1920’s Wedding Inspiration

Jan 3 2014

Just two more days … that’s all we have to wait for Downton Abbey’s season 4 to begin. Set in the 1920’s, the styling is sure to be as exquisite as the first three seasons–from the dropped-waist tea dresses to the tea cups. But even if you haven’t jumped on board the Downton Abbey swoon train, a 1920’s wedding style is a look to behold and covet. If you’re interested in borrowing from this era–you can make a huge fashion statement with even just a few vintage details.  Here are 5 Art Deco design elements from the 1920’s to incorporate into your look and wedding stationery.

Art Deco Design Elements for a 1920’s Wedding Look


Filigree, Gold Leaf and Laurel Wreath

Artistic motifs from the 1920’s included gold leaf, decorative filigree designs, and the iconic laurel wreath. Be inspired by ornate Grecian-inspired headbands, bracelets and necklaces. Carrying an ornamental motif such as one of these onto your wedding stationery pieces will make for a gorgeous 1920’s style statement. The simplicity of the laurel wreath featured below on the Modern Fairytale  Save the Date Card {left} is bold, yet soft and lovely.  And with a more whimsical and playful feel, is the graphic floral wreath of Woodland Charms Square Wedding Invitation {bottom}–perfect for garden and woodland weddings.

1920's wedding inspiration


Art Deco Geometric Design, Colors & Swirls

Fashion meets architecture with an Art Deco look. Swirls, tiers, geometric shapes, bold and rich colors are what define this stylish era. Think lavish ornamentation–from simple to swanky. Depicting this era can be easily accomplished through the right decorative font on your wedding stationery. Typefaces of the 20’s were everything from chunky and bold, to thin and streamlined. Deco Glam Pocket Wedding Invitation offers a classic Art Deco look featuring characteristic fonts, geometric shapes and an iconic color scheme.

1920's wedding inspiration


Decorative Feathers

From ostrich to peacock, feathers played a major part in the role of fashion in the 1920’s. How can you grace your wedding aesthetic and stationery with this elegant and edgy look? Include feathers in just about every aspect of the wedding–from attire to flowers to décor. Whispering Feather is a wedding invitation design that gives a subtle nod to this sophisticated motif.

1920's wedding inspiration


Timeless Lace

Is there anything more romantic and feminine than lace? You can even weave the look of this gorgeous textile onto your wedding stationery pieces. Featured below is Modern Honeycomb Lace Save the Date Magnet. Classy and ethereal, guests will love poring over this soft and sweet design while taking in your wedding day details too.

1920's wedding inspiration


Florals in Fashion 

Ornate flower arrangements were a sight to see during the 1920’s but simple wedding bouquets were often the most popular option–with Calla lilies being among the most sought after flower. These long, trumpet-shaped beauties are an exquisite choice for a formal black and white color scheme–like the featured Lilies in Love Gate-fold Wedding Invitation below.

1920's wedding inspiration


Tell us about your favorite vintage wedding style?
If you’re thinking about a vintage look for your wedding stationery, get inspired by the myriad of vintage Save the Dates and vintage Wedding Invitation designs at MagnetStreet.


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