Why Knowing Your Wedding Style is Important

May 30 2013

Right in between talking over your wedding budget and creating your wedding Pinterest boards, lies the enjoyable process of discovering your wedding style! It’s super fun and very important!

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Wedding Style Quiz from MagnetStreet


Your wedding style is important because it will influence:

  • the colors you choose
  • the season in which you marry
  • the formality of your event
  • the mood you want to set
  • your venue choices
  • your attire and that of your wedding party
  • your flowers
  • your wedding stationery

Planning a wedding is no small fete. Just ask any couple that have gone before you! It takes a lot of focus, research and patience. Even the most style-savvy have difficulty narrowing down all the choices that need to be made to get a cohesive wedding look.

So, where does a planning bride-to-be begin?

Within your own heart
Think about what makes you happy. What inspires you and makes your heart sing.

  • Is it city life with all the lights, hustle and bustle? All things trendy and modern have your name on it.
  • Is it being in nature–on top of a mountain or on a beach? Heels? Not so much. Gardens, retreats and sandy havens are more your thing.
  • Love to roam about antique stores and make what’s old, new again? Words like timeless, vintage and retro easily fall off your tongue. 
  • Do you gravitate toward all things quirky and whimsical? Offbeat and unique is what’s expected from you.

Start with your heart and you won’t go wrong. Wedding planning will be so much easier and more enjoyable if you allow it to be a natural reflection of yourselves!

So, what is your wedding style?



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One thought on “Why Knowing Your Wedding Style is Important

  1. Start with your heart, that is the best advice that you need to listen to


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