & Templates


#4. Not including the important details!

 Consider your content! Programs are conversation starters that also help guests get comfortable right from the start. And, guests are wondering about the important people taking a major role in your big day! Remember, programs are keepsakes too. Consider adding:

  • short, wedding party intros/bios
  • who’s who: readers, musicians
  • explanation of wedding rituals/traditions

#5. Not taking advantage of discounts and giveaways!

Be budget conscious! When you take advantage of discounts and giveaways {not just on your programs–but on all of your stationery items} you have a better chance of staying on budget and even getting a few of those extras you have your heart set on! YAY.

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diy: Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

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Our friend Jen (and graphic designer here at MagnetStreet} recently got engaged. Congrats! Yay! Hooray! Well, Jen wanted a creative way to ask her besties to be her bridesmaids. Here’s Jen to “show and tell” us about her sweet “Will you be my bridesmaid?” DIY project …

“When it came time to ask friends to be in my bridal party, I wanted to think of something fun and creative. A lot of friends live out of town, so I wanted to think of a way to ask them where I didn’t have to be in the same room. I browsed the internet for inspiration and came across the idea to use a balloon with a message inside. I love that it’s a gift they get to open and get excited about. I mailed the gifts, and it was fun to hear from each girl. Everyone loved it! It was fun getting texts and calls from each of them, excited and honored to be a part of our bridal party.

Materials: scrapbook paper | washi tape | small cards and envelopes | tags | ribbon | balloons | square box (Steps below)

A darling, "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" DIY invite idea + tutorial


Jen, graphic designer at MagnetStreet

Step #1. Write tiny little notes

I cut strips of scrapbook paper and wrote a note to each girl: maid of honor, bridesmaids, personal attendants, and my flower girl. Amy, will you be my Maid of Honor?

Step #2. Roll into scrolls & seal with washi tape

Then, I rolled my note up into a scroll and sealed it with washi tape.

Step #3. Now, a more personalized note

I also wrote a longer note to each girl on a little card to put inside the bottom of the box–to tell them more of why they mean so much to me and why I want them to be a part of my wedding day.

Step #4 Message in a balloon, tag it

I stuck the rolled up strip of paper inside the balloon and then blew the balloon up to be the size of the box. I then tied it up with a ribbon and put on a tag with the instructions “pop me.”

Step #5 Decorate box, wrap in mailing paper for those out of town

Then, I shut the box and tied it with a ribbon. *Another idea would be to add a safety pin somewhere in the gift for them to use to pop the balloon.

So cute!! Jen, thanks for sharing your sweet project with us! How do you plan on asking your bridesmaids?


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Best Wedding Day Advice from Real Brides

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Wisdom can be hard-earned ya’ll while 20/20 hindsight is easy to come by. Today we’re taking a look at wedding advice from our real brides who learned a thing or two about getting married, planning the day and–enjoying the day. Heed their advice and avoid the “I wish I would have … ”

Sometimes, the simplest {and wisest} advice is the easiest to overlook. Read below wedding day advice from real brides :

Wedding Advice from real brides


Classic Military Wedding with Teal Accents

Take in every moment!
Everyone I know that has gotten married told me the day would fly by and I believed it. They told me to take in every moment and not to stress! I wish I had stopped more often on my wedding day to take it all in. I was so occupied with making sure everything was perfect that sometimes I forgot to breathe.

It’s about the two of you …
On your wedding day … kiss each other, hold each other, and say sweet things to each other. This day is all about the two of you and nobody else. Everyone else is there to enjoy and share in your happiness but at the end of the day it is all about you.

Go on a honeymoon!
No matter how expensive your wedding is, go on a honeymoon! Even if it is two towns over in a motel, make sure you get away! Our honeymoon was the best week ever and we had no worries about anything until we got back. It was the best!



Lush English Garden Outdoor Wedding

How to include your guests …
Choose what you want your wedding to feel like, not to look like. The best thing we did in our wedding was to include our guests in special ways: having friends and family share quotes during the ceremony, having them all give their blessing before our vows (with a big “We Will!”) and turning our first dance from a slow romantic one to a crazy one with all our favorite people on the dance floor. If you’re having a wonderful time and show it, everyone else is going to follow suit.



Elegant Fall Wedding at the Morton Arboretum

Many married couples told me to make sure I eat on my wedding day because they never got to taste their dinner! I am glad Aaron and I got to enjoy most of our Italian feast, because we both love food so much, so we kind of made it a priority to get to take more than just one bite of each of our courses.

Other people’s opinions …
Often my MOH and co-workers would tell me to not worry about the opinions people would present, and many times, it was hard for me to ignore the opinions of others, despite the decisions I knew I wanted to make. In the end, I usually went with what I wanted to do, but if I had taken more stock in the “this is your wedding, you do it how you want” way of thinking, I would have eliminated a lot of back-and-forth conversations and stressful thinking.



Rustic New England Wedding

Stressing about the little things
Don’t stress about the little things because in the end they don’t matter and people won’t notice” I was also told that I would be the only one looking at everything really closely.

Do what’s right for you
Remember that it’s your day–stay true to what you and your fiancé want. Many people will give you advice on everything … listen and smile but in the end, do what’s right for you (but at the same time, be open to what others say, as you might actually like their ideas/perspective.)



Stylishly Classic Winter Wedding

Accepting help from family & friends
We felt especially blessed by how much our families and friends wanted to help. We got the advice to let people help, because even though it may not be “picture perfect” what they do will be full of love, and that makes it perfect. We cannot agree more. If you let control go of things, the people who love you will take and run with it, and you will be so surprised with what they do!

