Veterans Day Salute!

Nov 12 2012

In honor of Veterans Day … Major props to all of our brave men and women throughout our armed forces who have served and are actively serving! We know that you and your families are making untold sacrifices, each and every day, and to this we say THANK YOU! Thank you for all you’ve done to preserve our freedoms–both past and present!

We’re also giving a shout out to our Vets through today’s Color Monday. Taking Vintage Bunting Wedding Invitation, we’ve altered it with three specific looks. First, we’ve updated it to a look that’s cool and contemporary. Next, we’ve changed the look to one that feels earthy and garden fresh. And finally, to one with a stoic, nostalgic feel from yesteryear.

Tell us, which is your favorite?

military wedding invitation ideas

wedding color ideas

militar wedding invitation ideas

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