The Beauty of Black & White Photography

Jan 26 2012

We’re loving black and white wedding photography, and how talented photographers are able to showcase the personalities and emotions of their couples–while bringing out the textures in the shot. And all without color. When most people think of black and white photography, they think of old-time photos with harsh grains and unclear focus, or of modern art that can be far too dramatic. But more and more each year, couples are embracing the beauty of black and white photography for their save the dates and wedding portraits!

Below are black and white photos from a few of our most recent weddings and engagements. Try lingering over each for a while … notice the richness, depth and textures within each photo–very powerful.

Marisol & Juan’s Old-Hollywood style wedding


Rebekah & Jeremiah’s gorgeous countrified proposal/e-session


Gina & Brandon’s California casual wedding


Many people want full-color photos to “capture the moment” or beauty of their wedding, the happiest day of their lives. Black and white photography gets set to the side as a change that can be made once editing is done later. But with the distraction of color eliminated in black and white photos, the true focus and personality of a photo can shine through! A simple white smile is so much more meaningful and bright with a background of muted details.

Michele & jay’s Australian Beach Wedding


Capturing the happiness of a wedding by using black and white photography can portray the true emotions of your special day. A crystal-like tear or a stunning white glare from the sun … your moments are captured with raw beauty and meaning.

By using light and perspective, simple portraits can be made into so much more. Highlighting eyes or a kiss can make the picture more revealing, interesting, and intimate. The simple details of your wedding elements (the intricate beading of your dream dress, the simple sparkle of your wedding bands) are shown much more clearly with the distraction of color taken away. Without the color, the fabric details and the unblemished textures add so much more to a composition.

What do you think of incorporating black and white photography into the wedding album and into your wedding stationery?

Lili & Davide’s Italian-Persian Wedding

Much thanks to Kathryn, our intern, for her contribution to this article.



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2 thoughts on “The Beauty of Black & White Photography

  1. Okay, you made a tear come to my eyes, actually, both eyes! What a beautiful collection of black & white photos. And I’m not just saying that because mine is one of them! For me, the black & white combines beautiful photography with beautiful captured sincere emotions. Love it!!

  2. Gina, I know exactly what you mean! More and more, I find myself poring over the intricacies and the “bones” of beautiful black & white photography… *Love*! And, I absolutely adore your “first kiss” photo- magnificent!

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