Wedding Perfume

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Have you thought about your wedding perfume yet?

Did you know that your sense of smell is your strongest sense? Another amazing way to remember your wedding day is with a sumptuous signature scent! Don’t wait too long to find yours though. It takes a while to decide on just the right fragrance. In fact, it is said that you should wear a scent at least three times, before you buy. You need to know that it is blends well with your body chemistry.

Let your nose be your guide… which general fragrance family do you naturally gravitate to: fresh, floral oriental or woody? What did you or will you be wearing on your big day?

If you’re interested in becoming a perfumista or just wanting to the more about fragrance families, notes{descriptors}, applying, decanting, etc. then visit Now Smell This, a blog about perfume. There is also a comprehensive list of perfume reviews to peruse too.

image: perfume bottle necklace via Etsy seller Just Me Jewelry

  • Corinna Hoffman

    Ooh, thanks for this blog link! I love perfumes, and it’s so fun to photograph our bride’s perfume bottles on their wedding day :)

  • Y2H Perfumes

    This post gave me a great idea of making a separate categories about the best wedding perfumes :)