We’ve Got Our NEW Website On!

Oct 20 2011

You may have noticed something different over here at MagnetStreet today! We’re buzzing big time … and that’s because we have a brand-new sweet & shiny website–full of capabilities just waiting to be utilized. But first …

Dear old website–you have been faithful and good to us and we are grateful for our time together! We’re not breaking up but, it’s time we move on and reinvent our looks, abilities and supreme desire to serve our customers!

What’s that dear internet? What is this reinvention that we speak of? See for yourselves below…

old MagnetStreet Weddings


The NEW look of MagnetStreet Weddings!

Fresh & Modern. Sleek & Sweet. The new look better reflects our brand, colors, professionalism, approachability and seamless connection to our other departments.


MagnetStreet Weddings website

NEW MagnetStreet Weddings!


Plus LARGER PRODUCT IMAGES and some fancy behind-the-scene web design, you can now see our designs in greater detail. And that is a very good thing!



Improved Navigation in the header bar, side bar and search box functionality. These improvements are going to help our awesome customers find what they are looking for–quickly & easily! Want a modern Save the Date that has one photo and a pattern? No problem.


Design Studio– our personalization tool allows for even greater, more intuitive creative control over colors, photos, fonts and text within every design. Sweet!




Product Ratings & Reviews Read honest and real reviews & see how designs & products are being rated and then judge for yourself!


So, stop by MagnetStreet Weddings and have a look around! Let us know what you think!


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