Break in those shoes!
I wish that I had broken in my shoes like I was told! I had a different pair, but the glitter shoes called my name—two days before we got married! But in the grand scheme of things, we wish that we would have enjoyed our engagement more, instead of stressing about the wedding.



DIY Southern Vintage Wedding

On taking pictures before the wedding
I am glad I took the advice to take pictures before the ceremony. I love that we were able to take pictures with the bridal party before the ceremony. That saved time after the ceremony to get to our guests at the reception.”

I Wish …

Slow down to take in the day!
I wish I would have slowed down and taken in the day more. It goes by so fast, like the blink of an eye, that there were many details that I do not remember. We had a large wedding of 200 people so I was not able to talk to everyone, dance to every song I wanted to, take in all the decorations, do our photo booth, or just take in the day. I wish I would have paused, slowed down, and took in everything.

Gotten the videographer to stay longer
I also wish I had gotten our videographer to stay longer. He taped the ceremony and first dance but left after dinner. I wish I would have paid for him to stay for most of the reception since it did go by so fast.


Beach Wedding on the East Coast

Never sweat the small stuff
Take in every second of the wedding from beginning to end and not to let small things bother you i.e. the curling iron caught on fire … the limo didn’t start … my dress wasn’t clipped right inside … There were a few more things but they are things we can laugh at now! Never sweat the small stuff!

Eat! I wish I had gotten to eat the good food and the cake! I was bummed I was not able to eat more.”

Enjoy every second!
Enjoy each second, even if something goes wrong–it’s still the greatest day of your life. Take everything and live it. It only happens once!



Simply Elegant Orange and Purple Wedding

Focus on staying calm
Let go and let everyone do their job! It was really tempting for me to constantly check in with everyone to make sure they were doing what they needed to and on schedule. But I tried to just let go and focus on making sure I was calm and ready.

First look photos
I was glad that we did our photos before the wedding rather than after! If I hadn’t seen Derek until walking down the aisle I would have been so much more nervous! Taking a few minutes for us to just talk and be together before photos and everything else was nice. It allowed us to sort of ground ourselves.

Stay true to who you are!
A lot of people are going to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do or have. If you want to do it, do it. If you don’t, don’t. Stay true to who you and your fiancé are, then shape the wedding around that–not what other people have done.
Also, choose your shoes for comfort rather than style!



Traditional-Elegant Indian Wedding

Compromise on things that matter to the family.

Enjoy yourselves!
Enjoy every moment of the wedding day. Don’t let small mishaps on the day get to you. Nobody notices the mishaps except for you.

I wish …
I wish I’d had more time to get ready.



Do you have a favorite piece of advice to share?

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6 Wedding Invitation Planning Pitfalls to Avoid

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Planning your wedding invitation suite should be a breeze, right? Well, it can be as stress free as possible–if you avoid the major planning mistakes that have the potential of putting you behind schedule and off-budget. Simply put, wedding invitation planning takes time and consideration!

Below are 6 common pitfalls to avoid while planning your wedding stationery. But alas, even if you’ve fallen into one pit or another, here are few ladders to help you climb out!

Pocket Wedding Invitation Suite from MagnetStreet + 6 planning pitfalls to avoid.

6 Wedding Invitation Planning Pitfalls {& how to avoid them!}

#1. Not taking advantage of giveaways & discounts!

If you’re not getting the best wedding deals, it might be because you’re not aware of them. If your wedding pros offer discounts through their e-newsletter, be sure to subscribe so you can enter those terrific giveaways and take advantage of timely sales. Sign up, enter and save!

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#2. Failing to get organized ASAP!

Staying organized is huge! It’s so easy to get lost in a sea of to-do’s and end up feeling overwhelmed at the end of a day. It has been said that if you’re organized, you’ll be able to actually enjoy the wedding planning process. Get organized–from wherever you’re at in the planning process … to the moment you say, “I Do.”

Download our free wedding planning checklist.


#3. Not ordering samples before you buy!

Getting samples {preferably free!} is a huge part of of feeling confident in your wedding purchases. From color to quality to customer care–you want to feel confident with the company you are purchasing from. So, visit those venues, samples those sweets and investigate those invitations!

#4. Not having your invite suite weighed at the Post Office! 

Did you know that the Post Office charges more for a square shape? Another reason to take your samples {that you’ve requested} to the post office for an accurate postage rate. Bring all of your pieces in–including your envelope–to get a handle on your postage costs for each invite you send. No surprises please!

More budget-saving info:
7 ideas for saving $ on your Save the Dates


#5. Not paying attention to certain etiquette!

Etiquette does matter! And while the reigns have loosened quite a bit, there are elements you want to get right: adults only invite wording, wedding gift etiquette, military and professional titles to name a few … Paying attention to the details will help your guests feel cared for and appreciated.

Visit our etiquette resources and look over and pull out that which pertains to your unique situation.

#6. Not proofing your invitation & suite items!

You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to overlook a misspelled name {even yours!}, an incorrect web address, a date that doesn’t match up … It happens. All the time. Those easy misspells and pesky grammar rules are easily overlooked but by taking your time and paying attention, you’ll avoid those awful proofing omissions. Our advice: check. Check. RECHECK!

This post contains a helpful Proofreading Checklist for Wedding Invitations.

*And after you’ve checked, checked and rechecked–that’s the time to get 1-2 more detail-oriented family and friends to help you proof it again!


Where are you at in your wedding stationery planning?

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