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Feb 13 2014

Happy *almost* Valentine’s Day! Enjoy your sweetie … Keep it simple. Keep it special.  AND…

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But before you pin, share and shop… check out Alexandra and Kyle’s proposal story below. It’s so sweet. And we’re honored and excited to be featuring their Save the Date and engagement photos next week. Be sure to check back for that. XO

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Kyle & Alexandra’s Proposal Story

How they met …

Kyle and I met in Spring of 2010 as we had college classes together. However, we didn’t get to know each other until later that year in Fall of 2010. We ended up living in the same residence hall, and developed a friendship based on good music and Harry Potter (dorky, I know). Unfortunately in November 2010, my mother passed away.

Kyle the hero …

I did not see Kyle until the new year (Jan 2011) when I returned to school. He made sure I wasn’t locking myself in my room and kept me company 24/7. Through spending so much time together, we fell for each other, and made our relationship official in April 2011. I graduated college that following May 2011. Kyle stayed in school that following year (Aug 2011-May 2012), but decided it wasn’t for him. So, he decided not to go back and join the Air Force (which is what he wanted to do since he was a teenager). He left for basic training on April 16, 2013, graduated that June, then shipped off to tech school right after. Then the following kicks in… 🙂

“What if it’s a ring?” 

I made my trip down to Mississippi to see Kyle at the end of August. I hadn’t seen him in about 75 days: yikes! So, naturally I was very excited to see him (AND get my birthday present which I was owed, of course)! I thought to myself, “What if it’s a ring?!” but quickly dismissed the thought, thinking that I shouldn’t get my hopes up.

I arrived in Mississippi on Aug. 29th. Kyle and I spent a great night together talking and catching up. We decided to grab some dinner before he had to go back to base, but I was begging for my birthday gift. He had a big box in his backpack, and I could only imagine what it held! He popped out the box, and it was… an Air Force Build-A-Bear Teddy! I loved it! I had told him I wanted it before, and he got it! What a great boyfriend! However, I was a little disappointed it wasn’t a ring. But, in all fairness, I told myself not to get my hopes up. So I was happy to at least get something I wanted!

The next day, Aug. 30th, I picked up Kyle early from base. We wanted to spend as much time together as possible! We came back to my hotel room to watch TV, since I’m not allowed in his room on base. We decided to take a nap so we would have energy for all the fun things we had planned for later. Shortly after we woke up, Kyle called a friend and made plans for us to have lunch with him and his wife. I told him I was going to go freshen up and change my clothes.

I walked out of the bathroom dressed with my hair a mess, no make-up, and looking pretty unpolished in my opinion. Kyle said to me, “Oh, here’s the other part of your birthday gift. It’s nothing big.” He held up a military challenge coin (Note: For those of you not familiar with the Air Force, a challenge coin is given to each Airman upon graduation of Basic Military Training. The tradition is to always keep this coin, or, another challenge coin, with you at all times during your years of service. There are challenge coins for other things as well, as you will find out).

Toughest job in the Air Force …

I went to grab the coin to read it, but he held on to it. I read out loud, “Grateful -Appreciation. Aww, you appreciate me!” Kyle then turned the coin to the opposite side. I read out loud, “Air Force Wife. Toughest job in the… Air Force?” Confused and before my brain could process what I was reading, Kyle held up a box with a diamond ring inside. He had the biggest smile on his face.

All I could do was scream, “YES YES YES!!!!!” and jump into his arms.

oh, the effort …

It was honestly the happiest moment of my life!
Later on at lunch, his Air Force friends told me how Kyle had been to so many stores to find the perfect ring. They also told me that it took Kyle FOREVER to find the coin that said Air Force Wife. Hearing others tell me about how much effort he put in to find the perfect ring (and coin!) really showed just how much I meant to him.

Mom always said …

My mother always told me, “If you find a man that treats you like your father treats me, hold on tight and never let him go.” I have been so blessed to have found that man, and I simply cannot wait to spend my life with him!


What’s your proposal story?


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