Wedding Color Combinations! Vote Your Fave

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Choosing your wedding colors is a really fun part of designing your wedding. Did you know that at MagnetStreet you can have any colors on any design? Another fun facet to choosing your colors at MagnetStreet, is that you can quickly change the color combinations on any design. And, you can save them, see other combos, and even vote for your favorite! Here’s how:

Play With Your Wedding Color Combinations On Any Design {see below}
* click on any design
* browse color palettes below design
* create your own palette
* save your colors & apply them to other designs!

Discover wedding color combinations on wedding stationery at MagnetStreet


Featured above is Devoted, a Save the Date Magnet design.

Notice the original color scheme … additional palettes that were created, and which palettes got the most votes. It’s fun and a great way to discover new color combinations, too!

Try this design or pick another Save the Date or Wedding Invitation design.


What are your colors? If you’re still deciding, this post details the 4 areas you should consider when choosing your colors.

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Tips to Saving Money on Your Save the Dates

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In addition to snow, winter often brings a flurry of something else… engagements! If you’re recently engaged, you might already be thinking about that first major stationery item: your Save the Date.

Tips to Saving Money on Your Save the Dates

When it comes to Save the Dates, there’s a lot to love: the fun designs, the cute photos, the excitement of unveiling your wedding date (and maybe even your colors!). However, Save the Dates can also be one other thing: expensive. But guess what? They don’t have to be. You can score beautiful Save the Dates at a budget-friendly cost. How so? Well, glad you asked!

Here are a few savvy secrets to saving money on your Save the Dates:


Pinch Pennies with Postcards

Postcards mail at the USPS Postcard rate, which is 15 cents less than the USPS First-Class letter rate for cards and magnets. It might sound like pinching pennies, but those pennies (aka savings) really add up once you multiply it by 100, 150, or more. Here’s a breakdown of what you could save, just by swapping cards for postcards:

15¢ x 100 postcards = $15 savings
15¢ x 150 postcards = $22.50 savings
15¢ x 200 postcards = $30 savings!


Watch Your Weight

Did you know the post office charges more to mail items that weigh over 1 oz? To avoid any pesky hikes in postage, make sure to check the per-item weight of you Save the Dates. Cards and postcards are a safer bet than magnets—but if your heart is set on a magnet, fret not: there are many magnet sizes/shapes out there that still weigh in at less than 1 oz. For example, we offer several Save the Date Magnets under 1 oz!


Order One Per Household (Not Guest!)

Since Save the Dates are often the first item you order for guests, it’s easy to mistakenly rely on your total guest count. However, not every guest needs a Save the Date! For families and couples, you can simply send one per household, which cuts your total quantity (and cost) in half, or even a third.


Want even more savvy money-saving tips? (of course you do!) See the rest here:

Seven Savvy Secrets to Saving Money On Your Save the Dates

Rachel for MagnetStreet Weddings

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5 Fitness Trends to Build into Wedding Planning

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Happy New Year!
Ugh! Those dreaded holiday pounds… Need a few ideas for shedding them? Planning a wedding too? Great–this post is for all of us. This new year offers a healthy start for getting in shape–more convenient, more social, and more affordable than ever.

FIVE 2014 fitness trends you can build into wedding planning that are affordable & fun!

5 fitness trends for 2014

Wedding planning is not for wimps. It takes goals, a plan, and perseverance to execute them. And what better time to start {hello, 2014!} to make S.M.A.R.T. goals {Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-based}–from fitness to wedding planning! Get your free printable wedding planning checklist and let’s take a look at

5 of the hottest fitness trends for 2014


1. High Intensity Interval Training {HIIT}

Sprint over to this type of training if you want fast results in a short amount of time {& who doesn’t?!}. Usually around 30 minute workouts, HIIT involves short bursts of high-intensity activity followed by recovery periods of lesser intensity. From the gym to the park, get a fast, highly-effective workout over your lunch hour!


2. Body Weight Training

For minimalists {and those without gym memberships} who want to grab a workout anytime, anywhere–at no cost! Beyond push-ups, here are 50 body-weight exercises you can do anywhere. Get in shape on your own time–without paying a dime.


3. Workout Happy Hours

Replacing “networking” with “sweat-working” friends are getting together over elliptical machines–rather than nacho platters after work these days. And fitness companies are stepping it up too–check your local store out to see what social dimensions they’re adding for customers who want to have fun and challenge each other on the road to fitness. Working out has never been more social! 


4. Group Training Sessions

When the times get tough, the tough get going in 2014! Many personal trainers are becoming more understanding of tough economic times and have begun offering group training sessions to help soften the costs and spread out the fees for motivated clients. Get your group on + personalized fitness training sessions.


5. Yoga

Ironic, this ancient practice continues to “trend”. Yoga is a crowd-pleaser–not only because of its many health benefits {from stress busting to calorie busting} but also because it’s constantly being reinvented for the partaker. There are so many different types of yoga for every type of need. Pick up your mat and pick your Yoga style.


What do you think? Share your favorite fitness trend for 2014 as well as your favorite fitness app!



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Best of 2013: Most Popular Color Mondays

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We hope you had a FABULOUS holiday with family and friends! Don’t break out that calorie counting app just yet–we’ve got more sweetness for you to feast on today :)

Our Color Monday blog series has become a favorite–for you and for us! It’s so much fun to to translate current wedding looks into mood and color boards that celebrate the trends and unique wedding ideas. Here are 9 of your favorite Color Monday inspiration boards. Most popular. Most pinned. Most shared. Which is your favorite?

Pink and Gold.
Pink and gold is a fierce and on-trend color combo. Featuring 2 different pinks + gold, this look is girly and glamorous! 

Pink and gold wedding inspiration


Cozy Winter.
Even if yours is not a winter wedding, this gentle color scheme and cozy inspiration inspires and delights.

Winter wedding color inspiration from MagnetStreet


Classic Wedding.
This inspiration features irresistible vintage florals and stationery with bold typography.

Classic wedding style with vintage florals


Blue and Gold.
Cool blue and glamorous gold go together–like bees and honey! And everyone is wild about a metallic wedding ideas.

Metallic Wedding Ideas from MagnetStreet


Amber Waves.
Color inspiration for a fall or Thanksgiving wedding … featuring a simple floral invitation. 

Fall Wedding Colors and Inspiration


Fall in love.
5 radiant colors for a fall wedding. This inspiration features a whimsical floral design.


fall wedding colors from MagnetStreet


September Crush.
This rustic September wedding celebration is elegant, vibrant and full of energy–with the tone reflected in the trendy pocket invitation.

September wedding colors & inspiration from MagnetStreet


Dress Blues
A regal and formal military wedding inspiration that features black, blue and gold.

Military wedding inspiration and color palette


Autumn Splendor.
October is a lovely month for marrying and this country and rustic fall wedding inspiration resonated with Autumn enthusiasts.

fall wedding colors and ideas

Which is your favorite wedding color inspiration board?


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