Trash the Dress: Maria and Peter

Aug 20 2009

Oh~ I’m sooo glad you’re here… You’re just in time to check out the visual buffet I’ve set before you on the blog today!  A Trash the Dress session.  Shot by Gwen, the super talent behind Gwen Tundermann Photography this session is a veritable feast of color and oceanic awesomeness!

It’s a true story…  1. about a gorgeous DC couple who traverse from DC to Key West, Florida to Trash the Dress AND 2. that Maria gifted Peter with this session AND kept it a surprise!


Rolling with the tide, is definitely love and romance.  On the set: A hot couple. A wide ocean. Florida sky.  Florida sunshine.  White sand.   In my mind, the word vivid directly follows steamy!  Perhaps… “wildly beautiful” is a fine set of adjectives to describe these pics!


Congratulations Gwen!  Thank you for sharing your talent on Truly Engaging.  Congratulations Maria and Peter!  I can see you had a blast and felt comfortable in front of the camera and you look beautiful!!  {i’m so curious tho… how’d you do pull the surprise off? What were Peter’s reactions? ahhh}

And yes, there are MORE where these pics came from… check out ALL of the photos from this session at Gwen’s blog here. Enjoy!

As always, I so appreciate your presence on this blog and please know that your comments make my day for sure… feel free to make some noise and let me know you’re here!

{wink wink}


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10 thoughts on “Trash the Dress: Maria and Peter

  1. Heidi, thank you so much for featuring these on your blog! It’s such an honor!

    I just talked to Maria on the phone and she can’t wait to see your blog! I told her you wanted to hear the rest of the story about how she told Peter about the surprise! : )

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  3. such a cute idea – but I don’t know if I could ruin my dress, even though you only wear it once 🙂 beautiful pictures though!

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