Going Gatsby: Art Deco Wedding Stationery Ideas

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The glamour, the grandeur, the glittery details…Baz Luhrmann’s screen adaptation of The Great Gatsby may have been released over three months ago, but the trends inspired by the Art Deco era of this movie (and book) are still going strong!

Dreaming of a Great Gatsby-themed wedding? Wondering how to translate this trend into your wedding invitations and stationery? For today’s post, we’re highlighting three simple ways to infuse your stationery with that Gatsbyesque glow.


#1: Design Elements

Art Deco Elements

The Great Gatsby is set in the  Jazz Age of the 1920s–an era gilded in opulence and glamour. To recreate this look on your stationery, you could try designs that feature swans and scalloped patterning, both of which hint at the ornamental decadence of this time period (especially if tinted with golden hues). Studded geometric patterns were also popular in Art Deco design, while soft, silky feathers were often fashioned to flappers’ hairpieces and headbands.

Head over to our website for Gatsby and Art Deco-inspired invitation suites


#2: Font Styles

Art Deco Fonts

Another fun way to play up this trend is through typography. Dress up your invitation and stationery wording with Art Deco fonts. Decorative and vintage font styles, such as the ones shown above, echo the look of Gatsby-era art, from theater marquees to concert posters for live jazz and swing.

Many of our Art Deco-themed invitations already come with specialized typography, but you can also use our Design Studio to personalize the fonts on any design. Parisian Std Medium, above, is just one of the 100+ fonts available inside Design Studio.

(If you’d like to use one of the specialized fonts on a different design, you can make a Special Design Request inside Design Studio. We’ll be happy to help carry that font over to your design!)


 #3: Color Palettes

Art Deco Colors

Of course, color is one of the easiest–and most effective–ways to infuse your stationery with that Gatsbyesque grandeur. Popular Art Deco colors include:

  • Rich, bold shades like black, white, and gold (pictured left and top right)
  • Softer, elegant hues like champagne, eggplant, and ivory (pictured lower right)

Whether you’re planning an urban black-tie affair or a vintage soiree in the country, these Art Deco color palettes are sure to give your stationery some Great Gatsby flair.


Are you having a Great Gatsby-themed wedding? What designs, fonts, or colors are you using to help capture your theme? I’d love to hear your ideas!


Happy Tuesday,

Rachel for MagnetStreet Weddings

Rachel for MagnetStreet Weddings

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Color Monday: Damask Elegance Wedding Invitation

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For today’s Color Monday, we’re exploring the dramatic use of color on Damask Elegance Wedding Invitation design. Stately yet simple, this decorative design invites you to change the whole look by using your wedding colors–almost like a blank canvas that you get to paint on.

Go Art Deco!
Color Damask Elegance design with gold and black! The damask takes on an opulent vibe that sends this one over the top.




Perhaps you prefer something soft & romantic?
Set the tone with a backdrop swathed in pink and adorned in grey.



Go lively with a look that’s trendy and youthful!
Bright pink and orange send Damask Elegance design to a new level of excitement and energy.




Bold and Magnificent.
Similarly, this bold combo of cobalt blue and lime green seated on Damask Elegance creates a lot of vim and vigor.




Pretty in Turquoise
Lastly, another splendid and popular duo–coral and turquoise. This fun pairing and a true favorite simply pops off the page.

12479_orange 12479_orange_math


It’s amazing how color can change the look of your Wedding Invitation.
Try out your colors in the Damask Elegance design. We’d love to hear what you think!



Designer for MagnetStreet




Why Knowing Your Wedding Style is Important

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Right in between talking over your wedding budget and creating your wedding Pinterest boards, lies the enjoyable process of discovering your wedding style! It’s super fun and very important!

{Have you taken our fun, 10 question quiz to help you discover your wedding style!}

Wedding Style Quiz from MagnetStreet


Your wedding style is important because it will influence:

  • the colors you choose
  • the season in which you marry
  • the formality of your event
  • the mood you want to set
  • your venue choices
  • your attire and that of your wedding party
  • your flowers
  • your wedding stationery

Planning a wedding is no small fete. Just ask any couple that have gone before you! It takes a lot of focus, research and patience. Even the most style-savvy have difficulty narrowing down all the choices that need to be made to get a cohesive wedding look.

So, where does a planning bride-to-be begin?

Within your own heart
Think about what makes you happy. What inspires you and makes your heart sing.

  • Is it city life with all the lights, hustle and bustle? All things trendy and modern have your name on it.
  • Is it being in nature–on top of a mountain or on a beach? Heels? Not so much. Gardens, retreats and sandy havens are more your thing.
  • Love to roam about antique stores and make what’s old, new again? Words like timeless, vintage and retro easily fall off your tongue. 
  • Do you gravitate toward all things quirky and whimsical? Offbeat and unique is what’s expected from you.

Start with your heart and you won’t go wrong. Wedding planning will be so much easier and more enjoyable if you allow it to be a natural reflection of yourselves!

So, what is your wedding style?


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Social Etiquette for the Digitally-Inclined

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I wonder what Emily Post {1st edition} would have to say about cell phones in modern weddings. Would she say NO WAY–leave them in your horse carriage out back, or would she take a kinder, gentler approach toward our digital culture? It’s hard to say but one thing is for certain–cell phones are here to stay. And as technologies and media evolve across the platforms, basic social media etiquette should remain the same.

mobile phone use during ceremony

{image: Evermore Photography}

Social etiquette for digitally-inclined wedding guests:

Be respectful:

  1. Mute or better yet, turn off your cell phone during the ceremony.
  2. Honor the wishes of a couple that wants their wedding unplugged or partially unplugged. 
  3. Let the professional photographer take photos. Try not to get in their way as they are the ones being paid to capture the candid moments!

Be kind:

  1. Don’t post photos willy-nilly. If someone doesn’t realize they’re photo is being taken, ask their permission before posting.
  2. Not too pretty! If you’ve captured someone in a less than flattering position, angle or circumstance, don’t share it.


For the digitally-inclined bride and groom: 

Many couples welcome photo swapping and are using paid apps like Wedding Snap to collect photos into online albums or using #hashtags for live Instagramming slide shows. These are wonderful for getting that 3600 view of your wedding.

How about you?
Whether you prefer plugged or unplugged, here are a few ideas to help you get the word out:

  1. An announcement via your officiant. A brief mention before the ceremony starts should suffice.
  2. Add wording to your programs. Be up front about your wishes to be partially or totally unplugged.
  3. Use signage. Place creative signs in strategic areas where you know guests will be: by the guest book, reception tables, bathrooms, etc.

What do you think? Plugged or unplugged?


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