2 Modern Wedding Program Templates and Wording

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Set your ceremony to rights.

From the order of events to sharing wedding party bios and meaningful traditions, the right personalized wedding program will set the ceremony tone with flair as well as function. Looking to add a little flair? We’ve got a few ideas for you.


1. DESIGN: Opt for a modern program design that’s on trend just enough to keep the look fresh and fun. Simple, uncomplicated templates featuring charming illustrations and design flourishes help to keep your order of service in focus.

2. PRESENTATION: Go for the visually interesting and pair your program with the season. For instance, are you having a summer wedding? Family and friends would love a fun-shaped program fan. Go DIY with a display–a designed area for guests to pick up their programs.

3. WORDING: Get creative with your content. From fun timelines and wedding party bios, to stylish fonts and clever plays on words and phrases–make your words count.


2 Modern Wedding Program Templates

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Wedding Program Fan

Botanical Bliss Wedding Program Fan

Full of vibrant graphic blooms, this program fan designs delivers on design to offer an irresistibly modern look. Mixing patterns in the background is a playful touch that keeps the overall feel casual and fun. Perfect for your summer or outdoor wedding.


{click to enlarge}

Half fold wedding program

Floral Lace Half-fold Wedding Program

If you love the kraft paper trend, you’re going to love this design! Offering a modern-vintage feel, this design features another hot trend in weddings: lace. Perfectly gracing the front, back and inside, this lace-laden half-fold program is roomy enough to hold all of your ceremony details.


Wording on the inside of Floral Lace Half-fold Wedding Program
{click to enlarge}

Half-fold Wedding Program


Give your ceremony the debut it deserves.

From Tea-lengths and Tri-folds, to Fans and more, visit MagnetStreet to browse Wedding Programs to fit your style and wedding look.

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Reception Invitation Wording

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Stumped for wedding wording? We recently received this “reception wording”” question from Andrea:

“Hey! So we’re having a DIY wedding! …The parking for my venue is actually in a different location and we’ll be having a trolley transport guests to the venue. The reception is following, but it will be a late reception. Also, because everything will be taking place a little later, and we’re on a very tight budget, we will not be serving dinner. It will be drinks, and desserts. I know it’s a lot to put on my invitations, but I feel like it needs to be understood to not come with an empty tummy… HELP please!”

I agree with Andrea! Unless guests are told otherwise, they will most likely come with expectations of being fed. Here are a few options for Andrea to clearly communicate the events of the day.

Need to communicate:

  • transportation details
  • light reception of drinks & dessert {no meal} + timing
  • how to suggest grabbing a meal beforehand

Wording solutions: 
If reception is at same location as ceremony and immediately follows the ceremony:

  • Wording the Invitation- add specific “light reception” info to the bottom of your invitation. The word “light” is key for informing guests that a full meal will not be served.
  • Guest Information Card–for specific info your guests will need. Here, you can communicate the details for the: trolley, light reception, wedding website, etc.

SPREAD THE WORD: In addition to the “light reception” wording at the bottom of your invite, another effective {and budget-saving} way of informing guests not to come with an “empty tummy” is to let them know via email, by phone or your wedding website. Make it easy {and fun!} for your guests–add area restaurants and menu ideas to your wedding website so they can plan ahead and even gather together for a meal on their own.

reception invitation wording




If your reception is at a separate location from {and does not immediately follow} your ceremony, it’s customary to treat it with a separate card: the Reception Card. The idea behind this handy info card is to lay out the reception specifics for your guests.

reception information wording


Are you stumped for wedding wording? Leave us a comment!

featured invitation: Forever & Ever Rectangle Wedding Invitation & Guest Info Card


RSVP Wording Samples

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RSVP wording. It seems to stump many a bride and groom but the RSVP wording is a place that you and your guests can have a lot of fun interacting with–specifically the accept/decline lines. And who knows, guests may even respond faster if the wording makes them smile.

RSVP must haves:
1. Guest{s} line
2. Accepts line
3. Declines line
4. RSVP date

How to get your creative RSVP’s on: 
Do you have a wedding theme i.e. rustic, vintage? Having a holiday wedding? Frame your RSVP wording around the specifics of: your wedding theme, season, style and/or formality. Take your time to experiment with phrasing, rhyming, and word plays. Bear in mind that the key to effective RSVP wording is wittiness balanced by wisdom. Not all share the same humor so keep it positive, unoffensive and clear as to which line they should respond to.

5 samples of creative RSVP wording:

1. An Outdoor Wedding

In Full Bloom Wedding Invitation Design

RSVP wording -outdoor wedding



2. A Fun, Whimsical Wedding

Mustache You to Wed Wedding Invitation Design

funny RSVP wording -whimsical wedding



3. A Modern-Traditional Wedding

Antique Filigree Wedding Invitation Design

RSVP wording -modern wedding



4. A Totally Casual Wedding

Love and Gratitude Wedding Invitation Design

RSVP wording -casual wedding



5. A Rustic-Country Wedding

Candlelit Mason Jar Wedding Invitation Design

RSVP wording -rustic wedding


What do you think … yay or nay on creative RSVP wording? Do you have a favorite style?






Wedding Program Wording & Templates

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*updated 4/14*

Yay! Yay! We’ve created 3 new Wedding Program Wording Ideas and Templates for you to download {Traditional, Contemporary & Casual} plus, additional wording ideas for giving special thanks, love story, unplugged wedding, memorials and dedications.

Wedding Programs are your stylish opportunity to outline your ceremony and draw guests into your day. Also fantastic “ice-breakers” Programs give guests something to hold, something to talk about, and something to keep. Deciding on which Program type is the fun part!

3 factors in deciding on a Wedding Program type:

  1. your wedding style
  2. formality
  3. simple or info-filled: {based on the need to explain: traditions, customs, rituals}

MagnetStreet Weddings offers 11 different sizes and types of Wedding Programs. Today we’re featuring our Tea-length type + 2 wording samples {shown further down in this post}.

Wedding Program Templates


Tea Length Wedding Programs

Why choose Tea-length? Long and luxe, Tea-length Programs lend a sense of elegance–and because of that, have a more formal feel. The streamlined look is lovely and even though they’re slender, there is still plenty of room to share your details. Tea-lengths measure at 3.625 x 8.875 with full-color printing on both sides.


What’s in a Program?

Since every wedding is unique, every ceremony will be unique. After all, it’s an extension of your wedding style and the uniqueness of your relationship and family dynamics.

5 typical components of a wedding program include {not always in this order}:

1. Opening
Bride & Groom
date & location
2. Order of events
music, readings, poem, explanations, translations,
3. Parents & Officiant
bride’s parents, groom’s parents, officiant, readers, musicians,
4. Wedding Party
maid of honor, best man, bridesmaids, groomsmen, junior bridesmaids, ushers, flower girl, ring bearer,
5. Personalized Message
dedications, memorials, thank you, other special note from bride & groom

Need some help with wording your wedding programs?

2 Wedding Program Template Samples
Here are two wording examples {simple and streamlined and info-filled} for our Tea-length Wedding Program type.

{Click on images to enlarge}

Wedding Program Wording for a Traditional ceremony
Simple Wedding Program Wording


 Simple Modern

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